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7 Best Websites to Learn Artificial Intelligence for Free

Discover the best websites for free artificial intelligence classes you can take online from tech giants, universities and e-learning platforms.

Best websites for learning artificial intelligence for free

Would you like to know the websites where you can learn artificial intelligence for free? If you answered “yes” to that question then, this article is specifically written for you.

With the recent global adoption of artificial intelligence, a great number of individuals are looking for ways they can learn artificial intelligence. 

The financial implication for learning is a major hindrance for the majority of people. 

However, some organizations have chosen to offer this knowledge for free. Therefore, lack of money is no longer a valid excuse. 

You can now learn artificial intelligence for free, from the comfort of your home.

Before considering the best websites to learn artificial intelligence, you have to put several things in place.

3 Things Needed for the Best AI Learning Experience from These Websites:

1. Readiness to learn: 

While the courses are free, you have to be ready to profit from the knowledge provided.

2. Internet Connection:

Most of the tools and resources you’ll be working with require internet connectivity. Therefore, you need access to an internet connection for the best learning experience

3. Personal Computer

Smartphones come with limitations. The PC has a larger display power and better resolution.

So, you’ll need a PC to explore certain features, which are not readily available on smartphones. 

Some of the best brands of PCs for learning artificial intelligence for free from different websites are:

  • Macbook
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Or any other brand of PC that has a minimum of 4GB RAM and an SSD storage of 500GB.

Now, let’s consider the 7 best websites to learn artificial intelligence for free:

1. Google AI

Nature of the course:

Google offers self-paced courses on artificial intelligence and machine learning, Self-paced means that you get to learn on your own. 

Course Duration:

There is no specific duration for the course. You can learn in a month or as long as it takes you.

No deadlines to beat and no schedule to keep up with. You simply learn on your own.

Additionally, Google owns Gemini, a generative AI platform used for generating images. 

In Gemini, you input texts called “prompts”, these texts are then converted to images in seconds

Google’s  course is fundamental and helps students to:

  • Analyze big data and machine learning
  • Perform data and AI tasks in Google Cloud
  • Create conversational AI agents with Dialogflow CX

2. MIT OpenCourseWare

Nature of the course:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a privately led coeducational institution of higher learning.

It is famous for its scientific and technological training and research.

Course Duration:

MIT Open Courseware is a 15-week course in Artificial Intelligence with a specialization in machine learning with Python. 

Machine learning is a major component of artificial intelligence. The course is for tech-savvy individuals, AI enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the power of artificial intelligence.

By the end of the course, you’ll learn how to instruct machines to behave in certain ways.

Additionally, you’ll get a globally recognized certificate from the institute by the end of the course completion.

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3. Stanford University Online

Nature of the Course:

According to Times Higher Education, Stanford University is the second-best university in the world, next to Oxford University. This only attests to the quality and excellence of her courses.

Stanford University offers a wide range of artificial intelligence courses, they are self-paced and 100% online. Some of the specializations available are:

Logic and probabilistic learning are theoretical foundations of learning artificial intelligence and this is one of the best websites to acquire the skills. The machine learning sections provide the practical aspect of learning artificial intelligence.

Stanford University offers globally recognized certificates to its successful students. 

Course Duration: 

The course duration differs. Ranging from 5 hours course to 16 weeks course.

The courses are not self-paced, meaning that you have to stick with the schedule of the university 

4. Fast.AI

Nature of the Course:

The Fast.ai course focuses on practical usage and real-world applications, helping you learn by doing. They have tens of practice resources for use.

Their courses and resources are designed to help students quickly get up and running with AI models.

Large language model (LLM) is a major AI model taught in Fast.AI

Course Duration:

Fast.AI  offers a 12-week course in artificial intelligence. The course requires an average of 8 hours of study per week.  A daily commitment of 70 minutes will help you complete the 12-week course.

5. Coursera

Nature of the Course:

Coursera in partnership with leading universities around the world, offers artificial intelligence courses with various areas of specialization. 

Some of the partner universities that offer AI courses through Coursera are:

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of London
  • Arizona State University
  • University of Michigan
  • Illinois University
  • Princeton University
  • Vanderbilts University

While some of the courses by these universities are paid, a good number of them are available for free. Certifications are also available upon completion.

Course Duration: 

The course duration differs. Ranging from 5 hours course to 16 weeks course. The courses are not self-paced, meaning that you have to stick with the schedule of the university.

6. Microsoft Open Source

Nature of the Course:

Microsoft has a pool of AI tools and resources available for the general public to explore. You can simply visit the open-source website to access all the available resources for free. 

Open-source machine learning platforms help spark innovation in students

In addition, open-source software is available to so many people. 

The more people work with a particular tool, the better the chances are that someone will produce a unique idea for using or improving it. 

By the end of exploring Microsoft Open Source, you’ll be able to work with:

  • Machine learning projects 
  • Generative AI
  • Large language models
  • Data science projects

Course Duration:

Each of the courses has a different duration. Also, the courses are not self-paced, meaning that you have to stick with the schedule of the university.

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7. DeepLearning.AI

Nature of the Course:

DeepLearning.AI offers one of the most beginner-friendly courses for free. The following short courses are available on the DeepLearning.AI website:

  • Large language model (LLM)
  • Red Teaming LLM Applications
  • Preprocessing Unstructured Data for LLM Application
  • Machine Learning Yearning 
  • Complete Guide to Natural Language Processing

Course Duration:

DeepLearning.AI offers short courses. The short courses typically take a few hours to complete. 

In conclusion, visit the above-named websites, pick one or two and follow their structured curriculum to learn artificial intelligence.

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