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Freelance Workforce Management: 8 Best Software to Improve Freelance Workforce Management Decision

The best freelance workforce management software

What is the necessary software required in boosting freelance workforce management? How does this software help in managing freelancers and streaming their jobs?

Different companies hire freelancers for different purposes using arrays of management methods. One of the most important factors they want to achieve is to hire freelancers that will perform effectively. The expectation is to grow the business.

Before we discuss the various software for managing freelancers, let’s take a look at the definition of workforce management.

What is Workforce Management?

Workforce management is an integrated set of processes that a company uses to optimize and improve the productivity of its employees. It involves effectively forecasting labor requirements and creating and managing staff schedules to accomplish a particular task on a day-to-day and hour-to-hour basis.

Below are important reasons why you should start using freelance workforce management software.

3 Reasons for Employing Effective Software in Managing Freelance Workforce

Distance Barrier

The major disadvantage of freelancing lies in the distance relationship between the employed and the employer. When freelancers are given the opportunity to work on a project, the employer is restricted in terms of monitoring the employees due to the distance barrier. This may lead to a late delivery from the freelancers and can sabotage the company’s growth. 

Similarly, it has happened many times, where employers were seen stealing from the freelancers after delivering a good job. Some employers would refuse to pay or pay less than the initial agreement before the work was completed and sent. This is vice versa but fortunately, this is one of the disadvantages that an effective workforce management software is here to eradicate.

Ascertaining the Freelancers

What level of education is necessary for a freelancer to handle a job? What age would you prefer? Where do you want their location to be? How much would you pay for an hour of work? Do you have a system in place to scan their social media handle to navigate the compatibility of their personality with your preferences? This is where a freelance workforce management software comes in

Employing good software can help in those aforementioned areas. When a systemized software is put in place to do these, it qualifies the freelancer from one stage to the order until an employer eventually has a high-performing freelancer to work with. 


Freelancing requires a well-organized work environment and good software helps in doing so to a certain degree. Without putting in place good software that dictates what should be done and when to do it, freelancers could take advantage of that and underperform.


The Best Software that Can Help Improve Your Freelance Workforce Management

We have researched the eight best software that can help you boost your freelance workforce management decisions. Take a look at the options below and utilize one or more of them for an effective result in your freelancing career.

1. MyLifeOrgained

This is a great application put together by Ukrainians. It does much of the work by organizing your tasks effectively and is built with a signal that indicates important activities in the dashboard. The time counter, activities indicators, and numbers of jobs done are all features that would be useful to almost every freelancing company. The greatest thing about it is, that it is an automating software.

2. Wave

Waves is an important software for freelancing most especially for those that handle a lot of payments on a regular basis. It is just one tool that works on various account activities with finesse. This software makes issuing receipts and sending them possible with fast action.

3. Meister Task

This is very good for managing the workflow among the team and it sorts tasks and distributes in accordance with the regulations given. This tool serves as a branding material due to its color features.

4. Pushbullet

Sending photos and sharing screenshots between devices used to be a burden until Pushbullet came on board. This software makes this possible and allows smooth and fast interaction between the devices.

The tool creates a browsing extension between desktops and makes sharing of links possible to other devices at once.

5. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a cool morning tool that analyzes how employees allocate and spend their time. This is a time management tool that also helps in the area of productivity and this is reported to take it as high as 22%. It has mobile, desktop, and web components. This makes it possible to monitor freelancer activities using screenshot monitoring and a time tracker.

6. Time Camp

It is also a time tracking tool that helps a business forecast project budgets more accurately and helps individuals understand how much time is spent on various tasks. Importantly, the tool ensures that the resources are being allocated to the right projects.

7. Novus Scan

This is a web tool and a good companion for freelance writers. It helps identify and separate duplicate works and also identify identical sentences and phrases in two or more articles. Content writers should find this very useful.

8. And Co

This is a project management software that does the majority of important work needed by freelancers. It is even called an all-in-one software due to its versatile function. In 2018, it was acquired by Upwork, a popular freelance website. 


Understand How the Best Freelance Workforce Management Software Can Help Your Business

The truth is, there are still hundreds of workforce management software in the market that can help you streamline various activities. However, these 8 carefully handpicked software were for you because they obviously cover almost any functions you may need in your workforce.

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