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Bluehost vs Siteground: Which of the Web Hosting Companies is the Best in 2023?

Siteground vs Bluehost - which is the best web hosting company
Why bluehost is the best web hosting company today

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The task of buying a web host can be daunting as there are quite a number of web hosting platforms to choose from and you may have a hard time coming to a final conclusion. Nevertheless, two names stand out among web hosting platforms and they are Bluehost and Siteground

This article presents a contrast between the two web hosting platforms from an objective point of view. We have succinctly analyzed the two platforms explaining some of the features they possess, packages they offer, the number of websites hosted on them, and our thoughts on why you should choose any of them. 

Without further ado, let’s begin by talking about each of the web hosting companies independently.

What Are the Services of Bluehost?

Bluehost is owned by Endurance International Group and was founded in 2003. It is renowned for being one of the largest providers of reliable and cheap web hosting. 

Foremost in the portfolio of Bluehost is their expertise in WordPress. Little wonder why many WordPress site developers like me recommend Bluehost for their hosting needs.

These are some of the services offered by Bluehost 

  1. Domain purchase
  2. Custom email address
  3. Tutorials and how-tos 
  4. SEO help
  5. Marketing and local business visibility 
  6. Website builder 


Bluehost Web Hosting Types and Packages 

At Bluehost, you can find a plan or package that suits you perfectly. Each hosting package from Bluehost comes with a domain that is free for one year, automated updates, instant WordPress installation, backups, unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 customer support. 

They offer six different web hosting packages with a wide range of plans to choose from. These hosting packages are shared hosting, shared WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, WooCommerce hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting.

You can sign up on Bluehost today.

How Much Does Bluehost Cost Per Month?

 The cost of Bluehost web hosting packages are as follows:

  1. Shared Hosting: begins at $2.95 per month and renews at $7.99 per month. 
  2. Shared WordPress Hosting: begins at $2.95 per month and renews at $7.99 per month.
  3. VPS Hosting: begins at $18.99 per month and renews at $29.99 per month. 
  4. WooCommerce Hosting: begins at $6.95 per month and renews at $13.99 per month.
  5. Managed WordPress Hosting: begins at $19.95 per month and renews at $29.99 per month. 
  6. Dedicated Hosting begins at $79.99 per month and renews at $119.99 per month. 

How Many Websites Use Bluehost WordPress?

Being the number 1 recommended hosting platform for WordPress, Bluehost powers over 2 million websites today, providing top-class WordPress services and hosting solutions. You can become one of them if you sign up today.

Why Should You Choose Bluehost as Your Best Web Hosting Platform?

Why bluehost is the best web hosting company

This is a breakdown of the features of the Bluehost web hosting platform and why you should choose Bluehost for your WordPress site. 

  1. The purchase of any hosting package comes with a domain that is free for 1 year.
  2. Bluehost provides excellent security features to keep your website or blog safe from malicious attacks and threats. 
  3. The Bluehost cPanel is easy-to-use and offers fast access to features.
  4. There are a number of databases to use on Bluehost including MySQL, CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP Python, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and many others. 
  5. A good number of the Bluehost hosting packages come with unlimited disk storage, email addresses, bandwidth, and domain hosting. 
  6. E-commerce help and solution thanks to Bluehost’s multiple shopping carts and SSL certificates. 
  7. Integrated with CloudFlare, Bluehost is a very powerful and fast hosting platform. 
  8. Social networking scripts, blog support, mailing lists, Joomla, Drupal, Tikiwiki, and other free websites scripts are building tools that are available on Bluehost. 


Pros of Bluehost Web Hosting

The following are some of the features users enjoy from Bluehost. 

  1. Easy-to-use cPanel 
  2. Free site builders
  3. Fast load time technology 
  4. Large repository of site tool add-ons
  5. Cloudflare integration to ensure speed site loading
  6. Free domain-specific email addresses 
  7. 99.99 percent uptime
  8. Free SSL certificate 

Cons of Bluehost Web Hosting

Affordable and powerful web hosting service from Bluehost

Despite the many features and add-ons, users enjoy from Bluehost, there are some unfavorable sides and shades to the web hosting platform. 

