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10 Creative Marketing Strategies for Realtors

Train your staff to be polite to prospective buyers, answer inquiries calmly, and do their best to keep clients comfortable. Client relationship is an important aspect of branding and marketing. 

Creative marketing strategies for realtors

You’ve got a few properties on the market, but how do you market them effectively so buyers see them and come for them? 

And given that there are 106,548 real estate brokerage firms operating in the United States, the competition is quite stiff.

No matter how valuable your properties are, you can only sell them if you get buyers to see them. And no, this is beyond listing properties on popular websites. We are talking about utilizing creative marketing strategies that will 10x your sales in no time.

If you want to move beyond normal real estate buying and selling to incorporate a marketing system that earns you trust and makes you sales, you’re at the right place. This article will explore creative marketing strategies you should implement as a realtor.

10 Creative Marketing Strategies That Can Help Realtors Make More Massive Sales

With the volume of sales in real estate, this sector is one of the most lucrative in the world. What makes it profitable? 

The amount of middleman activities that go into buying and selling a property means that there is something for everyone.

As you already know, most buyers do not purchase properties independently. They go through realtors to leverage the available expertise realtors offer. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, 86% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker.

Statistics therefore confirm that there is a huge market for the real estate business – people are buying and selling properties daily. You only need to position yourself rightly to make the volume of sales commensurate with your efforts. 

All it takes for realtors to make more sales is to scrape what is not working, tweak existing ideas, or incorporate fresh creative marketing strategies. In any case, here are 10 creative marketing strategies realtors can incorporate to make more sales today.

1. Create a Business Website

One of the first marketing strategies you need is to have a website. Websites are the modern-day walk-in offices. When clients first hear of your brand, the first place they go to check you out is your website.

They want to see all you have to offer. Your website should be able to provide them with detailed information on the properties you have on the market and the kinds of services you offer.

For this reason, be sure to create an appealing and informative website. List your properties on the website and update them regularly. 

Also, endeavor to make the website optimized for mobile phones as most clients will go to the website with their phones rather than their computers.

2. Start an SEO-optimized Blog

According to Oberlo, there are about 8.9 billion searches on the internet every day. For realtors, this could mean a lot for your business.  

This affirms that people are searching for information on properties they want to buy, looking for listings, etc. They could also be looking for authoritative articles on real estate topics like property taxes, mortgage rates, and real estate laws guiding different districts.

While these people may not be looking to purchase a property immediately, they can get to know your brand and subsequently do business with you after they’ve read valuable content from your blog that answers their search queries.

For this reason, it is advisable to write search engine-optimized articles that address relevant real estate challenges. This way you get to build brand awareness and domain authority while making sales as well.

3. Build an Authentic Online Presence

From the turn of the 21st Century, firms are bringing their businesses online aggressively. And this is happening across sectors. The real estate sector is no exception.

Utilize the power that social media has handed to both big and small businesses. Create engaging profiles across different platforms. Be sure to have active accounts on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

After creating the social media accounts, publish long and short-form content in the form of written and video materials regularly and consistently. 

If you cannot handle the commitment, you can hire a social media manager near you to handle these accounts for you. The goal is to get your business in the online space and to get people to know, like, and trust your brand when they come across your profiles. Social media has made it easier for real estate companies to boost their brand identity using digital marketing.

4. List Your Properties on Appropriate Websites

This one is a no-brainer. How will buyers see the properties you are selling if you don’t list them? You have to create awareness of the properties you have by listing them on a high-traffic listing platform. 

Unless your website has become an authoritative domain with buyers trooping in to check new and existing properties, don’t rely on the listing you’ve done there. 

There are so many websites that have become listing markets in the real estate market. One of the many websites you can get organic traffic from is Zillow. Create a profile for free on the website and begin to list your properties.

Listing on Zillow is a great strategy as many people come there daily to check out new properties that have been put on the market. Plus, getting accepted on the platform gives you some sort of authentication and you need this because buyers only talk to realtors they trust.

5. Incorporate Virtual House Tours

Virtual property tours are the rave these days. If you have not incorporated them into your marketing strategies, you might be losing out and leaving a lot of money on the table.

