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55 Current High Ranking SEO Focus Keyphrase

While this keyphrase would differ from niche to niche. These are not the only focus keyphrase out there to work with. Feel free to work with them if they fit into your niche and you will get more traffic and revenue.

High ranking SEO focus keyphrase

Have you ever wondered what SEO focus keyphrase means and what it does? When setting up a profitable website or blog, selecting a niche isn’t the only major challenge. Right after that planning blog content around a high SEO focus keyphrase becomes the next puzzle. There is no other way around this if the plan is to run a profitable SEO-optimized blog. 

Keyword research is a vital part of any effective SEO strategy. Missing out on keyword research means a lesser chance of getting found by a target audience. In this article, we will take a look at a list of 55 current high-ranking SEO focus keyphrases that would help a blog’s ranking and increase revenue. These focus keyphrases also apply to affiliate marketing.

What is a Focus keyphrase? 

A focus keyphrase is also a focus keyword or search query. This means the phrase or the keyword people search for that you want your blog post to rank for. Focus keyword or focus keyphrase or search query as the name implies is a phrase, a combination of two, three or four words. 

It’s like the exact word pairs people search for about a particular topic on search engines. One can assume people make tons of searches on search engines daily then any keyword would rank on search engines. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. There are several factors to take into consideration before writing a blog post on any topic. Factors such as the exact searches people have an interest in.

What is the need to put up a blog with posts without enough interest to search for on search engines? Making such a mistake will only lead to frustration as the blog will get no traffic and will likely be a dead blog.

How Important is SEO Focus Keyphrase?

SEO-focus keyphrases are important, they help Google and other search engines understand the topic a page or post is about. Once Google understands the topic a post is about. Google shows content to user’s search queries on the same topic. It’s more like finding a post that is a perfect fit or answers people’s daily search queries.

1. SEO Focus Keyphrase is Important in Generating Organic Traffic 

Studies show that 60% of traffic goes to the top three organic websites on search results. Hence, understanding how the focus keyphrase works. Using this effectively gives a great chance of getting to the forefront of such huge traffic. Below is an infographic illustration of the difference in traffic before SEO practices and after.  The infographic shows traffic increased up to 4 times after SEO practices.

An infographic showing the importance of SEO practices on website traffic

2. Helps in Understanding the Right Audience Intent

SEO-focus keyphrases are important, they help Google and other search engines understand the topic a page or post is about. Once Google understands the topic a post is about. Google shows content to user’s search queries on the same. It’s more like finding a post that is a perfect fit or answers people’s daily search queries.

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3. Play a Part in Local SEO

The focus keyphrase plays a role in local SEO within a given geographical area. Local SEO involves including the location of a target audience in the title or body of a post. This considers the exact geographical location of a target audience. This way a post can rank for searches made in the intended geographical location.

4. Find out the Competition, Search Volume and other Related Keywords.

With the right SEO tools, we get to know the search volume of a focus keyphrase. Search volumes show the average number of times searches for a focus keyword come up. Content on a focus keyphrase with a noticeable search volume could generate more traffic.  

Where to Place Focus Keyphrases to Rank High

Fixing SEO focus keyphrases in the right places is necessary for ranking high. Remember SEO focus keyphrases must be placed clearly for your target audience to easily find the post. In reality, the target audience finds a post by searching for the sets of keyphrases ranked on the post. Ensuring a focus keyphrase is easy to notice should be the goal.

Here are a few important places to place an SEO focus on keyphrases to rank high.

Blog post titleThis is so important as a target audience will not see a post if the SEO focus keyphrase were to be omitted from the blog post title.
Blog post URLOn WordPress, the blog post title generates the URL. Ensure the SEO focus keyphrase in a blog title fixes the SEO focus keyphrase that shows up on the post URL.
Meta descriptionThe meta description is a 160-character SEO description of a particular post. Creativity while writing a focus keyphrase in the meta description is required.
Introduction of the post. The introduction should include and introduce the focus keyphrase. This assures the readers the post has the information they need.
Subheadings Having focus keyphrases in the subheading of a post helps Google crawlers to find the post easily readable. At the same time, maintains the readers’ intent all through the post.
Image ALT attributes The image on a post is an image SEO. These image(s) attached to a post are also ranked. The alt attribute is a meta tag describing the image for visually impaired readers. Image SEO is one reliable way to rank higher in search engines with less competition 

Where to Place Focus Keyphrase to Rank High

How Long Should a Focus Keyphrase Be?

