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15 Different Styles of Animated Explainer Videos that Will Grow Your Business

Types of animated explainer video

According to recent data, our attention spans now rival that of a goldfish – a meager 8 seconds. Grabbing and keeping attention is therefore now a bigger challenge than ever…but fear not. 

Animated explainer videos have emerged as the modern-day storyteller, capable of distilling complex ideas into bite-sized, memorable experiences. In this article, we’ll explore 15 different styles of animated explainer videos that will grow your business, in an effortless way.

15 Best Animated Explainer Videos Styles to Grow Your Business

Choosing the right styles for your animated explainer video is important. Each video type is unique, so you want something that works well for your business and audience. 

1. 2D Animation

Think of 2D animation as the “comfort food” of explainer videos. It uses two-dimensional images to create animations that are simple yet effective. They are perfect for businesses aiming to convey their message in a straightforward and relatable way. Ditto businesses in industries one would consider ‘complex’.

Check this out: Dropbox’s early explainer video used 2D animation to simplify the concept of cloud storage.

2. 3D Animation

When you need to show off complex ideas or products, 3D animation is your go-to. Its depth and realism make it ideal for tech giants, real estate, and pretty much any business that wants to say, “Look, we’re bringing the future to you.” Use a lot of it if your audience is a tech-savvy one. 

Check this out: Autodesk, a software company, used 3D animation to showcase the capabilities of their 3D design software.

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3. Whiteboard Animation

They are perfect for explaining intricate concepts or narrating compelling stories. If you are in the knowledge industry, whiteboard animations are one of the best types of animated videos to grow your business. Take note though: they work best for shorter videos. For longer ones, try inserting the whiteboard animations at intervals. 

Check this out: RSA Animate created a series of whiteboard animations to explain various complex ideas, including Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED Talk on education.

4. Typography Animation

They turn text-based messages into visually striking experiences. For example, you can turn your business slogan into a catchy, memorable, and impossible-to-ignore text. Great for branding and making your message stick.

Check this out: Google’s “Year in Search” videos often feature typography animation to highlight the year’s significant events and searches.

5. Cutout Animation

Ever played with paper dolls as a kid? Cutout animation brings that playful spirit into your animated explainer video. Characters and objects are cut out and animated against backgrounds, making it a perfect choice for businesses with a creative edge. Think arts and crafts fused with marketing.

Check this out: The Chipotle “Back to the Start” commercial used cutout animation to tell the story of sustainable farming and food sourcing.

6. Motion Graphics

They bring the power of text and graphics together in fluid animations. Motion graphic is perfect for explaining complex ideas. They are precise, visually stunning, and sure to leave an impression on your target audience.

Check this out: Spotify’s “Spotify for Artists” explainer video employs motion graphics to illustrate how musicians can use their platform to grow their audience base.

7. Stop Motion

How to use motion graphics in marketing

In stop motion, you use physical objects, capturing them frame by frame, to create a unique, tactile quality. It makes it easier to simulate your customers’ expected experience with your product. Stop motion is a great choice for your business, if you deal with products your audience can touch and feel. You can never have enough of this animated explainer video.

Check this out: Samsung used stop motion in their “Unbox Your Phone” campaign to create a visually engaging experience.

8. Cartoon Animation

Everybody knows cartoons are the universal language of fun and relatability. If your business wants to create a friendly and approachable image, cartoons are an ideal choice for you. You can to a large extent boost your business growth by simply using cartoon characters in marketing.

Check this out: Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Factory” series employs cartoon animation to create a whimsical and engaging world inside a vending machine.

9. Live-Action Integration

When your business marketing message blends live-action footage with animation, that’s live-action integration. They show real people interacting with your product or service. Think of it as a Hollywood blockbuster with your brand as the star. 

Are you in the motion graphics or food industry? Live-action is one of the best types of animated explainer videos to grow your business. 

Check this out: Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” series combines live-action demonstrations of blending objects with animated text and graphics for a fun and memorable approach to marketing.

10. Screencast Videos

Ever seen a how-to video demonstrating software in action? That’s what screencast videos are like. They capture on-screen actions, making them perfect for showing off software features. Tech companies and software experts, this one is for you. Emenike Emmanuel utilized this strategy in creating his YouTube videos without showing his face.

Check this out: HubSpot relies on screencast videos to make their marketing software user-friendly, helping folks like you and me understand it better.

11. Kinetic Typography

It is perfect for bringing brand-related text to life. Creative businesses, such as design studios and art galleries, use it to flaunt their innovation. Even educational courses get a lively twist with it.

Check this out: Nike’s “Better for It” campaign. They turn motivational messages into a visual dance using kinetic typography.

12. Infographic Animation

Got numbers and data? Infographic animation turns them into eye-catching tales. For financial gurus and analytics pros, this style is your go-to. Plus, if you’re about eco-friendliness or social responsibility, it’s perfect for showcasing your impact.

Check this out: The United Nations uses infographic animation to turn climate change data into a story that grabs attention and inspires action.

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13. Character Animation

How to use character animation in your explainer video

Are you in an entertainment, insurance, food, gaming, or kid-focused business? You should absolutely use character animations. It will help your business stand out and build a loyal fan base.

Check this out: Geico, the insurance giant, gets it. They made the Gecko a household name, making insurance fun for their audience. You can see this in these Geico best commercial ads.

14. Storytelling Animation

Your business has a story to tell. Let animations help tell it. Storytelling animation is great for any business, especially when the goal is brand growth. If you’re a non-profit, it’s perfect for showing the world the impact of your work and rallying support. It’s an effective tool for brand and corporate storytelling.

Check this out: Johnnie Walker’s “The Man Who Walked Around the World.” They tell their unique brand history through storytelling animation.

15. Explainer Video Series

When you’ve got a lot of different things to say, the explainer video series helps you break them down, step by step. Software, e-commerce, and educator businesses should explore this. Content around product features, shopping guides, or e-courses will go well with a detailed explainer video series. 

Check this out: Moz’s “Whiteboard Friday” series is the proof. They dish out digital marketing insights, one whiteboard animation at a time.


In case you are wondering what businesses need explainer videos, it’s pretty much any business. Whether you are a real estate, tech or textile company, there are specific styles of animated explainer videos that will grow your business.

The trick is this: pick the styles that match your brand’s personality. When you do, you’ll connect with your audience on a deeper level, increasing your chances of more sales and faster brand growth.

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