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Most Common Resume Mistakes Filipino Applicants Make

Most Common Resume Mistakes Filipino Applicants Make and how to avoid them

What are the most common resume mistakes Filipino applicants make and how can anyone desiring to get a first class job offer in the Philippines avoid those curriculum vitae mistakes?

If you ever wanted to learn how to write an awesome resume that will get the HR manager of any firm hooked, then it is important you pay close attention to what we are about to teach you here.

These resume tips are so apt that if you implement them, you can be sure of landing your dream job every single time you submit an application.

Thanks to job listing sites like Mynimo, finding relevant job openings in the Philippines has never been easier.

One thing these sites won’t do for you though, is write the resume that gets you that first job interview.

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There is definitely an art to resume writing and there is no single approach that works in all situations.

However, we do know which funny resume mistakes usually ruin the chances of many Filipino applicants. They go against the standard resume format. See if you’ve made these mistakes before.

Resume Mistake #1: Not Writing Resumes Specific to the Job Listing

Ideally, you should be writing a resume specifically crafted for each job opening you want. 

As much as possible, you want to understand the type of work culture at the company you want to be hired at before you send them a resume.  You should also try to understand the type of applicant they are looking for.

Once you understand those, you can omit all your irrelevant experiences to keep your resume focused and you can concentrate on making it appeal to the specific employer you are sending it to.

While a lot of employers may not care about the attention to detail you put on your resume, there are definitely plenty out there who do. And trust us, these are usually the best types of employers to work for.

Resume Mistake #2: Inaccurate Contact Information

Imagine for a moment that someone at the HR department of the company you want to work at loved your resume. They loved it so much, they showed it to the business owner who then tells them to call you in for an interview.

Naturally, they dial the number you provided. For some reason, you’re out of reach. Then they try the email address you gave them. Moments later, the email bounces. The HR person shrugs their shoulders then moves onto the next resume.

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That scenario happens way more often than you think. Outdated or inaccurate contact information can render a resume entirely worthless.

It’s extremely important that you make sure any contact information you have on your resume is accurate and completely up to date.

Resume Mistake #3:  A Negative Attitude

How negative attitude is one of the most common resume mistakes and how to avoid it

A number of recruiters and HR personnel these days have mentioned the fact that more and more Filipino applicants, particularly younger ones, are using a negative tone in their resumes.

This can be a red flag that indicates someone is not a team player or is at least, not truly interested in the job.

If you are actually interested in the job, refrain from any negativity on your resume, particularly about your old job. 

Look for outstanding resume templates from your senior colleagues with which they got a job in a multinational company.

If you’re questioned about a bad experience in your interview, keep it constructive, positive, and truthful.

Resume Mistake #4: Unnecessary or Irrelevant Personal Information

It’s unfortunate that most Filipino applicants will typically include a lot of unnecessary personal information on their resumes.

Things like religion, height, weight, blood type, hobbies, and ID pictures do not belong on resumes, yet these bits of irrelevant information continue to be included by many Filipino applicants.

It’s not uncommon to see UMID, TIN, or GSIS numbers being included as well.

There are a number of reasons you should not include this type of personal information on a resume.

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First off, an applicant can risk identity theft in this way, especially when they give out UMID or GSIS numbers.

Another reason is that applicants may risk prejudicing the employer against them by including this type of information, making it harder to get an interview.

Lastly, employers may be turned off by applicants who continue to do this outdated practice.

Resume Mistake #5: Illogical Layouts

How to avoid illogical layout in your resume

You’d be surprised at how many applicants send in resumes where their experience and achievements are not laid out in chronological order.

Quite a few may even continue to write resumes that are in paragraph form.

This is usually a bad idea, as it makes the resume harder for HR personnel to understand, which can result in it being thrown away or ignored.

Resume Mistake #6: Lying

While lying on your resume may have worked quite well in the days before Google and Facebook, doing so today can be tantamount to a death sentence for your career.

Imagine lying in your resume that you got featured on national dailies for your contribution in the growth of your former company and your interviewer decides to ask for the link.

If there’s something in your work history you’re not comfortable with sharing, by all means, omit it and be prepared to give a good explanation during your job interview.

Of course, it always helps to apply to as many openings as you can. Even better if you can find openings close to home. 

Mynimo offers powerful localization features that make it simple to find the most relevant jobs nearest to you – wherever you are in the country.

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