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9 Best Social Media Platforms for Business in 2024

When choosing the right social media platform for your business you must first identify your target audience.

Social media platforms for business

Are you looking for the most converting social media platforms to use for your business?

Having your business on a social media platform is crucial. It allows the creation and sharing of content with customers. It also enables you to interact with customers online. There are several social media platforms. They include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok among others.

Your business can leverage these social media platforms to make your brand known and boost sales. These platforms are free, but you can pay for advertisements (ads) to promote your business.

In this article, we’ll look at the best social media platforms you can use for your business. We will also give tips to help you choose the right social media platform for your business.

The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

1. Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that every business can benefit from. It was founded in 2004 and now has monthly active users of above 2.91 billion

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for every business. Setting up a Facebook business page can help you share engaging content and interact with your customers.

Additionally, you can run ads on Facebook to expand your reach and sales. Running ads on Facebook is very effective as it targets customers based on demographics, interests, behaviour and more. 

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2. Instagram

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. It is a platform for showcasing businesses’ cool, beautiful products and services.

There are 2 billion monthly active users on the platform according to Statista. Businesses can thrive on Instagram regardless of the size. 

3. YouTube

YouTube is an online video-based social media platform. Nowadays, people are always on the platform that now has 2.7 billion monthly active users.

YouTube is an effective way to engage your audience or customers. People are mostly captivated by video content that is of high quality. You can create content that gives information about your business. If your business focuses on video marketing, YouTube is the platform to go to. 

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4. TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform that is majorly known for short videos. It was launched in 2016 and now has over 1 billion monthly active users.

The younger generation dominates the platform. If your target audience is the younger generation, TikTok is the platform. 

When you create great and engaging videos, you can attract your audience. And this audience can become customers.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform mainly used by professionals. It was officially launched in 2003 and now has over 1 billion members worldwide. 

The platform majorly helps businesses whose transaction is B2B. B2B is a business transaction that involves business-to-business. 

It is a great platform to get in front of customers and generate high-quality leads. You can do this by creating valuable content for your audience.

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6. X

X was formerly known as Twitter. It is a powerful social media platform where users can communicate in short messages called tweets.

Tweets are excellent for engaging with customers. You can also share business updates and links on the X platform. 

Businesses can also enjoy X as it allows them to promote their products and services to a wide audience. According to estimates X has over 368 million monthly active users worldwide.

7. Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a social media platform that allows you to list your business on Google. This makes it easy for people searching or looking at maps to find your business.

The platform is where you can post photos and information about special events. You can also adjust business information such as location and hours. 

On Google Business Profile, formerly called, Google My Business, your customers can send reviews, like your photos, and can also post their photos.

8. Telegram

Telegram is more than a messaging app, it is a crucial app for business. It has many special features that stand out in helping businesses engage with customers. These features include quizzes, bots and interactive polls.

The Telegram platform provides robust security to its users and safeguards business information. It also has free cloud storage with no limits. That means you can save big files and chats.

9. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. 

In 2018, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business. This WhatsApp business enhances customer interaction.

In the platform, you can create a catalogue to showcase your products and services. You can also set quick replies for frequently asked questions, and use labels to organize chats.

Small businesses can use WhatsApp business. In contrast, WhatsApp Business API is most suitable for middle and large businesses.  

Why Use Social Media Platforms for Business

The goal of every business owner is to reach a wide range of people and increase sales. And social media has been part of the daily life of people. Millions of people are on social media platforms. Moreover, statistics show that  62.3% of the world now uses social media. This means that business profitability goals are achievable on social media platforms.

Below are some reasons why having a social media platform for your business is important.

1. For brand awareness

Social media can take your business anywhere and everywhere in no time. These platforms will showcase your business to a wide audience. 

People will start getting familiarised with your business, what the business products are and the services it offers. Social media can help you get your business in the face of a lot of people. 

2. For customer engagement

Social media helps you to engage with your customers. You can provide answers and offer support to existing and potential customers.

When you interact with customers, it will help you know your customers more and what they want. And with this, your business can improve.

3. For marketing

You can market your products and services to your target audience on social media. This makes marketing much more cost-effective as you get more positive results.

Marketing on social media platforms is also less expensive compared to traditional marketing.

4. To increase sales and generate leads

Social media can help a business grow in sales and generate leads. This is because your customers are probably on these platforms.

When you create engaging content and give value, they will mostly like to pay for your products or services.

5. To build customer trust

Another reason why you need a social media platform for your business is to build customer trust.

Customer trust is when a consumer has faith in a company. When customers know that your business has a social media presence, they tend to trust your brand more. 

It is very important to build and maintain trust with your customers as this can increase brand loyalty.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

There are many social media platforms out there but being on every of these platforms can be a whole lot of work. That is why you must choose the right one for your particular type of business. 

The perfect idea is to run one platform successfully before you open another one. Focusing on one platform at a time can increase your chance of success.

When choosing the right social media platform for your business you must first identify your target audience.

Who are the people that you want to patronise your business? What do they do? On what platform will you majorly find them?

After answering this question, you will begin to have an idea. 

Another thing is to consider your business type. Know what makes sense for your business. Is it creating long or short video content? Is the business type business-to-business or business-to-consumer? 

Lastly, spend time on the social media platforms you intend to start with. Try your best to understand how the platform works. This will help you to deliver the valuable content you have for your potential customers.

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Bottom Line

Leveraging social media platforms is crucial for your business. If you are starting, above are the best platforms you can use.

You can also get paid by some of these social media platforms. But, you have to meet some requirements. Having social media platforms for your business is a win-win situation.

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