  1. Bluehost up-sells its customers which you may not find comfortable if you are blogging on a shoestring budget. 
  2. Compared to Siteground and other web hosting platforms, Bluehost is quite an expensive web hosting platform. 
  3. Their large repository of amazing add-ons must be installed before full functionality is enjoyed. 

Now to Siteground


What are the Services Offered by Siteground?

Affordable and powerful web hosting from SiteGround
Click on the image to visit the site

Siteground was started two years after Bluehost in 2004 in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. The web hosting platform is popular for its shared hosting package but they offer other hosting packages.

The following are some of the services offered by Siteground: 

  1. Web hosting
  2. Website building and management 
  3. Domain name registration

What Web Hosting Packages Do Siteground Offer?

Siteground offers three main hosting plans which include

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Cloud hosting 
  3. WordPress optimized hosting 

Their hosting packages are fully optimized for Joomla and WooCommerce. Whatever be the nature of your website, there is a hosting package at Siteground that’s going to be perfect for you. 

Siteground Shared Hosting Cost

The Siteground Shared hosting is the most common hosting package from Siteground. Under this hosting package, there are three different plans namely:

  • Startup plan: costs $14.99/mo allows you to have 1 website and 10GB storage capacity.
  • GrowBig plan: costs $24.99/mo and comes with 20GB storage capacity, unlimited websites, and more backup options. 
  • GoGeek plan: costs $39.99/mo and it comes with 40GB storage capacity and no limitation to the traffic you get. 

No doubt, Siteground’s web hosting packages are very expensive. Nevertheless, quality comes with a price. Though their packages are expensive, the quality they bring to the table is unrivaled. 


Siteground Cloud Hosting Cost

The cloud hosting package from Siteground includes 

  • Entry plan: costs $80/mo, 4GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 5TB bandwidth, and 30GB  storage capacity
  • Business plan: costs $120/mo, 6GB RAM, 3 CPU cores , 5TB bandwidth 60GB storage capacity
  • Business plus plan:  costs $160/mo, 8GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 5TB bandwidth, 80GB storage capacity
  • Super Power plan:  costs $240/mo, 10GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, 5TB bandwidth, 120GB storage capacity

Siteground Hosting Reseller Plan

Siteground offers a way for you to retail their services and sell them at your own discretion. The Siteground hosting reseller plans begin from $42 with a discount on domain names. 

Why Should You Choose Siteground As Your Web Hosting Provider?

1. Top-notch Customer Service & Support 

This is what puts Siteground ahead of Bluehost and other hosting companies – customer support. Siteground offers a 24/7 round-the-clock support system. You are sure of getting your queries and complaints responded to swiftly. 

The staff at Siteground are highly trained to effectively handle and manage any discrepancy which may arise as you use WordPress. 

2. Simple, Sleek cPanel 

Siteground uses the simplest and sleek version of cPanel for all its hosting plans. The cPanel’s interface is completely excellent and makes provisions for 1-click installations and backup options. 

3. Unmatched Uptime and Performance

One of the flaws of many web hosting platforms is the downtime users encounter with them. Siteground offers its users a 99.99 percent uptime with no chance of downtime. 

Together with its unrivaled uptime, Siteground offers good speed and excellent performance. A good number of WordPress users have found Siteground a good choice when it comes to site speed, performance, uptime, and backup. 

4. 30-day Money-back Guarantee 

It is very rare to find a company that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. All of the web hosting packages from Siteground come with a trial offer of a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can opt-out of any hosting at any time with no hidden charge.

5. Reliability 

Another characteristic that places Siteground ahead of other web hosts is its reliability status. Whenever the name Siteground is mentioned, it is often seen as the most reliable web hosting company today. 

They have a wide range of hosting plans that are cost-effective and perfectly fit into your web needs. Also, they monitor your site on a daily basis for slices and malware attacks making them one of the secured hosting platforms for WordPress users. 

You can sign up on SiteGround today to grab their affordable web hosting package.


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