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5 Best Simple Payroll Solution Providers for Small Businesses

Payroll solution providers for small businesses

Are you looking for top-performing and affordable payroll providers for small businesses?

As a small business owner, running a mini-company doesn’t always mean “playing small all the time.” You need to envision a bigger brand that can employ hundreds of people in the coming years. A better way to organize your business’ financial dealings is by using software to streamline the entire business process.

Today, thousands of small businesses are tapping into the trend to use payroll solution providers to manage their employees’ payments. In this article, we introduce you to the top 5 payroll solution providers you can find out there. But before then, let’s understand exactly how payroll solution works.

What is a Payroll Solution?

Also called payroll software, it refers to the automated process of managing, maintaining and automating your employees’ payments. This not only leaves you with time to do other things but also ensures that the payments are made as and when due.

With several payroll software for small businesses, you may be unsure of which to integrate into your SME. Here is a list of the top payroll services you can start using today:

1. Gusto

Gusto is an online payroll service and software, targeted at businesses looking to streamline their payment processes.

Priding itself as a “HR platform for payroll,” Gusto ensures that you don’t turn to another payroll software.

The following features make Gusto outstanding in the market:

Payroll Taxes

How does Gusto payroll work? The software handles anything from calculating your taxes and filing the same with the appropriate government agencies.

Zero-Lump-Sum the Workers’ Compensation

Do you already have an active worker’s compensation insurance? You can now pay as you go instead of paying at once.

Extensive Coverage

Whether you are running a physical outlet or you have remote workers, rest assured that Gusto takes care of your payroll. With an extensive coverage of over 120 countries; it paves the way for you to streamline into cross-border payments – with ease.

2. Zenefits

Here is one of the best payroll providers for small businesses. As an easy and reliable payroll software, Zenefits allows you to cater to different payment needs from one platform.

Fully-Integrated Payroll Software

As a fully-integrated payroll software, Zenefits allows you to streamline how payments are made. The integration availability is extended to different platforms, such as:

  • Copilot
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Xero and;
  • Guideline

HR Syncing

Zenefits is much more than a platform for handling payments for employees. It also aids the Human Resources (HR) department of your small business in the following ways:

Advanced Payroll Features of Zenefits

Zenefits also offer the following premium features to help you manage your small business:

  • Dynamic mobile paystubs
  • Unlimited payruns
  • Contractor payments
  • General ledger reporting
  • Direct deposits
  • Multiple payment schedules and pay rates

3. Payroll4Free

If there is one challenge with using payroll software, it is the expense. But what if you could save up on costs as a small business?

Due to the fact that you are looking to scale the business and still streamline the payments; the associated costs can add up quickly. This is why the Payroll4Free software allows you to use the solutions “almost for free.”

No Bills

Can I use Payroll4Free software for free? Yes, you can use Payroll4Free if you run a small business and make payments to no more than 25 people. This is an ideal solution if your business has less than 25 employees or the total number of people you send money to on a monthly basis are less than that number.

Pay Anyone

From your employees to contractors, Payroll4Free allows you to pay them all. You can create and fill out the year-end 1099 forms and pay up to 1,099 contractors using the software.

Employee Portal

You can choose to allow the employees access to the backend. From the dedicated employee portal, the following information will be available:

  • Accrued vacation time review
  • W-2s and paystub reprinting and;
  • Making changes to personal information.


4. PayFit

PayFit promises to help you “take back 80% of your time with smart payroll software.” This is the solution you need to save both time and money and here is how it all plays out:

Payroll Automation

The automation process covers the generation and distribution of payslips, the update of payslips and the addition of pay variables at any point.

How the Integrations of PayFit Works

PayFit supports a wide range of integrations aimed at bolstering the payment process across the finance and Human Resources (HR) processes.

You can integrate it with both the accounting and HR software.

Customized Payroll Solutions

PayFit’s payroll solutions also add some elements of customizations, so that small business owners can create tailored solutions.

The customization options cover:

  • The creation of custom reports for both the HR and finance teams/departments.
  • Synchronization of the software with accounting software.
  • The creation of variance reports to help in reducing the proliferation of errors.

5. ADP

With up to 1 million companies (as stated on the website) using the services, ADP has got to be one of the top payroll solution providers for SMEs.

Solutions for Small Businesses

For businesses with between 1 and 49 employees, ADP’s solutions include:

  • The availability of easy-to-use, self-service mobile applications for your employees.
  • Automation of the online payroll system.
  • Excellent integration plus HR and time-tracker.
  • Automated calculation and settlement of payroll taxes for your small business.

Add-On Services of ADP

ADP also supports a wide range of add-on services, which further enhance the payroll solutions. On the list are retirement, Human Resources (HR) and insurance.

Why ADP Offers Diversified Payroll Services

ADP also offers a plethora of payroll-related services. For example, there is the Essential Payroll designed for startups and established companies looking to integrate payroll and automated taxation.

There is also the Complete Payroll & HR+ solution designed to provide the following Human Resource (HR) tools:

  • Job description wizard
  • Live HR support
  • HR guidance and forms
  • Employee handbook wizards and;
  • Proactive compliance alerts

Conclusion: Choose the Best Payroll Providers for Small Businesses

While the list of payroll services is extensive; the software listed in this article are among the best. To choose a reliable software, you however need to be certain of the performance, such as error-reduction, payslip recording, compliance and employee self-service.

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