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How to Boost Your Income Through Paid Online Questionnaires


Can you make money online? Yes, you can! What can you do to make money online? Experts suggest offering skill-sets like designing a website, writing blog posts for busy business owners, and running ads for service providers.

But that is not all there is to generating income online. There are a thousand and one untapped online business opportunity. Taking paid online questionnaires is one of them. Imagine sitting in your living room, clad in your pajamas and surfing the Internet, and getting paid.

Yes, you can make an additional income by taking paid online questionnaires. While the pay might be small, when added up over time, you will have thousands of dollars in your bank account. Before we continue, let us put things into perspective so you can be sure of what you are getting into:

  • Paid surveys are simply online questionnaires that expect you to provide valuable and honest opinions about a product or service.
  • Some paid surveys do not pay in cash, but points. These points can then be redeemed for cash or used to make purchases at select online outlets.
  • Paid online questionnaires should be treated as a side hustle or a source of additional income because the gigs might not be consistent.
  • Have in mind that it may take several minutes and, in some cases, days before your pay would be released.
  • Prioritize using paid survey sites that do not take up your whole time. Considering the pay, you don’t want to spend all day for a few dollars.
  • Do not pay to use a paid survey site because you are the one to be paid instead for your time and service.

Steps to Make Additional Income via Paid Online Questionnaires

Looking to take your first survey online and get paid? Here are the steps to take:

1. Select a Survey Site and Sign-Up

Take the time to make in-depth research to find the best paid online questionnaire platform. After that, create an account and validate your email address.

2. Optimize Your Profile

Fill out the required details, including your location, and the demographic details that would help in finding survey gigs for you.

3. Wait for Your Mail

Most of the online survey sites send gigs via emails. Thus, regularly check your email to be notified when surveys are available for you to take.

4. Complete the Surveys Assigned to You

Provide honest answers and or reviews to the survey questions available to you. Go through the responses to be sure they are accurate before submitting them.

5. Wait for Your Pay

Wait for the rewards for your efforts. These rewards will be credited to the corresponding payment options. For example, you may be able to withdraw cash to your PayPal wallet or use the points to shop online.

Important Tips to have in Mind When Taking Paid Surveys Online

Taking paid surveys online is fun and an avenue for you to make additional money. Yet, there are some things you need to have in mind before taking one.

1. Short vs. Long-Length Surveys: Which Should You Choose?

Both short-length and long-length survey questions are available on most of the online paid questionnaire sites. Which should you choose between the two? Here are pro tips to guide you:

  • Consider the Pay: Long-length survey questions pay more than the short-length variant.
  • How much Time do You want to Spend: You don’t want to spend your whole day taking surveys. If you have other gigs or pressing issues to attend to, it would be wise to stick to short-length surveys, as they are easier to complete.

2. Some Survey Sites must be Avoided

You are not meant to use all the online survey platforms. Some of these platforms should be avoided at all costs.

The ideal paid online questionnaire site should:

  • Not require you to pay to take surveys.
  • Have lots of survey-takers.
  • Have the “A+” rating. You can learn more about how the Better Business Bureau (BBB) makes this rating to be sure.

3. Join as Many Survey Panels as You can Handle

Do not put all your eggs (read this as “surveys”) in one basket. Spread your tentacles to other online survey platforms. This is because you may only be able to get a few gigs on each platform, but by joining more, you will have more surveys to take.

4. Your Profile shouldn’t be Stagnant

Update your profile on the online survey panels as much as possible. The updates can range from updating the latest professional course you took to experiences you got while working.

5. Be Intentional about the Payment Conditions

As we mentioned earlier, you can get paid either in redeemable points or cash. While you can use the points for online purchases, it would be a good idea to cash out your rewards.

This is why registering with an online survey platform that pays in cash is very important. It is also ideal if the survey panel pays through PayPal.

Here are some reasons why getting paid sin redeemable points might not be a good idea:

  • A threshold is placed on some rewards, meaning that if you don’t meet up with the minimum points, you wouldn’t be paid.
  • Some points can expire, so if you don’t have the required points at the set time, you stand a risk of losing them all.

Here is a list of some of the popular online survey panels that pay:

  • Survey Junkie: You can use this site to share your browsing behaviors. This helps the site to use data obtained from the survey to make informed decisions on how Big Data companies can run targeted adverts online. It pays in points, where 100 points equal $1. You can start withdrawing your rewards once it gets to $5.
  • Harris Poll Online: This survey panel pays you for taking both mobile and online surveys. It pays for redeemable points (HIpoints), which can be redeemed for gift cards. You can then use your gift cards to shop at Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, Starbucks, and Home Depot.
  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks pays you for taking online surveys, making online purchases, and surfing the Internet. You can also be paid for playing specific games, taking offers, and watching videos.

Final Thoughts: Taking Paid Online Questionnaires is Worth it

Each online survey panel has a different business model, such as the focus areas and reward distribution. Make your research, seek the opinion of other survey-takers and be quick with completing your surveys to boost your profile. Note that taking surveys online is not a dependable source of income, but should be treated as a medium of making a few bucks to cover smaller expenses.

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