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E-commerce Business Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Top e-commerce tips for millennial ready to grow a successful business

The e-commerce trend has opened avenues that the boomers couldn’t even dream of during their time. Online retailing has become a prominent avenue for entrepreneurs to become a self-made boss.

Everyone wants their own share of rags-to-riches success, but not all start-up stories go as far as others do. Surviving in this competitive time for entrepreneurs requires dedication, commitment, and the willingness to understand the intricacies of digital marketing.

Realizing E-commerce’s Impact

Brick-and-mortar outlets such as Walmart have opened their doors to partnering with online retailers. Walmart’s partnership with various digital brands has shown that it’s essential in its strategy to attract millennial customers. The facts are clear that retailers shouldn’t fight the wave of online entrepreneurs but that they should be open to partnerships for mutual benefit.

Competing in such a fast-paced market can make any newcomer feel uneasy while standing their ground. Here are some tips to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) reach their full potential.

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Making Compelling Visuals

Human beings can decide what their preference is in a span of a mere 50 milliseconds. Of all the information consumed by individuals on the internet, over 90 percent of retained data is visual. In line with these studies, e-commerce websites have curated content specifically to be more visually oriented than textual to sell items online.

Designing an Effective User UX

Conversion rates point to various factors that relate to how businesses make it or break it in their chosen industry. Many digital marketers agree that curating a positive user experience (UX) is the key to creating a successful website. As your homepage is an introduction to your brand and your products to potential customers, it must excel in both images and content.

No one likes to get lost in a complicated mess of a website, whether it be for entertainment or business. The same principle of navigating through a webpage is true when it comes to dealing with e-commerce websites. Designing easy-to-browse product pages can significantly improve how customers become more likely to return to the service.

Best e-commerce business tips for millennial entrepreneurs

Here are a few tips that can vastly improve UX:

  • Make Buy buttons visually attractive and easy to spot for customers to see.
  • Allow users to redo what they input in purchasing a product.
  • Have a notification for every action, especially when inputting personal information.
  • Enable users to navigate easily from one page to the next.
  • Show related and similar products with the current one they’re viewing.
  • Let customers leave feedback so you can improve the UX to cater to their needs.

Well-made product pages go a long way to creating loyal customers in the future.

Outsourcing Packaging, Shipping, and Other Needs

The beauty of being an entrepreneur as a millennial is that it’s so much easier to outsource work. Gone are the days when starting an enterprise was limited to a garage or required massive amounts of investor capital. Nowadays, business operations can be split and outsourced to either freelance staff or specialized third-party logistics.

Potential customers are picky when choosing a start-up for their service. Though their products may be enticing, they can still lack critical aspects, such as packaging and shipping.

Passing on the opportunity to work with 3PL services such as custom packaging providers, courier delivery services, and contract warehousing can be costly. Dealing with the in-house process of product storage and executing the labor for various tasks limit entrepreneurs in terms of budget and workforce constraints. The opportunity to work in partnership with third-party logistics services opens doors for SMEs to find their footing in their chosen market.

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Moving Industries Forward

More and more enterprises realize the potential of e-commerce as an avenue to increase their conventional methods of marketing. Almost every international brand has already transitioned into having multiple social media accounts for various purposes. The development of e-commerce and online retailing can be rooted in the growth of social media platforms.

Facebook has recently released a comprehensive advertising primer detailing how advertisers can utilize social media for the holiday shopping spree. Understanding how these fresh concepts on marketing online will be beneficial to both older brands and newcomers in the market. The wave of social media’s impact on consumers’ lives has proven itself to open opportunities to entrepreneurs in a broader demographic than ever before.

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