1 Concept That Accelerates Your Blogging Growth Like No Other

Guest posts by Ryan Biddulph

I get asked how I appear to be all over the place in the blogging tips niche.

Quite a bit.

My answer?

I appear to be everywhere:

  • 1 blog comment at a time
  • 1 guest post at a time
  • 1 blog post at a time
  • 1 day’s worth of writing practice at a time
  • 1 retweet of a top blogger at a time
  • 1 Facebook Share of a top blogger at a time
  • 1 interview at a time
  • 1 Facebook Live video at a time
  • 1 YouTube video at a time

Established pro bloggers see every seemingly little, insignificant act as significant.

Amateur or struggling bloggers see individual comments, blog posts, guest posts or tweets as being insignificant, or as a flat out waste of time.

These struggling bloggers find themselves stuck because they believe you become successful either through a lucky feature on a world famous blog or by publishing a viral blog post.

Greedy, fearful, desperate bloggers anxiously try to write a viral blog post to cash in quickly. 99.99% of the time these bloggers whiff, publishing a blog post that’s quieter than a church mouse.

I took a different tact to blogging. Sure as heck hasn’t hurt me.

Instead of desperately trying to write a viral blog post I decided to maintain a viral online presence, 1 seemingly tiny act at a time.

Establish a Viral Presence

What is a viral presence? Basically it is creating the illusion that you are everywhere in your niche, through the persistent, mindful and patient actions that add value to people’s lives and that connect you to other human beings.

I feel like I am omnipresent in the blogging tips niche. Awesome bloggers like Emenike have verified this for me.

Once you commit to establish a viral presence online you will pay attention to the details that virtually all bloggers skip. You will personalize most if not all interactions. Every comment you publish will be at least 1 to 3 paragraphs.

You will write and publish 1 guest post daily. You will write and publish 10 blog comments daily.

You will engage in small, simple actions daily for the next 6 months. Then for the next 2 years.

1 comment at a time. A Tweet reply at a time. 1 Facebook comment at a time.

Not Too Sexy

I genuinely love what I do but realize that much of what I do is not too sexy to most bloggers. But most bloggers never get featured on Virgin or Fox News because they skip the “not too sexy” blog commenting or guest post or replying to Retweets on Twitter.

The massive blogging growth I experienced happened 1 small comment at a time. All of my breakthroughs occurred after year’s worth of diligent, intelligent, work. Most of the time the work felt like play so it was fun. Sometimes the work felt like work so it was not as much fun.

But I kept at it.

1 day at a time.

1 action at a time.

This is the key to developing a viral presence.

The Tough Part About Establishing a Viral Presence

The most difficult aspect of appearing to be everywhere in your niche is to walk this path patiently, slowly and calmly, step by step. Most bloggers fear running out of traffic or profits and desperately quit on building and maintaining a viral presence because they want something for nothing or cower to their fear of losing everything, whether it be money, or their blogs, or some other thing in their lives.

But the reward is that while a viral post may nab you a spike in traffic and profits temporarily, and then, fizzles out – like a one hit wonder – establishing a viral online presence leads to steadily increasing blog traffic and profits.

A viral post is just a viral post. 1 shot deal.

A viral presence is a movement, an ever-increasing deal that helps you touch more lives, gain more traffic and earn more online profits from week to week or from month to month.

Unless you decide to quit blogging or quit creating through various channels or quit networking through various channels your viral presence will continue to grow exponentially and you will see increasing success.

How to Establish a Viral Online Presence

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Slow down and calm down
  • Focus on doing things from a place of love, service and fun
  • Dive into your fears daily
  • Study bloggers with a viral presence; mimic their strategies

Your Turn

How are you establishing a viral presence? What tips can you add?

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