Home Finance A Guide to Investing in and Buying Gold Coins in Australia

A Guide to Investing in and Buying Gold Coins in Australia

A Guide to Investing in and Buying Gold Coins in Australia
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Are you looking for guide to investing in gold coins? If yes, we’ve got an interesting masterpiece for you.

In our previous article in this gold investment category, we discussed some valuable investment tips for gold buyers. If you are passionate about buying gold coins, you will definitely need to take a look at that article.

Gold is and always has been a solid market for investors. Many small investors are looking to move into the gold market and gold coins are an excellent place to start.

As you probably know, currency is an extremely volatile market to invest in, with sometimes big drops in value, whereas gold coins are far more stable.  Like anything else, investing in gold carries a degree of risk, therefore you should be well informed prior to actually making any investments.

Trusted Gold Bullion Dealers

If you live in Australia and are looking forward to buying gold coins, you should purchase from City Gold Bullion, who are a reputable gold bullion dealer that is very experienced in the buying and selling of gold coins.

The impressive thing about this Australian-based gold dealers, City Gold Bullion is that they are independent and therefore, privacy is assured and with their expertise, you will start out on a sure footing. They also specialise in buying and selling gold coins as well as bullion and can be an ideal partner for new gold investors.

Strong Demand

The demand for gold coins is very strong at the moment and due to failing confidence in the US dollar and other mainstream currencies, now is a very good time to purchase gold coins.

Another important consideration is a timely delivery of any gold you buy and with a local company like City Gold Bullion, delivery takes a matter of hours rather than days within Australia.

No GST to Pay

This is very good news for private gold coin investors, as the Australian government see gold coin purchase as an investment, therefore you do not have to pay GST on any purchase.

Buying minted gold coins from a reputable dealer is the preferred route for gold coin purchases and for the new investor, the dealer should be able to assist you by recommending certain strategies.

Guaranteed Buy Back

Ideally, the company that sells you gold coins would guarantee to buy the coins back, should you ever wish to sell. Of course, the price would very much depend on the spot price at that time, but if the dealer advertises that they buy back gold coins, this is a much safer investment environment.

Do your Own Research

As with any type of financial investment, it is wise to know the basics prior to making any purchases and with a few hours of online searching, you should be able to learn all you need to know about the selling and buying gold coins.

Some gold coins have collectable value, but it is advised to stick with recognised brands that are not collector’s items, as a degree of expert knowledge is required when dealing in collectable gold coins.


If you are looking to make a long-term investment, gold coins are an ideal commodity to start with. The prices will fluctuate, but if you are looking to hold on to your investment for a period of time, there are healthy returns to be made.

It is important to forge an alliance with a reputable gold bullion dealer who is local and with their helpful advice and certain guarantees, you should be on your way to becoming a profitable gold coin investor.

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