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50 Easy-to-rank Cryptocurrency Blog Post Ideas [2024]

These ideas are written based on the latest trends, keywords, and data in the crypto space. Whether you want to write about Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, DeFi, or anything else related to crypto, you will find something that suits your niche and audience. 

Cryptocurrency blog post ideas

Why do we always end up with favorite cryptocurrency blog post ideas, Stories, and Crypto news? 

Sometimes, we feel that the writer specially designed the piece for us.

This is because expert writers do not write random content online, but they target the best audience likely to read and enjoy their article. What happens when they have a target audience but no idea of the article to post? 

Today, many crypto fans have their favorite cryptocurrency blogs because these blogs have mastered the best blog posts to help them rank easily on Google. 

In this article, you will learn; 

  1. Categories of the crypto market to write on. 
  2. Top cryptocurrency blog ideas that will help your article rank on Google. 

To begin, let us learn the main categories that make up the crypto market and how to write. The crypto space contains classes like the cryptocurrency market, crypto trading, crypto mining, and more. How do you create articles to be adored by search engines and your audience? 

The first category on the list is the cryptocurrency market blog. 

1. Cryptocurrency Market Blog

The cryptocurrency market contains digital currency cryptocurrencies, crypto candlesticks, crypto market trends, and crypto traders. This is the point where you help your readers understand how the crypto market works using these unique crypto blog ideas. 

The first blog style to rank easily is question-based topics. If you want to write using this style, the common aim is to educate your readers( crypto novices) in the crypto market. Some of the crypto blog ideas to use include; 

  • What is Cryptocurrency? A beginner guide to digital currency 
  • Is cryptocurrency a good investment? 
  • Mistakes Crypto investors make and how to avoid them
  • How does the cryptocurrency market work? 
  • What is a Crypto candlestick pattern? 
  • How many crypto blockchains are there? 
  • What is a crypto wallet? 
  • What are the types of cryptocurrencies?
  • Why Does Cryptocurrencies operate using the demand and supply principle? 
  • What are the top cryptocurrencies by market cap? 
  • What is crypto fundamental analysis? 
  • Why do cryptocurrency prices fluctuate? 
  • What is data tokenization? 
  • What is Web3? A beginners guide
  • What is NFT? A beginner guide to digital art
  • A comprehensive guide on Crypto Faucets
  • What does decentralization mean in the crypto market? 
  • What is a crypto airdrop? 

Another style to use when writing about topics relating to the crypto market is “Guides”.

What do I mean? 

  • Guideline on how to set up a crypto wallet
  • Step-by-step Guide on how to complete Crypto KYC verification
  • Step-by-step Guide on how to place a trade on Binance
  • Extensive Guide on how to detect fake crypto exchanges
  • Simple Guide on how to gain crypto airdrops
  • Step-by-step guide on how to set up a Metamask wallet

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The second category you can write about is crypto trading. 

2. Crypto Trading Blog

Popular blogs like Coindesk focus on writing about topics that provide solutions to crypto traders exploring Google. If you have noticed, Coindesk ranks for most news and crypto topics on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) because of their content value. What topics can you write on a crypto trader’s blog that will help the website rank? 

When writing about topics relating to crypto trading, you can focus on providing solutions to your readers. At this point, you are aware that the target audience is crypto traders and Investors who may be eager to understand a concept or gain a solution to a problem. How do you leverage this? 

The solution is simple! Write a blog post using the “How To” style. 

