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Freelance Writing Coaching Class 2017

Make money writing in Nigeria
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Make money writing in Nigeria

This Lesson Reveals How to Make 6 Digit Figures Income Monthly as a Freelance Writer

The long awaited 2017 is here. This is not the time to start wishing again and again but an opportunity to hit the ground running in pursuit of your glorious future. It is a time you should take decision to consciously add value to yourself that at the run will make you a fortune.

Like I keep telling Nigerians who care to listen, 2017 is a digital year. Meaning there will be more digital means of doing certain things we used to do before. Communicating with clients from other countries of the world will be much easier than it used to be in the past. However, only those who position themselves will enjoy these great benefits.

But the question is, how do you position yourself?

Yes. That’s an interesting question anyone who desire to make more money in 2017 need to answer.

You need not to be reminded that Nigeria is in recession and some Nigerians already in depression. It’s a fact we all have come to believe. But wait a minute, are you aware it is not everyone in Nigeria that the recession is affecting? Well, you probably may not know. But here’s the real deal:

“People who solve problems profit more when there’s more problems to solve.”

In other words, the more problem you are capable of solving, the lesser the impact recession and consequently depression will have on you.

Looking at the high growing demand for content creators all over the world, I make good to introduce to you one tested and proven method I and many other people are using to make a living online with zero startup capital and no work experience. In fact, being able to access this article is a proof that you already have enough material to start earning money online as a freelance writer (prestigiously regarded as a content creator).

Beginning from this January 2017, I will be teaching interested people who want to start making money online as freelance writers all they need to do to make that possible. Whether you are already into it or currently do not have any prior knowledge about freelance writing, this coaching class has got you covered.

For an intensive period of one month, I will be taking you from ground up on everything you need to start making 6 digit figures income as a freelance writer.

Make money writing online in Nigeria

What You Will Learn

  • How to Build an Authority Platform for Yourself as a Writer

This is for people desiring to build a credible platform for their writing career. I will be sharing with you everything my coach, Pam Perry (PR Guru) taught me on PR and platform building. I applied every bit of them and they worked. If I could do it you too can do it.

  • Profitable Freelance Writing Niches to Focus Your Attention

I will give you two kinds of freelance writing niche that can pay as much as N30k each. It doesn’t take more than a week to do the job. If you get 4 of it every month you might be earning more than most people in corporate jobs.

  • How to Make Clients Pay You What You Are Worth

Are you underpaid what you think you are worth? Don’t worry. I have discovered a strategy that works like never before I will hand over to you. Follow it and your clients will gladly settle with your quotation.

  • How to Position Yourself for Client Attraction

I will show you how to attract more clients more than you can handle. This will lead you into having a writing team.

  • Passive Income Ideas for Writers

I will walk you through setting up 5 passive income ideas for writers. These 5 ideas are some of the ways writers can make money while they sleep. If you have 3 of them in 2017 you are made.

  • 5 Irresistible Pitch Templates No Editor Can Turn Down

I will give you 5 of my of irresistible pitch templates with which I pitch editors. You can learn from them to craft yours or just copy and edit. I will tell you things you should never tell editors when sending them your proposal or else they will never listen to you.

  • 17 Digital Tools Every Freelance Writer Should Be Using

These digital tools (of which most of them are FREE) will help you to save money, data and time and still deliver quality services to your clients. Freelance writing can be energy-draining if you don’t use them.

  • Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Better Paying Niche

Not all freelance writing niches can generate 6 digit figures income. So I will cut the crap and show you my ultimate guide for choosing a better paying niche.

  • How Writers Can Receive Payment in Nigeria from Anywhere in the World

Thinking about how you will get paid when you work with international clients? Chill… I know about that. I have got you covered. I will give you all the reliable channels that work here in Nigeria and how to register on them.

  • How to Land Your First Clients

I already contacted some bloggers who pay writers to inform them about this. I will give you ALL the blogs I know that pay writers to write. I will also show you how to make more money from some of the freelance bidding sites. With these you are already sure of having your first client from the very first week.


Being a part of this training qualifies you for a lifetime support in your freelance writing journey from me. I will add you to a closed group on Facebook only dedicated to my premium students. There we can interact on daily basis to give recommendations and share our success and challenges. Update on all the modules discussed above will be shared on this group even many years after your training.


This program is for a complete period of one month. Every Friday and Saturday by 9:00am you have your lesson delivered to your inbox. So you must be checking your inbox. The rest of the days in the week will be for implementation and interaction.


2017 is a digital year, so we must flow with the trend (after all it’s not a bad one). Your weekly lessons will be sent to you through email and I will remind you to check your email with SMS.


The cost is N10,000. No early bird offer. Just make your payment to start getting tips that will make your training smooth and fast before it starts on 6th January, 2017.

NOTE: The problem with not participating in this New Year offer is that the price may go up as the year goes by. So grab this offer NOW to make the best of 2017.


Pay the sum of N10,000 into:

Account Name: Emenike Emmanuel

Account Number: 3045657185

Bank: First Bank PLC.

Make 6 digit figures income writing online in Nigeria

If you are from outside Nigeria let me know and I will generate an invoice for you through some of the payment channels I’m using.

After payment, send your name, phone number, location and Freelance Writing Coaching Class as the title of your message to [email protected] and call 07036251361 for confirmation.


Good luck. 2017 will be your best year. Take the right decision.

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