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Do Startups Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Why Do Startups Need Search Engine Optimization

For content creators, website designers, and developers, the term search engine optimization is not new. At one point or the other, these people must have come across it. However, some businesses do not know about SEO, especially startups, which can hinder their productivity levels.

What Is Search Engine Optimization, And How Does It Relate To Startups?

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SEO is one of several digital marketing strategies that modifies how a website performs on search engines. Different tactics can be employed for startups to achieve search engine optimization, like on-page and off-page SEO. Regardless of the tactics you use, the goal is to make your website more friendly and trustworthy to users.

Generally, search engines use different factors to generate search results for the first and subsequent pages. A million pages could have made it to the first page of search engines, so sometimes you may wonder: how do search engines pick pages? Search engines follow a complex algorithm based on how well a page is optimized among other factors.

Having provided a background of what search engine optimization is and how it relates to startups, let’s examine some vital reasons why every startup needs SEO.

1. It’s an excellent way to increase business visibility

One of the primary reasons why startups need search engine optimization is to increase visibility. While there is no doubt that we live in a virtual age where many people spend more time online than they do anywhere else, we still need adequate positioning for better visibility.

One significant advantage of SEO for startups is that it gives them better visibility to a larger and global audience. When your business website and its posts are well optimized, more people get to see your business on search engines when they search for specific keywords.

Many people don’t know where to get specific products or services they need. To find the right brand or business to engage with, they search Google for particular keywords. This is why keeping up with keyword research is very important.

For example, someone who wants to buy a specific beauty product may not know the stores offering it. What such a person does is to search Google for terms related to the products, like “where can I find body cream in the US.” With the right SEO practices, your store can be among those listed by Google as options.

2. It brings about increased traffic and higher conversion rates

Online traffic is essential for online businesses, and that is why it appears like everyone seems to be doing all they can to get more views and clicks. Website traffic refers to the number of people who are visiting your website during a given time.

The more traffic your business website can attract the higher chances you have of making a sale and increasing your conversion rate. So, how does search engine optimization bring about increased traffic for a startup?

The chances are that not many people will get to know about your business, especially when it is at the startup stage. Even with a good marketing strategy, there is a possibility you might not be able to access your entire target audience.

This is where leveraging the power of the search engine option comes in. With SEO, you don’t have to reach these people directly. All you need is to engage the proper SEO practices, and you increase your chances that they will find your business.

An excellent example of how SEO can bring about increased traffic is writing content that contains specific keywords. When people randomly search for those keywords online, there is a high chance that your startup will be one of the options that will pop up.

The virtual market is rising and the need for SEO for startups is increasing. | Source: Unsplash

3. The virtual market is rising exponentially

How to increase your traffic through search engine optimization

To deny the exponential increase in the virtual market is not to be market conscious, and this can substantially hurt your business. As the world continues to evolve, one of the notable changes we have seen over the years is those initiated by science and technology. Now, virtually every product or service can be made available online.

The global pandemic that struck the world in late 2019 into 2020 further highlighted the importance of this virtual reality. Though the pandemic period was a tough one for many businesses, we saw how some were able to leverage virtual technologies to remain in business. E-commerce became the lifeboat for small businesses in the face of the pandemic era.

It is almost impossible to accept the rising rate of the virtual market without embracing search engine optimization. If you’re considering starting an online business like dropshipping, you need to study the best SEO practices that suit such a business.

4. Search Engine Optimization is a great way to save on costs.

As a startup that has just commenced operations, finding ways to save money is essential. Of the many strategies to increase visibility and productivity, search engine optimization appears to be one of the cost-effective options.

Certain effective SEO practices do not require any cost, and some of them include:

  • Inserting the right keywords in your business posts.
  • Using unique titles and writing detailed content.
  • Using internal and external linking in posts.
  • Optimizing images for your content.

5. Many users don’t look past the first page of search results

Another reason startups need search engine optimization is that many users who use search engines don’t always look past the first page. There is a belief that results on the first page are always the best and most detailed. To several extents, this is true because Google algorithms ensure that only well-optimized mobile-friendly content and pages make it to the first page of the Google search engine.

As a startup, you need to build trust and loyalty with your customer, and SEO helps achieve that. Customers tend to have more confidence in the products and services your startup offers when they find your business on the first page of search engines.


Startups need to stop seeing search engines as a plus but a necessity. With the right SEO knowledge, startups can understand the behaviors of their customers, record higher traffic and conversion rates, and make informed decisions. Search engine optimization also strengthens customer trust and loyalty which is important for keeping long-term clients.


Search Engine Optimization is a basic requirement for every startup, and we can help you get started on it. At AbstractOps, we can help come up with the best SEO practices that suit the kind of business you run.

Do you want to get your business on the first page of search engines? Then, why not reach out to us today at [email protected]?

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