  • How to trade on Binance
  • How to know the best cryptocurrency to buy
  • How to learn crypto trading
  • How much to invest in BTC
  • How to start cryptocurrency for beginners
  • How to choose the best hardware wallet
  • How to know a fake airdrop
  • How to trade cryptocurrency using Technical analysis
  • How to use RSI to trade cryptocurrencies 
  • How to trade cryptocurrencies- An extensive guide

The crypto market is highly competitive and fluctuating, so, traders are always eager to learn the latest techniques. Before placing a trade, expert traders ensure they compare several cryptocurrencies with similar use cases to determine which has a higher potential to perform in the short or long term. You can leverage this by using the “comparison” blog style like; 

  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum: An Extensive Study Based on Use Case
  • XRP vs TRON: Pros and Cons
  • Binance vs Kucoin
  • FTX vs Bybit
  • Doge vs Pepe: Which Meme Coin offers high potential? 

The next category in the crypto space that brings attraction is the crypto mining sector! 

3. Crypto Mining Blog

As you may know, crypto mining involves a process where transactions are verified on the blockchain. 

The crypto-mining sector is underrated due to low knowledge among crypto traders, mining difficulty, and poor mining equipment. How can you write on crypto mining to rank on Google? What topics in crypto mining will make this a success? 

The first thing to know is that your crypto-mining blog should focus on educating your audience and offering solutions. Some of the crypto mining blog ideas include; 

  • What is crypto mining? 
  • How does crypto mining work? 
  • Crypto Mining: The Use Case And Potential for 2024 and Beyond
  • How To Get started with crypto mining
  • 10 ways to make money through crypto mining
  • Top 5 crypto mining platforms to earn in 2024
  • The rules and regulations in Crypto Mining 
  • Top 3 crypto mining sites in 2024
  • Top 5 software to Mine Crypto for free
  • What to know about Bitcoin mining stocks 
  • What to know about crypto halving
  • Crypto mining and Crypto halving explained
  • How to calculate Crypto mining hash rate
  • Top 5 crypto mining calculator platforms
  • A beginners guide: How to mine bitcoin

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The last category that makes the high authority of popular crypto blogs today is crypto news. 

Let’s learn more. 

4.  Crypto News Blog

Crypto news blog is another easy blogging tool that boosts the rank of blogs on Google. Popular crypto news blogs like Cointelegraph monitor the recent happenings in the crypto space and are quick to write about them. This news ranges from crypto incidents in sectors including the NFT, Web3, Metaverse, Defi, and other subsectors. 

As a newbie, you can create articles that rank on Google when you make them unique by adding proof like video, audio, or additional articles to back up your content. It is helpful because crypto traders tend to act on authentic news since news plays a role in fundamental analysis and price action. 

For example, the news article on the popular Chinese phishing scam gained popularity on several crypto news sites like Cointelegraph. Scrolling down the news on Cointelegraph, you notice that what makes this site stand out is its ability to provide concrete evidence for its news article. They featured pictures that support the news of traders scammed by Chinese hackers. 

Thanks to this, traders refer to the news article since it won their trust through evidence. 

How can you win as a crypto news blogging site? 

Make sure your new articles are detailed and provide concrete evidence for readers. 

These categories have a high potential to help your crypto blog article rank on Google!

But how can you be a master and independently discover crypto blog ideas to write about? 

How to Discover New Cryptocurrency Blog Ideas

You were probably looking forward to a long list guiding you on how to write crypto blog posts. But hold on! 

It’s easy! 

The main thing you need to succeed in finding cryptocurrency blog ideas is to engage in crypto discussions, join top crypto forums, and conduct regular research. By doing this, you will be aware of the problems that crypto enthusiasts are facing, the latest trends, and possible solutions. 

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Is it possible to write crypto blog posts that rank on Google? Yes! 

You have just read 50 easy-to-rank cryptocurrency blog post ideas for 2024. These ideas are written based on the latest trends, keywords, and data in the crypto space. Whether you want to write about Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, DeFi, or anything else related to crypto, you will find something that suits your niche and audience. 

Now that you have these ideas, it’s time to take action and start writing! 

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. 

The crypto market is constantly evolving and you need to stay ahead of the curve. Start writing your cryptocurrency blog posts today using the ideas I just shared. They will help you to dominate the crypto niche in 2024!

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