The SEO recommended length for a focus keyphrase is within two to four words. Often search engine users search for a combination of two to four keywords. Yet, keywords above two to four words can still happen. But with a good level of expertise on the part of the writer who can manage that while working on the body of the post. 

Using keyword tools can solve the problem of working with longer-focus keyphrases. Remember SEO focus keyphrases do not include stop words. Stop words are prepositions, auxiliary verbs and prepositions. Examples of these are by, not, such, for, with, on, in, a, to, etc. The reason is simple. These stop words have no ranking value. So, they are not considered focus keywords.

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List of Recommended Keyphrase Tools or Keyword Tools 

There are a good number of great focus keyphrase or keyword tools out there. These tools save time and stress. Saves you from guessing the high-volume keywords to rank for in a blog post. The tools are based on real-time data. Give valuable insights on the most profitable, high-search keyword phrases to target. 

Here are 10 recommended well-known keyword tools anyone can access:

  • Google Trends
  • Google keyword planner
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword tool
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Answer The Public
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Yoast SEO

How to Use a Focus Keyphrase

How to place a focus keyphrase is a huge part of the task. It is important to note a focus keyphrase should be a part of a blog post title and not the blog post title alone. Focus on keyphrases and create a catchy post title for the best results. Using copywriting skills. The use of modifiers and trigger words can help craft catchy blog titles.

For instance, the focus keyphrase of this particular blog post is “ SEO focus keyphrase”. The blog post title is “55 Current High Ranking SEO Focus Keyphrase”. This title talks about the focus keyphrase in a sentence. The title should make the audience more interested in the post. It’s better than the keyphrase alone. Now that is the right way to use a focus keyphrase on your blog post title.

List of 55 Currently High-Ranking Focus Keyphrases to Rank for 

Here is a list of 55 Current High Ranking SEO Focus Keyphrase, these are very profitable SEO focus keyphrases or keywords to rank for. While this keyphrase would differ from niche to niche. These are not the only focus keyphrase out there to work with. Feel free to work with them if they fit into your niche and you will get more traffic and revenue.

  1. Best digital marketing agency
  2. IT support technician
  3. Business strategies 
  4. Marketing strategies jewelry sellers
  5. E-commerce marketing agencies 
  6. Advertising campaign
  7. Remote jobs
  8. Data entry jobs
  9. Delivery driver jobs
  10. High-paying job postings
  11. LinkedIn job posting
  12. Indeed job posting 
  13. Remote jobs without experience
  14. Business strategies for franchise business
  15. Commercial cleaning franchise
  16. Office cleaning franchise
  17. Medical franchise opportunities
  18. Travel franchise opportunities 
  19. Lucrative business online
  20. Tech jobs without experience
  21. Starting food delivery company
  22. Sales strategies for beginners
  23. Home-based catering business
  24. Marketing ideas and trends
  25. Profitable Business ideas
  26. SEO Marketing
  27. SEO Optimization
  28. SEO Consultant
  29. SEO experts 
  30. SEO services near me
  31. SEO Optimization companies
  32. Best SEO Agency
  33. SEO for Business
  34. Google Optimization
  35. New Google Ads account 
  36. Running Google Ads
  37. Google search advertising
  38. Google Ads account
  39. Adwords
  40. Google Advertising
  41. Google Sponsored ads 
  42. AdSense
  43. Google ads campaign
  44. Advertise my business on Google 
  45. Mobile digital advertising
  46. Best Online advertising platforms
  47. Amazon ad platform
  48. Amazon jobs
  49. Healthcare software development companies
  50. Health care business
  51. Health care management
  52. Instant business loans
  53. Online business loans 
  54. Small business startup loans 
  55. American Express business loans


These are currently high-ranking keywords as of the time of writing this post. With an average monthly search of 1k to 100k in the past month. Competition ranges from low to medium making them ideal keywords to target for. They also have impressive high top-of-the-page bids ranging from $4 to $1,000. 

The SEO rules are quite simple in this regard. It is pointless to keep loading a website or blog with content without applying these simple SEO strategies. Planning and writing on a focus keyphrase with high search volumes and relatively low to medium search competition will help your blog grow faster. With these SEO tools listed above, anyone can research and find a focus keyphrase. These focus keyphrases can help you increase your organic traffic, engagement and revenue.

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