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10 Trending Business Opportunities in Chile for Foreigners

The country has a stable and open economy, a favorable business environment, and a strategic location in South America. 

Business opportunities in Chile

Are there business and investment opportunities foreigners in Chile can take advantage of?

Many today like the Youtuber Kristina Guberman will agree that Chile is a country that exudes positive feelings. Excited by its rich landscape and culture, Kristina made a travel vlog featuring the beauty of Chile from its food, culture, environment, and more. 

Chile is a country strategically located on the western edge of South America. This country has minerals like copper, Lithium, Wood, varieties of fruits, seafood, and luxury wine. This is why the country is the world’s leading producer of copper. 

The economy is a market and high-income economy because, in terms of nominal GDP, it is the fifth largest in Latin America. How can you leverage the wealth as a foreigner in this outstanding country, Chile? 

Why should I start a business as a foreigner in Chile? You may ask.

Why You Should Start a Business in Chile

Chile is a grand destination for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in a stable, prosperous, and innovative country. It has a sound economy, low tax rates, free trade agreements with many countries, and a highly educated workforce. Also, it offers a variety of opportunities in sectors such as clean energy, healthcare, tourism, and agriculture.

The 2023 record shows that Chile is home to over 20 million individuals with US$358.56 billion in real GDP. Companies such as Betterfly, Lomi, Notco, Houm, Fracttal, and more can relate to the impact of Chile’s resources on their business growth. 

These companies show that Chile has a vibrant and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports innovation and growth. The World Bank further places Chile 59th out of 190 countries in the ease of doing business index. 

Foreigners can benefit from the favorable business environment, access to regional and global markets, and availability of talent and resources. So, what business can you start in Chile? 

1. Mobile App Development

Mobile app development involves creating software applications on mobile devices like smartphones. As a software developer or enthusiast, you can monetize your skills by venturing into this business. Mobile app development is a great way to milk the software industry and boost technological advances in Chile. 

Does this sound good to you? 

To start this business in Chile, you must have strong technical and software development skills. 

2. English Instructor

Do you recall that the Language spoken in Chile is Spanish? 

As an English language tutor, you can help Chile residents learn this Language. You can do this by renting an office space as your site or holding online classes for paid subscribers. 

Many Chileans are interested in learning English as a second Language because it is widely accepted. Why not take advantage of this as a foreigner in Chile? This is one of the most lucrative business opportunities you can explore in Chile.

3. Tourist Guide

Do you recall the experience of Kristina Guberman mentioned in this article? 

Kristina’s videos serve as an online tourist guide to her followers on YouTube. This business does not require a high capital investment as a foreigner. The tools you need are a sound knowledge of Spanish and English. These two languages would make it easy for you to communicate with the Chileans and foreigners during a tourist guide.

You will find your clients who wants to explore the world from any of the travel forum and Facebook groups

4. Start a Restaurant Business

Who hates good food? 

Starting a restaurant is a way to impress the taste buds of Chileans and foreigners. As a chef, you will find it easier to produce creative food recipes that could blend Chile and foreign food cultures. Beyond running a restaurant business, there are is so many food business ideas one can explore.

5. Photography Business

The beauty of Chile must be captured and promoted worldwide through the lens of a camera. With the rise of social media, online e-commerce stores, blogging, and more, there is a need for photographers. 

As a photographer, you can shoot weddings, create images for e-commerce, create magazines, shoot pictures for tourists, and more. 

To start this business in Chile, you must own a high-quality camera, lenses, and computer. Lastly, research the audience you would like to focus your skills on. 

6. Online Advertising Agency

This business involves promoting the products or services of business online. Entrepreneurs with a high knowledge of digital marketing can monetize their skills in this business. As a foreigner with little knowledge in this field, you can begin by learning the basics of digital marketing. 

To succeed in this field, create a professional website and build a portfolio to showcase your skills.

7. Language Translation Service

Language serves as a bridge to the gap between Chileans and foreigners. As a foreigner, you can offer language translation services to foreigners and Chileans. This is done through physical meetups, or preferably by creating mobile language translation software. 

As a language translator, you must understand Spanish, English, and other popular languages of tourists. It places you above your competitors in Chile. 

8. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping involves selling products that you do not personally own in a store. As a dropshipper, you must learn how to market products online through paid ads and campaigns.

To start this business, you must have a supplier who would deliver products to your clients. All orders are sent to the supplier who then delivers the goods. Dropshipping. is one of the most profitable business opportunities you try out in Chile. The best part is that it’s a location-independent business idea.

9. Voice Over Service

This business involves voice in scripted presentations as an auditory performer. As a foreigner, you can monetize your fluent voice in companies, particularly in the entertainment sector. 

To become a voiceover artist in Chile, you must build your vocal strength by practicing loud scripts. Next, create a recording studio with the right tools for practicing and promoting your skills.

10. Social Media Marketing Agency

Another profitable venture to try in Chile is social media marketing. As a social media marketer, you are responsible for boosting your client’s online presence. As the world tunes to technology, many companies now prefer to grow their audience through paid advertisements online and social media marketing. 

To begin, you must know about social media marketing and digital marketing. Next, you need to create a website or social platform to target the audience you need. Some entrepreneurs prefer to begin their social media marketing in a particular niche. 

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Chile has many business opportunities for foreigners who want to start or expand their company. The country has a stable and open economy, a favorable business environment, and a strategic location in South America. 

Chile also has a strong export sector, especially in copper, wine, and cherries, which are in high demand in China and other markets. 

Also, there are many business opportunities for foreigners, ranging from tourism and education to renewable energy and technology. Chile is the perfect destination for those who want to invest, innovate, and grow a business. 

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