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10 Emerging and Trending Skills That Employers Are Looking for in Australia

Trending skills being sought-after for jobs in Australia

From technical to soft skills, the evolving job market in Australia has employers looking to employ workers who have certain emerging and trending skills. Australian employers are currently looking to fill in the gaps to make up for the national skills shortage in the labour market.

Due to this, the government plans to fill this gap by training local Australians and recruiting immigrants.

Read on to find out these emerging and trending skills that employers are looking for in Australia and how to key into these gaps to improve your job chances.

The 10 Most Sought-after Job Skills in Australia

Granted, the landscape is competitive, but with the right skill set, you can position yourself as a valuable asset to prospective employers in the land of Oz.

Trending skills are not necessarily new skills but they are a set of skills that have grown in prominence in the last five years according to Australia’s National Skills Commission.

Emerging skills on the other hand are skills that were not previously required but are becoming relevant across occupations. Social media skills and infection control are examples of trending and emerging skills respectively. 

Below is the list of top trending skills employers are looking for in Australia. This list covers technical, technological and digital skills among others:

1. Construction Skills

If you are a skilled construction worker, then you are among the highly sought-after in the job market.

However, if you have yet to master any skill in the construction industry, and you have an interest in design and construction, then getting a Diploma in Building and Construction (Building) is a great way to develop the skills to manage a wide range of building projects.

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2. Teaching Skills

Teaching remains one of the gaps to be filled in the job market in Australia.  Early childhood education is an emerging field that is trending among employers in the country.

If this field is for you, you can begin by getting a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. Another good place to start your journey is completing a bachelor’s degree like the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. There is a huge demand for migrant primary and secondary school teachers in the country. These options shine brighter in more regional parts of the country.

3. Nursing

Offering care services as a skilled healthcare worker remains a bright job prospect in Australia. The country is a suitable destination for any registered nurse or other medical staff even as an immigrant. In Addition to the fact that many nurses and medical employees are retiring in droves, there is an increased demand for nurses.

This, therefore, gives high occupational ceilings for roles in this sector. As a registered nurse, you’ll be able to work in a range of diverse areas. This can range from general practice to more specialized areas like emergency, aged care or mental health

The occupations in this industry that are the most in demand are registered nurses, disabled and aged carers, personal care workers, receptionists and nursing support. To become a registered nurse, you’ll need to complete a Bachelor of Nursing.

4. ICT Skills

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. The field houses some of the trending and emerging skills sought after by hirers and employers of labour in Australia.

As businesses become increasingly driven by information and technology, there’s a high demand for skilled workers who can apply data to solve business problems. So, you are in luck if you are fascinated by new technologies and are skilled in the emerging fields of their application in data and business.

In-demand skills in this field cut across data science and visualization, machine learning, cloud technology and IT project management. To enter into this job market in Australia, you need a Bachelor of Data Science.

If you’re upskilling, you might want to look at SAP certifications or courses like the Master of Business Analytics.

5. Programming Skills

Another favourite among employers in Australia. What this means is that software and app developers are now in high demand. There is currently a growing need within the tech industry for software developers.

If you are trained in user experience, mobile and back-end design, front-end and full-stack developers, this is for you. The field presents lots of opportunities to use your problem-solving skills in both technical and creative ways while earning a comfortable income.

Studying for a Bachelor of Information Technology is a great way to develop your skills and experience in programming, mobile app development and software engineering.

5. Trade Skills

Trade workers such as electricians, carpenters, joiners and plumbers rank highly on the most in-demand list of skills.  So, if you are experienced in this kind of work, you are among those employers in Australia are looking for.

What’s more? You can even run your own business or work in jobs across a range of domestic, commercial or industrial settings, including the manufacturing, construction and mining industries. Take a quick look at how to start a successful plumbing business in Australia without breaking the bank.

6. Cooking Skills

Do you enjoy cooking and fancy earning a living from your skill? In Australia, you can quickly turn your hobby into a source of income, especially in the hospitality industry. Having culinary skills is one of the in-demand skills in Australia.

You will not only be involved in transforming raw ingredients into sumptuous meals, but you will also have the opportunity to explore other culinary interests. These interests include planning menus, sourcing ingredients, managing staff and a range of other duties to run the kitchen affairs.

You can easily upskill with a course like Certificate III in Commercial Cookery SIT30821.

7. Skills in Renewable Energy and Sustainability:

If you have skills and applicable knowledge in energy and sustainability, then you are valuable to the Australian job market. As the country focuses on reducing its carbon footprint, skills in this area including solar and wind power, are in demand.

8. Project Management Skills 

Project management is among the trending skills in Australia. Employers are seeking those who can lead and execute projects efficiently. If you are well-versed in monitoring and executing projects as well as managing teams, then finding a job in Australia will be easy for you.

9. Management Skills

There is a growing demand for experts to take up managerial positions in Australia. Experts in marketing, advertising and accounting are top of the list of hiring managers and employers. 

Therefore, if you have experience, qualifications, and skills in these kinds of positions, you are likely to find it easier to land a job.

10. Farmers

There are ample opportunities for highly skilled agricultural workers in Australia with good salaries to boot. Dairy and mixed-crop farming takes place on a massive scale in the Land of Oz.

See other in-demand jobs in Australia:

  • 1. Financial Controller
  • 2. Change Manager
  • 3. Senior Analyst – Operational Risk
  • 4. Cyber Security Engineer
  • 5. Strategy Manager

Labour Market Outlook in Australia for immigrants

Thousands of migrant workers try to apply for a working visa in Australia every year. The country offers an accommodative and attractive job market for non-Australian residents. The immigration policy is also transparent.

The best way you can secure employment and a work-based visa is through the Australian Skilled Migration program. This applies to the occupations listed in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) – Australia’s job shortage list.

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This is by no means an exhaustive list of trending and emerging skills in Australia. As the country’s workforce continues to change, certain skills will become more sought-after. You have to position yourself and keep close tabs on industry trends. To stay ahead of the curve – know where the demand is highest in Australia while brushing up on the most in-demand jobs. 

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