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6 Ways To Boost Sales While Working From Home

Ways you boost sales in your business while working from home

How can one boost sales without leaving home? Are there some basic or advanced sales boosting techniques one can implement while working from home?

We will get into that in this article.

Finding new and innovative ways to increase business sales can be a challenge for any company, let alone for those who are seeking to do business from home.

Fortunately, there are many tools available and practical steps that can make sales more efficient and accessible from wherever you are.

In this article, we shall discussing six simple ways to make more sales from home, while simultaneously increasing your business success.

Sales Boosting Techniques #1: Target Your Audience

In order to generate more sales results, identify your most dedicated buyers and modify your sales pitch to suit them.

Finding your target audience can be done by conducting market research on the specific type of customers you are most likely to attract and what their desires and needs are.

But how do you do this within the comfort of your home? Well, there a couple of ways. This include, utilizing platforms such as SalesLoft or SalesGenie that will provide you with the tools to automate list building using information from social networks.

These tools (SalesLoft or SalesGenie) will then sync your customer’s contact information directly to your customer relationship management software making it significantly easier to find new contacts and consolidate them efficiently.

Sales Boosting Techniques #2: Focus on Market Needs

Additionally, to boost sales, you have to meet the needs required by your market. No other sales strategy can work for you if you ignore market needs.

If you advertise aspects of your product that are not providing solutions for your customers, then they will most likely lose interest in your services and ultimately stop being reliable customers.

Therefore, it is essential for you to clearly define your priorities when advertising and to focus on how your product is the answer your market is searching for. Before Emenike Emmanuel created Blogging Business Masterclass, he saw the need to help people learn how to setup their own blog, boost their blog traffic and make money doing what they love from the comfort of their home.

Focusing on what the market wants is a foundational step that requires you to make sure your branding is appropriately designed to attract and maintain the people you want as customers of your business and that you are consistently providing them with the information they need throughout the sales process.

Branding tools, such as Ontrack Workflow, can alleviate this process by allowing you to customize the type of advertising content you need while staying consistent with the company brand.

Sales Boosting Techniques #3: Utilize Automation

Another way to boost sales potential without having to go into the office is by utilizing automation tools to reach out to your customer base regularly and to provide follow-up reminders. What this typically means is that even if you are a business trip, sales won’t be brought to a halt.

This eliminates the need for setting reminders and manually sending advertisements, which ultimately saves a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Platforms like SalesLoft Cadence and Act-On can automate your sales material so that it can be delivered to your customers consistently, which will in turn increase your sales.

Using predictive behavioral-based intelligence, these tools can automatically craft your message, timing, and delivery method to increase your customer engagements.

Additionally, the messages these platforms provide can be adjusted and templated to your preference, ensuring that the messages your customers receive are genuine and sound personable.

Sales Boosting Techniques #1: Use Your Products

This may seem like a very simple step, but you will be better motivated to sell your products and services if you are actually using them. This is why a lot of people fail so much when it comes to affiliate marketing business, because they don’t use the product they market.

Getting that first-hand experience of what your business offers is something you can easily do from home at any time. So, be sure to use your product and get genuinely excited about what it can do for you and your customers.

The best salesperson is one that is enthusiastic about what they are selling. So being a ‘customer’ yourself will provide you with the knowledge that could potentially change your sales effectiveness in profound ways.

Additionally, it could provide you with experience that may help you accurately answer questions or concerns your customers may have, making you more equipped to provide feedback to your company if there are any needs for adjustments to products or services.

Sales Boosting Techniques #5: Track Sales

ways you can boost sales without leaving home
Track Sales

In order to increase your sales success, it is important to know where your baseline is. Therefore, you must prioritize documenting the sales calls that are being made to your customers and evaluating whether that contact is likely to result in a successful sale.

But in order to this, it seems you would need to have high tech capacities that may or may not require you to be in an office setting or a part of a large company.

In actuality, there are now tools such as CallRail that track the calls you make to customers using machine learning and data to analyze which contacts are good leads.

CallRail can also evaluate which advertising campaign you are using results in the most traffic so that you can continue with the most productive avenue for future sales. All in all, tools such as this are important to the sales process not only for providing accurate data, but in allowing you to conduct the best business while working from home.

Sales Boosting Techniques #6: Increasing Accessibility

When working from home, it is increasingly important to have all the information that you need available to you in order to make the next sale.

Therefore, it is crucial to be able to easily access the information necessary so that you or your team can conduct business as usual no matter where they are.

Platforms such as Pipedrive and Zoho can help you or anyone on your sales team with tracking of leads and lists of potential customers so that you can stay in touch with your audience and conduct your business from anywhere.

Pipedrive and Zoho also provide the organization and prompts/reminders you may need if you are not in an office setting, so that you can keep track of who you need to reach out to, or where certain customers may be in the sales process.


Ultimately, with the technology that is available today, it is extremely feasible to successfully increase your sales while outside of an office setting. By making sure to attract the right customers, providing your market with viable solutions to their needs, and by using the advanced tools that are readily available to track your sales success, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to start seeing results in your business all while working from home.


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