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Top 10 Best Printing Business Ideas with a High-Profit Margin

Starting a printing business is a profitable and rewarding business. Not only will you make good profits, but you also get the chance to serve humanity and put smiles on people’s faces.

The best printing business ideas

Are you looking for the best printing business ideas with a high-profit margin and easy barrier to entry? According to a report, the global commercial printing market is expected to exceed $574.12 billion by 2030, at 2.4% CAGR growth. With an over $78 billion market size and estimated profit margin of 2% to %10 net profit in the US, the printing industry is a goldmine. 

What is a Printing Business?

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A printing business is a business that specializes in the printing of designs like the printing of images on a mug, banners, posters, etc.

Printing can be done using manual means or with the use of digitalized equipment like a digital printing machine.

The cost of setting up a printing business varies depending on different factors like location, equipment, etc. But overall, the barrier to entry is low. 

Why Should You Build a Printing Business?

A printing business is not ideal only because of its low barrier to entry. Printing business is always on-demand because people always need the services they render. There will always be birthday celebrations, anniversaries, advertisements, etc.

A printing business can be successful by serving a specific audience, for example, schools, secretariats, and religious organizations.

Having a low barrier to entry means that one can start a printing business with few units of printers and computers.

Below are the top 10 best printing business ideas with high-profit margins that you can start today:

1. Custom T-Shirt Printing Business

T-shirts are popular and commonly used as a uniform by many groups and organizations. Custom T-shirts are a way a printing business owner can show off their creativity. Also, it has a low barrier to entry and can be started from home. You can start with a heat press, screen, or digital printing. You can get your first customer from your local groups or neighborhood. 

2. Business Cards Printing Business

Every business needs a business card. A business card doesn’t only make the business more accessible to people; it also projects the business as serious and professional, and every business owner wants their business to be seen as one.

You can get customers quickly as a business card printing business owner if you visit your local market, introduce your service to the business there, and educate them on the need for a business card. You can have a successful printing business by rendering a business card printing service.

3. Customized Greeting Card Printing Business

Many think that greeting cards are no longer in demand since people can send digital cards. However, with a value of over $7 billion in the US, the greeting card industry is still a profitable industry to go into.

You can start your customized greeting card printing online from home with your computer and printer. You can sell already-made designs to your customers or make designs based on their specifications.

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4. Flex Printing Business

With different printing mediums like flex, vinyl, solvent flex, star flex, solvent vinyl, eco-solvent vinyl, backlit, eco-solvent flex, etc, flex printing is a very popular and profitable printing niche.

Today, flex is used across different industries and for different purposes, from corporate organizations to political parties, and the demand has continued to grow through the years.

5. Start a Mug Printing Business

Mugs are used as souvenirs on many occasions nowadays, for example, marriage, graduation, and birthday parties. A mug can also be given as a gift. You can use mug printing to preserve memory and for business promotional purposes.

Starting a printing is very profitable as the use and demand are high. To successfully start a Mug printing business, you need a mug press machine and a Mug supplier. Don’t worry; you can start this business from home.

6. Start a Textile Printing Business

The textile printing business is the printing of designs on a textile material. In a textile printing business, you are not limited to a specific material, style, or pattern as there are many ideas to explore. You can print on curtains, bedsheets, children’s clothes, men’s and women’s clothes.

Not being limited to specific material on gender is one of the advantages of the textile printing business. This makes it a profitable printing business idea with a high-profit margin.

7. Wallpaper Printing Business

Starting a wallpaper printing business today is excellent, with a high-profit margin. According to a report from finance.yahoo.com, at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2022 to 2030, the global market size of wallpaper is expected to reach $2.44 billion by 2030.

Aside from the expected market size growth, the acceptance and demand for wallpaper as an excellent option for interior decoration are evident in our friend’s and relatives’ homes.

8. Cups or Tumblers Printing Business

Like mugs, cups and tumblers are used for different purposes and occasions. Starting a cup or tumbler printing business is not rocket science. You can start this business with a computer for designing, a printer, and a press machine.

You can render this service to individuals and organizations within and outside your locality.

9. Sticker Printing Business

Stickers are popular and versatile; they are used to achieve different goals it is meant to achieve. Stickers are used for a variety of purposes. It’s one of the most profitable printing business ideas. Clubs and parties use stickers for entertainment and fun. 

You can use stickers in schools, organizations, and even on the road for education and awareness. One can use stickers for simple beautification, like in homes. 

The demand for stickers is high, and they are sold online and offline. As a sticker printing business owner, you can sell your stickers online as print-on-demand using platforms like Esty and Amazon.

10. Phone Cover Printing Business

As the day goes by, the number of phone users increases, and so does the demand for beautiful phone covers.

A phone cover is no longer only about protecting the phone from damage in the case of an accident; it has become a fashion thing. Nowadays, people want a phone cover that compliments their outfits and shows their personality.

As a phone cover printing business, you are in the business to meet this high demand and to achieve success and good profit, you should choose an audience and create designs that meet the needs of this audience. 

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How Can I Make My Printing Business Profitable?

Pick a Good Area

Whether you are starting your printing business online or plan to have an offline shop, choosing the right location will play an important role in the future of the business. You need an area that needs your service and is easily accessible.

Know Your Target Audience

I have not seen a business that became successful that didn’t identify its target audience. Not one. Knowing your target audience helps the business understand the best way to approach and satisfy the audience.

Go Online and Offer Delivery Service

Offering your printing services online allows you to reach more customers and grow the business faster. Today, many people want to come online, order a printing service, and have their order delivered to them.

Expand Your Products and Services

Though starting with a service or two is best, always have expansion in your plan. You can start with mug printing, and as the business grows and becomes stronger, you add cup and tumbler printing and so on. Beyond the various printing business ideas we shared above, you can also offer consulting services for print-on-demand book publishing.


Starting a printing business is a profitable and rewarding business. Not only will you make good profits, but you also get the chance to serve humanity and put smiles on people’s faces.

Pick one or two high-profit margin business ideas from this list and launch your printing business today. If you do, you will be on your way to profits and a better life.

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