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5 Businesses That Use Air Compressors and Their Average Cost

Businesses using air compressors in the United States

You will be surprised by how many companies use air compressors in their business. They find them to be a super effective and efficient way of supplying power for different operations. For example, have you ever thought of what happens during car production or how beer is made?

If you look around you, most of the everyday items that you find need air compressors at some stage during production. The concept of an air compressor is not just as simple as you expect. It works by cooling the air and minimizing its volume.

Air compressors can be used both at home and in different industries. The only difference is that the industrial air compressors have a big tank and motor than the home air compressors. On the other hand, you can decide to choose either a portable or permanent air compressor for your business. Before we look at the various businesses that use air compressors, let’s quickly discuss how air compressors work.

How Do Air Compressors Work?

The way air compressors work is by forcing atmospheric air under pressure to create potential energy that can be stored in a tank for later use. Before going into the compressors business you need to be properly trained on how to use it in a commercial and domestic environment.

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Different Businesses That Use Air Compressors 

Various companies use air compressors in their operations, but today we will only highlight five of them, and they are as follows;

1. Agriculture Businesses

Did you know that air compressors are a massive part of the agricultural industry? Take the example of dairy product businesses. They need air compressors to milk cows, whereby they use air-powered pumps to do so.

What’s more? The air compressors can be used in fertilizer and water production and also in pesticide sprayers. If you own an agricultural-related business, investing in an air compressor will save you significant time and ensure that business operations run smoothly.

Most agriculture equipment, such as those used in greenhouse ventilation and dairy farms, require air compression for the steady distribution of clean air into all parts. Compressed air can be passed through irrigation systems and pipes for enhanced winterization ion cold regions. 

2. Brewing Business

Have you ever wondered how your favorite beer is brewed? What makes it so tasty and smooth to the extent that you cannot get enough of it? The production process mostly involves a compressor to make the beer as delicious as it feels. It comes in during the introduction of Nitrogen and CO2 to the drink to make it feel good and ensure they add the right amount.

3. Motor Vehicle Businesses

You are probably wondering how and why air compressors are incorporated into the automotive industry. The fact is, it is actually among the few industries where air compressors have been used for the longest time. The equipment is mostly used in the production process, which enhances the fast and accelerated production of cars. The air-powered tools enhance automation, thus improving the speed of production. 

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4. Woodwork Businesses

Again, this is another industry where air compressors have been used for decades. The compressors make work easy for the carpenters and constructors in numerous ways. From air drills, and stain guns to nail guns, the air compressor applications in this industry are endless. What about pressed wood for shelves, floors, and tables? The carpenters will also need the compressors for faster production and to ensure that they produce the best quality pieces.

5. Air Purification Industry

When it comes to the removal of dust and particles from the air, the use of air compressors plays a significant role in ensuring that the air comes out super clean. Pressurizing the air is the easiest yet most effective way to keep the air clean.

Some of the areas that have invested in this include the fire departments where workers need access to clean air in the middle of such toxic environments. The same principle can be applied in the military to ensure that every personnel gets clean air when going out on missions. 

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What is the Average Cost of Air Compressors?

The average cost of an air compressor varies from one to the next based on the quality, power, and how you intend to use it. For example, an industrial air compressor could be more expensive than a home-use compressor.

The average cost of an HP compressor ranges between $40,000 and $70,000, while that of an industrial air compressor is approximately between $2,000 and $2,500. The compressors come in three major types which include;

  • Reciprocating air compressors – also known as pistons and cylinders, these compressors, and work by creating a vacuum and forcing air into the storage tank. It is among the most affordable choices.
  • Centrifugal air compressors – this one operates in a similar principle as turbine engines whereby, it creates highly pressurized air before discharging it. They are super expensive but make the best choice for large-scale industrial uses such as moving oil.
  • Rotary screw – the compressors use two rotors to push air upwards and force it into a casing for further pressurizing. The air compressors are super powerful and smooth and are mainly used in small-scale operations such as spray painting.

What Are the Advantages of Using Industrial Compressors in Your Business?

AircompressorsUSA are essential in powering air tools that you use in your business operations on almost a daily basis. The reason behind the popularity of the air compressors today is the benefits it delivers to the manufacturer or the business owner which are as follows;

1. Air Compressors Are Highly Economical 

When you use air tools in your business, you end up saving energy and paying fewer electricity bills, which is a good deal in any industry. Your goal as a business is to lower the operational costs as you enhance the output. Air compressors, therefore, will help you attain your production goals and lower electricity bills. 

2. Air Compressors Are Easy to Use 

Once the air compressors have been installed on your business premises, you will rarely need experts for them to function correctly. It will execute the intended duties without any problems, and you will only need a few people to control its operations. 

3. Air Compressors Can Be Used in Many Ways 

You can use air compressors for different duties in your company, such as powering various compressed air tools and blowing wastes coming from your business operations. Almost every business can benefit from air compressors one way or another. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Compressors Business?

1. Compressors business is a competitive one

When you key in “Where to buy compressors near me,” you will find tens of companies selling high-quality compressors in your neighborhood. If your own company must stand out, you must take the time to analyze the market.

2. You are responsible for your own insurance coverage and those of your employees

You will need public liability insurance to help protect you and your business in the event that a customer gets injured within your premises. And if you have a couple of staff working in your company, you will also need workers’ compensation insurance. These expenses wouldn’t have come if you were not running a compressor business.

As one selling industrial air compressors, you will need business equipment insurance, plant insurance or compressor manufacturers’ insurance depending on your budget.


Air compressors come with a range of benefits, including saving time and effort and offering clean air. From this, it is evident they are an excellent investment for anyone who wishes to save time, money and ensure smooth business operations. 

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