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3 Distinct Advantages of Ball Screws and How It Applies to Your Business

Ball screws manufacturing

Ball screws work in much the same way as a ball bearing and they are made up of a threaded shaft and nut, with either of these components able to provide the movement required.

To a company that is manufacturing ball screws, the advantages are obvious, but for the uninitiated, here are some of the key features that give them an edge.

Handling capabilities

Ball screws are able to competently handle the dual challenges of compression and tensile loads.

The main reason why these handling capabilities are particularly advantageous is that compression loads can have the tendency to compress or squeeze a screw axially, causing it to bow outward under pressure.

In addition, tensile loads will generally have the effect of stretching the screw axially.

What you get with ball screws is a component that has been designed to counteract these issues and deal with the challenge as competently as possible in the circumstances.

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How does this relate to your business?

Simple! You need a marketing strategy that can help you handle capability at all times.

Coping in a tough environment

Ball screws are frequently asked to perform in tough and challenging environments where they will be consistently exposed to high levels of dirt and debris.

Manufacturers are aware of this scenario and will often have taken steps to keep these contaminants under control so that premature failure of the ball screw is prevented as best as possible.

It is often the case that the screws will be coated in a variety of finishes, such as black oxide, or nickel-plate, in order to provide the level of protection required to perform in such difficult environments.

You might find that another option offered is to equip the ball screws with bellows boots, which are used to cover the screw in an effective way to minimize the threat of contamination.

A bellows boot is designed to expand and contract as the nut moves and because these boots are made using various materials there is normally one that is suitable for any type of application, however difficult it might seem.

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There are plenty of engineering innovations to learn about each year but the ball screw combined with a bellows boot still competes as a mark of engineering ingenuity.

How does this apply to your business?

Things are never going to be easy but only the tough people can slide through life as winners.

Lubrication options

Finally, it is worth pointing out that as ball screw applications are so varied it is good to note that there is an equally adaptive lubrication option available.

In order to arrive at the correct lubrication option, it requires a series of factors to be considered such as what temperature the screw will be subjected to and how frequently it will be called into action is also another relevant consideration.

Once you have established how you intend to use the ball screws you will be able to find a lubrication solution that allows it to do the job it was designed and built to do.

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There are numerous screws put to use for industrial motion control purposes but the ball screw can be considered one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of achieving your aim of converting rotary motion into something that becomes precision linear motion.

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