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A Detailed Analysis of the Best Cold Email Outreach Technique to Choose

Cold email templates that work

Would you like to know the ultimate cold email outreach techniques used by top brands in skyrocketing their growth? Let’s help you discover the best practices in cold emailing that still works.

As marketers continue to get the emails of those visiting their sites, one can’t help but wonder what they do with the long list of different email addresses.

Cold email outreach is an essential email marketing approach that businesses use to build a rewarding relationship with prospects they have no existing relationship before and set the scene for lead cum sales conversion.

Reports reveal that an average email user receives 147 emails and deletes nearly half of them in five minutes. What then is the possibility that a prospect will read your email? 

In this article, we will give you a detailed analysis of the best cold email outreach to choose for your marketing campaign. But first what is a cold email outreach?

What is a Cold Email Outreach?

Cold email outreach is an outbound sales prospecting technique for generating leads. It is ‘cold’ because the receiver has no previous contact with your business. 

Let’s see it more like showing up in a prospect’s mailbox, introducing your products or services without any existing relationship with them. When you send an email to a potential customer that doesn’t know about your brand before, that’s cold email outreach.

What is the Difference Between Cold Email Outreach and Spam?

The difference between a cold email and spam is that cold emails aim to provide value to the potential client while spam emails don’t. While cold email is legal, it can be classified as unsolicited. However, it is not a spam message. It is not a spam message if it meets proper email standards. Most spam emails are not only unsolicited but also dishonest and are crafted with the intention to defraud people. 

The Best Cold Email Outreach Technique to Choose 

To convert prospects to customers using a cold email outreach, you should do the following:

Set Your Goals Straight

It is better to decide what you want to achieve with your cold email outreach campaign before you start working on the details. Find a single purpose for sending a cold email. Are you after brand awareness? Do you want prospects to buy your offer? You need to know exactly what you want and stay on it.

Set your goals and it will keep you on your toes. It helps you discover the best means of achieving the goals exactly. You should also decide on the KPIs to measure the level of success of the campaign.

Identify and Research Your Potential Customers

Ensure you identify your prospects before you reach out to them. Do not send a cold email on guesswork. Identify who your prospects are and understand their need. 

How do you identify your potential customers? Source for legal means to identify them. Your potential customers are on social media. You can get to know them personally by viewing their Linkedin profile, checking their tweets, and exploring your Facebook fan pages.

Adequate knowledge of your ideal prospects will help you figure out how your company’s product or service can provide value to them.

Avoid Templates

When you use a template to send a cold email, it doesn’t resonate well with the recipient. They tend to find out immediately and lose interest in your email. 

It is better to craft emails specifically for a recipient because you will be able to personalize them, thereby influencing your recipient to respond to your email. This conventionally, will attract more leads and boost sales.

Create an Irresistible Copy

Give real value to your prospect. The prior knowledge of your prospects, side-by-side with your marketing goals, presents a means to create a compelling copy that is irresistible.

To ensure that cold email is irresistible, you should:

  • Keep the subject line smart and simple: The subject of your email is the most powerful choice you have to convert a lead. When emails are ignored, there is never a chance to be heard or seen.
  • Engage recipients with a killer first paragraph: Craft the opening paragraph to capture the recipient’s attention. Make it flexible and informative with the key message. 
  • Personalize the right way: Emails with the recipient’s name have a curiosity factor. The recipient would want to know more and most likely click on your email.
  • Provide a solution to the perceived need: Avoid pushing with a direct sales approach. Instead, focus on providing a solution to your prospect’s need. Remember! Connecting with your prospect is not about you selling your products. It is more about adding value to their life and well-being. So stay on adding value and value again. 
  • Make the copy scannable: Avoid stacking up your copy. The copy is appealing to read when it is scannable. You can achieve this by writing short simple sentences, adding links to other valuable content, and using visual aids like original images, Gifs, and infographics.

Use a Person’s Name as Sender’s Name

The moment recipients receive your mail with your company name as the sender, they easily ignore or press the delete button. To get a higher chance of converting leads with cold emailing, use a person’s name as the sender. Example: [email protected] (not [email protected] or [email protected])

Add a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Call to action is a memorable term designed to prompt immediate action from a prospect. When you add a CTA to your cold email outreach campaign, focus on using a single one. For example, if you choose ‘subscribe’, then use it alone. Do not try adding another CTA like ‘SIGN UP” when you have used ‘SUBSCRIBE’ earlier. Here’s an article that will teach you how to write a great call-to-action.

Include a Professional Email Signature

Do not underestimate the power of including a professional email signature in your cold email outreach. Oftentimes people overlook it. Meanwhile, make it a habit to end your copy with a creative and memorable sign-off, then accompany it with a professional email signature. 

This makes you look real human and not some AI tool. It also gives your email a professional touch as your email signature functions as your electronic business card.

Cross Check Your Cold Email Before You Hit Send

Go through the copy all over again. By cross-checking, you are proofreading and editing your copy. You will also have the opportunity to make right any detail you omitted. 

Test and Experiment with Your Cold Email

Do not be in a hurry to send it to your prospects. Test the cold email first with a segment of your target audience. Observe the success and identify the weakness. Then put one or two things in order before you send it out to the overall target customers.


If you can operate and manage your cold email outreach strategically, you will be amazed by the results of your marketing campaign. With the help of a professional digital marketer, you can easily integrate this cold email template into your marketing strategy

Are you currently having any challenges with your cold email marketing campaigns? Share with us in the comments section and we will be available to guide you.


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