Regarding home and property tours, virtual tours can be a breath of fresh air for potential buyers who are limited by distance. Offer buyers an immersive experience by making detailed videos about the property you are selling.

You can make these videos with a drone, Virtual Reality technology, or even AI to show all the nooks and crannies of the property.

Buyers want to see everything about a property they are interested in even if they are not there physically. If you provide the solution to the distance challenge, you are well on your way to closing some major deals.

6. Employ the Use of Online and Traditional Ads

Selling does not only involve waiting for customers to look for you. Don’t wait for sales and inquiries to trickle in slowly. Instead, initiate an aggressive search for prospective buyers.

In this case, digital marketing comes in handy. Platforms like Facebook and Google allow you to target buyers according to their age, gender, income bracket, and other demographics relevant to your business.

Think of what the right targeting can do for your business. You get to put your properties and real estate services in the faces of those who are most likely to buy from you, thereby increasing your chances of selling more than you would have done ordinarily.

Don’t forget to add traditional advertising to the mix. Billboards, handbills, and business cards are a great way to market your brand and properties to prospective buyers. Study how billboard advertising works in your area and use it to your advantage.

7. Create Offline Connections/Seminars

Many realtors make the mistake of curating only digital marketing, neglecting many creative offline and traditional marketing strategies. 

This is quite an unbalanced approach to marketing. A healthy real estate business strategy covers both traditional and digital marketing. Offline marketing still works.

To balance this out, try to market your properties offline as well. Create events, dinners, seminars, and other activities where you gather people and talk about your properties.

Invite speakers from the real estate sector as well as other sectors to build authority in your events. The results of these events could be more sales for your business. Buyers are waiting everywhere, you only have to meet them right where they are, online or offline.

8. Put Your Testimonials to Good Use

Testimonials are called social proof and for good reason. People are more likely to make buying decisions when they see or hear others who have benefited from buying from you. 

Reach out to previous buyers and establish a relationship with them. Politely ask them to write a testimonial for you based on the properties you sold to them.

When you have gathered enough, put them on your website and your social media platforms. You want prospective clients to see that you have helped other people purchase properties of their dreams.

No matter how you look at it, this strategy can convince buyers to take you more seriously. Another advantage of it is that it showcases you as a professional who has sold lots of properties, not a newbie realtor.

9. Prioritize Branding and Branded Gifts

In marketing, your brand has a voice. It communicates the value of your business, including your offerings, company culture, and client relationship.

Resist the urge to build your business haphazardly. Instead, have a consistent brand voice and appearance that cannot be mistaken for another. Keep your brand logo, colors, and culture consistent.

Train your staff to be polite to prospective buyers, answer inquiries calmly, and do their best to keep clients comfortable. Client relationship is an important aspect of branding and marketing. 

Build a brand that respects clients and attends to them with attention. When you do this, more clients will refer you to their family and friends because you treated them well. 

Also, do well to give out valuable gifts such as mugs and keyholders with your company’s name boldly written on them. This is great for creating brand awareness and staying top of mind with your clients. You can use branded T-shirts as your offline marketing strategy.

10. Start an Email Newsletter

Real estate is a fast-moving business where there are always changing laws and new updates. You need to make sure you get these updates across your clients as soon as they drop. 

How do you do this? By starting an email newsletter. Not only does this help you to send titbits of information promptly, newsletters can also warm up your cold audience and give them the push to purchase properties as soon as they come up.

In addition, you can easily send lead magnets to your prospective buyers using an email newsletter. The thing is, in whatever form you plan to use, an email newsletter is a powerful strategy for marketing your properties and services.

Set your funnel to get new people into your newsletter every day. And before long, you will have hundreds of potential buyers reading your market updates and listings without having to spend on ads.

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The usual saying about the real estate market is that the space is saturated. But you don’t have to let this deter you.

If you use the 10 creative marketing strategies we have outlined for realtors, you will create a real estate company that will not only stand out but will also bring in massive sales.

Since the secret to making uncommon sales is visibility and offering value, endeavor to put these strategies to use immediately and watch your real estate business get more profitable and rewarding.

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