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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Premium Domain Name

How to find a premium domain name
Elon Musk finally bought back his domain from PayPal


You finally registered your company, formed a small team that will help you dominate the world with your brand and now you are ready the secure your business address online.

How to find a premium domain name
Elon Musk finally bought back his domain from PayPal

Honestly, you’ve done noble. Getting that level of success alone is worth congratulating for. No effort made by an entrepreneur in launching a startup from scratch should be taken for granted. I have been there, so I can tell better.

But would you like to hear the hard truth your business mentor probably didn’t tell you?

Well, it is the fact that getting a unique domain name that can set your brand identity apart in the midst of competition isn’t an easy one to come by. Depending on how creative you are, it can take you days, weeks and even months of going back and forth to come to a conclusion.

Registering the right domain name for any website, brand, or business you have in mind is one of the most important decisions necessary for potential future success. You can’t afford to leave this to chance like most struggling entrepreneurs do.

When you are thinking of creating an online presence for a business, brand, or idea you have in mind, it is essential to understand the benefits of getting premium domain names from Namecheap and how to go about finding one that is premium and most relevant to the idea you envision.

To help you get started, here are fundamental factors you must consider:

Easy to Optimize for Search Engines

A premium domain name helps top search engines to find its pages and content with less effort. With a domain name that is memorable, easy to spell and relevant, it is easier to experience an unusual increase in blog traffic overnight.

In fact, you will probably have no need of getting the best digital marketing agency to handle your website’s overall search engine optimization. This is because every wordings that make up your premium domain name will all be search engine-friendly.

Easy to Remember

When a domain name is easy to remember and simply “makes sense” to your visitors and prospective customers, it is much easier to retain their interest and keep them coming back for more in the future.

Domain names that use improper spelling, symbols and made up words are much less likely to have a massive impact or to leave a lasting impression on visitors, even if they originally showed interest in the products, services, or content you provide.

Take a look at Ryan Biddulph’s domain name, BloggingFromParadise.com, Donna’s blog, DonnaMerrillTribe.com, Janice’s blog, MostlyBlogging.com and my humble blog, EntrepreneurBusinessBlog.com. Did you notice we all have one thing in common despite being in different profitable blogging niches?

The simple and easy to remember domain names is what we all have in common. That alone is enough to boost our blog traffic from search engine when our competitors are struggling to catch up.

Pique Interest of Visitors

When the internet first began to expand, domain names with one to two simple words were openly available for new owners. Today, the internet is massive with millions of websites from all around the world, making it increasingly challenging to register a domain name that is considered “premium”.

If you are able to register a premium domain name, your site itself is much more likely to attract new visitors who want to learn more about your brand, business, or idea. Because domain names that are premium are so difficult to find available, they are much more attracting to those who are unfamiliar with the content or products you have to offer.

This goes a long way to prove that if you are able to learn how to find premium domain names, you should value that skill – because it’s not common. Take a look at Elon Musk’s X.com which now redirects to his new company, The Boring Company, the domain name looks simple but highly premium.

Who will see it and wouldn’t like to know what X.com does?

How to Find a Premium Domain Name

While seeking out a premium domain name is possible with online auction sites, it often requires plenty of research and the monitoring of domain name registration dates.

How to choose premium domain name

When you have a specific domain name in mind, research its registration expiration date as well as its estimated value to determine whether or not the name itself is a viable option for you.

Understanding how a premium domain name is beneficial for businesses and online brands today is a way for you to determine the best name that works for any project you have in mind.

When you know the benefits this has to offer, avoid missing out on potential growth and exposure opportunities before finalizing your choice in the name you want to purchase.


Aside the beauty, prestige, traffic increase and simplicity using a premium domain name gives, it is also one of the most interesting ways to make money online through domain flipping. Wondering how domain flipping business works? It’s simple. Just buy a domain name that is considered to be premium and resell it at a more expensive price after a couple of years. In 2014, Z.com was sold for $6.8 million.

Now over to you…

How did you arrive at the conclusion to use the domain name you have right now?

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Emenike Emmanuel is a multiple award-winning blogger, CEO of Entrepreneur Business Blog, Chief Evangelist of Ebusinessroom Ventures, and the Lead Coach of an online community of over 12,000 business owners called, The Excellent Entrepreneurs' Network. He’s here to help you start, manage and grow a profitable and sustainable business using digital marketing strategies. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest with this handle, @emenikeng. Telegram group - t.me/yourfirst1000 | Email: [email protected]


  1. Hi Emenike, Interesting on the name – so many don’t think it all the way through. I came up with mine to be short and sweet. I wanted to inspire others online to thrive in their businesses. I always register mine for years – I heard that Google doesn’t like it if you only do it for one year. It means you don’t plan on being around for long 🙂
    Thanks for the tips and tidbits here Emenikie, have a great day!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for stopping by to share your amazing thought with us.

      Yes, your domain name is indeed an awesome one. Glad to know that you structured it around your passion and goal in being an inspiration to many people. Kudos!

      I picked mine based on search engine target and niche I want to focus on. In all honesty, I think it’s been the best choice I’ve ever made in my internet business career.

      I hope to see you again and again.



  2. The domain name you choose for your blog will, to a great extent, affect your success and growth.

    First, a good domain should be short, and memorable, and picks interest as you rightly said.

    But unfortunately, a lot of people often ignore these facts and just pick a random domain name only to get disappointed later and abandon the name.

    • Hi Anil,

      You’re right. Many bloggers aren’t getting it right at all.

      I like your choice of domain name. It’s quite memorable and speaks directly to your readers.

      One thing I don’t fail to do when coaching someone in blogging is helping him to select the right domain name. When you get it right, everything else will fall in place.

      Thanks for stopping over on EBB to share your thought with us.


  3. Hi Emenike,
    Our unique name sure does set up our brand. It also has to be easy to remember. I named mine my name with tribe after it because of Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” which I firmly believe in. To put it short, it takes a whole village…doesn’t it? A tribe is merely a group of people who reciprocate with one another. And that’s what we do when blogging. The more other people shout us out on social media, the better it is for our own ranking. I think it’s working well because people often tell me “Oh you are that tribe gal” lol.


    • Yes, Donna.

      It’s working pretty well. Now I know why you added, “Tribe” in your domain name. Seth Godin is a great man. I will try and get my hands on this his book. I’m sure it will be an amazing book.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thought with our readers.

      Take care.



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