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Canada or the United Kingdom: Which Country Should You Consider Moving to and Why?

Should you move to Canada or the United Kingdom and why

Both the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada are choice destinations for people, especially Indians, Africans and Chinese, and the reason why is quite obvious. From migrating for work purposes or to further their studies, a wide range of reasons could influence your movement.

When it comes to choosing one over the other, the choice often narrows down to the ease of living, the income opportunities and a wide range of other factors. Find out in this article, whether you should migrate to the UK or to Canada.

How the UK Differs from Canada

While these countries are the choicest for relocation, they also have a lot of differences. What is obtainable in the former might not be obtainable in the latter – and vice-versa.

Here are some of the major differences between the two countries:

1. Job Opportunities

The UK and Canada offer a wide range of job opportunities but the scope tends to differentiate one from the other. For example, tech-inclined jobs thrive the most in the United Kingdom, as compared to the diversified opportunities across different industries in Canada.

Besides, the barriers to entry into the countries’ job market are another consideration. While some immigrants find it difficult to get hired in Great Britain due to being non-indigenes, Canada literally gives “open arms” to the immigrants.

From work permits to a wide range of immigration policies, Canada allows you to come over and join the job market with less friction than obtainable in the UK.

2. Business Ecosystem

Getting a job is one thing; starting a business and scaling the same is another. If you are looking to migrate to start a business, Canada should be your top destination. The country’s business tax incentives, overall business ecosystem and excellent transportation network make it easier to do business.

You will find that a lot better than the heavier taxes required of business owners in the UK.

2. The Cost of Living

The cost of living and taking care of yourself and loved ones is another consideration. Canada has often been compared to the UK in this aspect and is said to be relatively cheaper.

However, it is dependent on the city. In some cities in Canada, you can expect to spend more while in others, you are likely to save more.

Lower utility bills, affordable meals at restaurants and lower housing costs are some of the beneficial aspects of living in Canada.

On the other hand, the UK offers cheaper train tickets and flight costs.

4. Consider the Weather Conditions

Both the UK and Canada are ranked high when it comes to the quality of air. However, when it comes to weather conditions, they tend to differ.

The United Kingdom has a temperate and more realistic climate, and this is better when compared to the variances in Canada. In Canada, for instance, the residents, depending on the city, could expect the sunlight to be tripled around June, as well as extreme and harsher climate.

Besides, you constantly need to follow the weather forecasts to be certain of what the climate would be like in Canada every day.


5. The Healthcare System

Having good health is not to be underrated, hence, the need to choose a country that looks after you.

Both the UK and Canada provide excellent healthcare services, but the scope differs. Canada provides more of a universal healthcare system, while the UK doesn’t.

Here is how they compare:

a. Universal vs. Semi-Universal

A universal healthcare system means that overall coverage is offered. This is obtainable via Medicare in Canada. In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) provides a semi-universal healthcare system that covers most medical treatments, with the exception of elective procedures – laser eye surgery and cosmetic surgery.

b. Health Surcharge Payments

Migrating to the UK also attracts an additional cost – paying health surcharges. These surcharges are required for immigrants who intend to stay in the UK for 6 months or more. The surcharges are required as a part of the immigration application and grants the immigrants access to the National Health Service (NHS).

On the contrary, you don’t need to pay any health surcharges in Canada, unlike the United Kingdom. You are instead required to have a sort of medical insurance, which grants you access to the country’s public health insurance.

c. Primary vs. Secondary Healthcare Provisions

The UK practices a “restrictive” kind of healthcare provision system, where it segments the recipients of primary and secondary healthcare services. For example, the primary care services include nurse consultations and an access to General Practitioners (GPs). The secondary healthcare services are offered to the Permanent Residents (PRs), and immigrants outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

In Canada, such segmentation hardly exists because both primary and secondary healthcare services are offered to both the citizens and the immigrants who have attained the status of Permanent Residents (PRs).

d. The Scope of the Free Medical Services

The extent the countries can go to provide free medical care services also differs. While the UK covers treatment for physical and mental abuse, COVID-19-related treatments, palliative care, emergency services, STI diagnosis and treatment and family planning; Canada offers much more.

In Canada, you will have access to these free medical services:

  • Healthy child development
  • COVID-19-related tests and treatments
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Common injuries and diseases’ preventions and treatments
  • Health promotion
  • Emergency services
  • End-of-life and palliative care
  • Primary maternity care and;
  • Primary mental health care.

6. Educational Systems

Perhaps, you are looking to migrate for studies and you want to narrow down the options to the UK and Canada. Both countries offer exceptional educational systems, but the UK has an upper hand in some aspects.

Here are some benefits of studying in the UK:

  • The country offers a comprehensive educational system, with a demographic of more colleges and universities.
  • In the UK, it is easier to get a study or student visa than you would in Canada.

On the other hand, Canada offers some decent educational prospects. From some of the universities offering work permits to the students to different scholarships; you can be sure of getting a chance to fund your education.


Final Words

In terms of ease of getting Permanent Residency (PR), extensive healthcare services and access to quality jobs, Canada is the destination. But if you are looking for comprehensive education, a temperate climate and decent health insurance, UK is the country to migrate to.

Overall, the UK and Canada are ideal destinations for immigrants looking for quality life, income prospects, access to world-class educational systems and job creation opportunities.

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