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7 Creative Ideas to Make Your Employees Onboarding Amazing

How to create the best onboarding experience for employees

How can you ensure that the onboarding process of new employees is a fantastic experience? 

The first impression is more lasting. As a business owner, you must think outside the box to provide a memorable onboarding experience for a new recruit.

For your organization to grow, you must have dedicated people as your team members. Before businesses start giving back to the community, people develop those businesses. No business ever does the opposite and gets a good result.

Giving a new hire a positive reception is a bigger part of the many parts and strategies needed to develop an enduring brand in the marketplace. Making mental preparations to feel at home will undoubtedly affect their performance over time.

A positive onboarding process for new employees will help them feel more at ease, boost their loyalty and confidence, and demonstrates how much their employer values them. The staff will likely perform better as a result of this.

To help you win the heart of your new talents, we came up with 7 creative ideas to make the onboarding of employees a great one. That way, these staff onboarding experiences will help them better understand your firm.

Below are some creative ideas to make the onboarding experience amazing for the new hires

1. Send your new employees a video lesson

Giving them a video lesson to watch about some key aspects of your business is the ideal thing to do once it is confirmed that they got the job. This is to mentally prepare them with some crucial details about their new position in your company.

Allow them to see their new, lovely office as well as a map that illustrates how to get around the workplace. This will enable them to develop an emotional bond with the workplace. Allow them to observe the advantages enjoyed by the prior position holder in parallel.

Shorten the explanations of the task’s components. Every new employee is aware that they must work first before being compensated. You don’t have to show them a ton of work they will do as this might frighten them.

The objective of this video is to acquaint them with the new atmosphere of the role, not to outline the work that will be ahead of them. Share the perk they often experience in that role, and demonstrate this by displaying a photo of their immediate predecessor.

Make sure you display the image of the entire squad at the conclusion of the video. The faces of the squad ought to be bright with joy. That depicts them as effective leaders.

However, making such a film public may be quite expensive for your business but it is definitely worth it. To save costs and still achieve quality video output, you can hire a reliable freelance videographer near you. You’ll be shocked to learn how much a short video clip like this will raise their performance level in the first month.


2. Encourage new hires to establish connections with their colleagues right away

Despite how crucial this is, only a few businesses actually do it. Providing the new hire with opportunities to network with coworkers and senior staff helps the new hire develop relationships. It gives them more self-assurance and a sense of belonging.

A new employee has the chance to get to know his coworkers in person by networking with them. Sharing of names and potential ideas are some of the things that can take place during a networking session. Senior staff can invite new hires for lunch. Many reports have shown that one of the reasons employees resign from their job is not unconnected with how their manager treats them.

The essence of establishing connections with new employees is to bolster their sense of worth, which will ultimately have an impact on their performance.

3. Make their first day at work enjoyable

Imagine for a moment how ecstatic a new employee will feel if you design their new office with colourful flowers and balloons. A little welcoming party might also add colour to the onboarding experience of your new employees.

Give them a hair refresher that smells lovely. They won’t fast forget this encounter. They may experience energy as a result of this that will undoubtedly affect how they behave in the workplace.

The more you make them feel appreciated, the more they would like to interact with other staff members and manage their work better. Give them a limited number of jobs to complete in their first week or appoint an experienced staff member to help them with each assignment. Beyond the impact this will have on their productivity, taking care of your employees will make them reciprocate the same gesture to your customers.

4. Teach new employees about your company culture during your onboarding process

It will be easier for new employees to adjust to their workplace if they know the corporate culture. Don’t let them figure it out on their own. Make this a part of your onboarding procedure by providing a page with a list of the most crucial details.

91% of new hires are dissatisfied with the company’s new technology tools, according to data gathered by Freshworks. The new employees will be helped if you assign them an experienced staff member to guide them or mention this on the culture learning sheet.

The more they are supported and given a simple environment to navigate, the better. This will also help them catch up fast. When their work ethics move smoothly alongside other senior staff, it will increase their job delivery and productivity.

5. Set a goal for them

During your onboarding process, inform your new employees of the specific goals they must accomplish in the first month or the first three months. When the human brain recognizes it must complete certain tasks within a specific amount of time, it works extremely hard.

Having goals to pursue and communicating the same makes the onboarding process for your new employees a fantastic experience. This is a great way to help your business flourish. It is impossible to overemphasize the significance of goal setting. They will be more likely to achieve appropriate job goals if they have a goal in mind.

To improve their business focus, always check in on them to see how they are doing before the month’s end. Be patient with them if they are not as fast as you would want.

6. Schedule a coffee meeting in the new employee’s honor

On the employee’s first day at the workplace, this can take place following the day’s work. Find out how they feel about the day’s work by asking them. Permit a brief conversation between your existing and new staff.

If feasible, let them speak in front of the group and solicit suggestions. Doing all these things will help boost the confidence of your new hires.


7. Attach a welcome sign to a wall

When you have a welcome sign on the wall, it will make your new employees feel at home. It does the same thing to a customer that walks into your business premises for the first time. This “welcome sign” should be placed in key locations everywhere in the office building. This signal should be present in the incoming employee’s office as well.

How did it make you feel to have such a warm welcome in the first week of working for your former employer? Such an experience is something that appeals to everyone. We have no doubt your new employees will also enjoy it. Take a look at other tips for new employee onboarding.

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