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5 Effective Strategies to Retain Employees in the UK Non-Profit Sector

Top strategies to retain employees in a non-profit organization

What are the unique ways to retain good employees in a non-profit sector? How do these strategies differ from what the profit-oriented organisations are using?

If you run a non-profit organisation, you already know that you don’t have the budget of a ‘for profit’ business and as the business arena is somewhat different, this can easily lead to a lack of direction and eventually lack of interest to pursue the career any further. Your organisation invests a lot in terms of resource allocation and hands-on training and to lease key players to the lure of the private sector will certainly impact your organisation.

Here are a few proven strategies to help with employee retention in the non-profit sector.

1. Fair Compensation For Employees

While not on a high salary, it is important to make sure that there are no organisation expenses employees have to pay from their own pocket. It is important to seek constant feedback when it comes to your employees, as this leads to you identifying the issue at a very early stage. If you know why your workforce is unhappy, you can do something about it.

2. Outsource All HR Requirements

Organisations that have outsourced HR support for charities in the UK as well as in any other country have access to employee motivation schemes or strategies that strengthen the bond between the employee and the organisation. Outsourcing is the most cost-effective way to get things done and you don’t need to invest in infrastructure when you outsource to a 3rd party specialist.

3. Create Personal Development Programs

These can be both internal and external. Young people are always looking for opportunities for self-improvement and if you have little or nothing to offer in terms of extra-curricular courses, this would be reflected in a drop in employee retention. Hire an HR agency and task them with setting up relationships with universities and other organisations to create training programs that will ultimately benefit your organisation.

4. Invest In Team-Building

If your key people feel like they are part of a caring family, they are less likely to look for a career change. Not only that, team-building skills empower the employees in many respects and everyone benefits. There are specialist companies that will organise and implement team-building activities, which you can host over a weekend, paying all expenses. Make sure you issue certificates at the end of the experience, as these go a long way to building a young person’s portfolio.

5. Recognition

This is a vital aspect of any healthy work environment. People need to be recognised for their efforts and you should create a culture that embraces making positive announcements, informing everyone when an employee pulls all the stops. Why not create a monthly newsletter? This can contain a wide range of information that your employees might not know. The more they know about the big picture, the better. Do publish successful case studies and reports that are relevant to their field.


Most NGOs outsource all of their HR needs and that includes a lot more than just hiring and firing. The professionals can motivate your employees, while also making sure that health & safety standards are met. Which of these strategies did you use to retain employees in your non-profit organisation?

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