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5 E-commerce Marketing Secrets You Can Learn From Big Brands

E-commerce marketing secrets for brands

Do you want to learn the marketing secrets that big brands use to grow their e-commerce stores?

How do e-commerce big brands rake in millions of dollars in profit every year? What do they do that sets them apart from the crowd and make them cool profits every after? There must be a method of operation and marketing secrets being used by big brands.

Knowing and applying these e-commerce marketing secrets can generate thousands of dollars for your small business. These e-commerce marketing secrets and strategies are proven to work. 

2 Things Every Successful E-commerce Brand Did When They Started Their Business

According to statistics, 80% of e-commerce businesses fail within the first five years. While e-commerce remains one of the easiest businesses to start with low start-up capital, it happens to be a business model that could fold up within a short period of time.

To scale your e-commerce business faster, there are fundamental rules you need to follow. E-commerce brands that turned out to be successful are known to have invested hugely into product and market research and marketing. 

E-commerce Product Research

There is a process to everything. What works in building a successful e-learning business might be different when it comes to an e-commerce business. Any individual or company willing to succeed in the e-commerce business must be ready to invest in researching the market. With e-commerce product research, you will have an understanding of what is required to be successful.

E-commerce Product Marketing

Creating brand awareness for your e-commerce product in the right way is of uttermost importance. Competition is very high in this business. So, your ability to build a unique brand by giving your customers the right perception is very important.

Oftentimes, there are many other brands that have similar products. Your positioning will captivate your customers and make them decide to buy yours.                    

When these two things above are properly utilized, you are almost close to success. Similarly, let’s take a look at the other 5 factors you need to know when creating a marketing campaign for your brand.

5 Important Secrets You Need to Know About E-commerce Marketing

1. Exceptional Branding

You see, the big brands don’t joke with proper branding. They create unique and compelling brands that can’t be easily rejected by their customers. Brand communication is a big factor when it comes to doing e-commerce business.

Unfortunately, new start-ups rarely pay attention to branding. It is either they rely solely on the product manufacturers or they lack inadequate promotion for their brand. Poor or absence of branding is one of the major problems in the business and this can be a hindrance.

eBay is a good example of an e-commerce outlet that gives priority to how it is perceived by the customers. They have easy to navigate e-commerce website, create unique colors and make it easy to identify them and even do free delivery for some of their products. The key to great branding is knowing how your customers view you compared to the competition.


2. Search Engine Optimisation

Positioning your website to be easily seen by search engines is crucial. Big brands don’t joke with their search presence. It is now more important than ever to optimize your website for search engines. The website should also contain content that has rich information. SEO-friendly content helps in driving quality leads to your e-commerce website.

Amazon uses more SEO than any other marketing tool in their business. That’s why we took the time to explain Amazon SEO. In fact, the product listing on Amazon derives a higher percentage of its sales through SEO. The product listers do it to increase product and brand visibility. Similarly, it is also used in boosting e-commerce conversion rate and sales growth.

3. Good Delivery System

Good delivery system can help you boost your e-commerce business

No big brand attains a higher level without perfecting how they deliver goods to their customers. Product delivery is one of the major problems in the e-commerce business. 

If you can ensure your customers receive their goods on time, your e-commerce company will be distinguished and you will reduce your dropshipping return rate. Customers will voluntarily recommend your brand to their friends and family. 

One of the hindrances in e-commerce growth is a poor delivery system. If you get this right, you will probably start generating profit like a big brand.

Big brands like Amazon have been certified to use drones for the delivery of parcels. This is autonomous and will without a doubt enhance the delivery system of the involved brands.

4. Develop Your Own Advertising Strategies

Which adverting strategies have you been implementing in your e-commerce marketing? Understanding what works for your e-commerce marketing is very important. Don’t rely on organic marketing too much. Big brands always have a sizable amount of money available for advertising.

While it is a good sign of a healthy brand when selling through organic reach, however, there is a need for a brand to build effective advertising strategies that will continue to create awareness for their brand. This is one of the most powerful e-commerce marketing secrets big brands don’t trivialize.


5. Be Available on Social Media to Respond to Enquiries

Be available to answer your customers’ inquiries through media channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, email and others. The majority of customers usually like to have the attention of real humans before purchasing. 

Having their questions answered gives them confidence and this quickens their buying decisions. When doing this, make sure their questions are answered on time. The way they perceive your brand is determined by the quality of attention received from you.

eBay has a big online presence. The sellers on eBay use various channels on Facebook like Facebook groups, Facebook pages and other possible channels of social media. You can check out other fascinating facts about eBay here.


Amazon is one of the biggest brands in the e-commerce industry. They make billions of dollars in revenue annually. When the founder was asked about the marketing secrets that turned the e-commerce business into a large company with over 6,000 employees, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos said the two secrets that made them a large profit are customer obsession and competition observation. They focus on inventing new strategies that boost customer satisfaction. 

Secondly, they observe their competitors and build strategies that supersede competitors’ operations. A competitive price is one of them. Having a price list your customers can trust is also necessary. In a nutshell, research the market and know what customers want and how they want it. Nothing turns your brand to success than serving your customers better than others.

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