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The Best Places to Live in Canada and Why

The Best Places to Live in Canada and Why

Where would you rather live: Canada or the UK? Most immigrants prefer staying in Canada and for good reasons too. In the country, you will have access to affordable living, excellent housing opportunities, and a thriving economy.

The challenge, however, is choosing the best place to live in Canada. In this article, you will discover the top cities in the country and why you should consider living in any of those places.

Do People Still Migrate to Canada?

Yes, people still migrate to Canada. According to Canada.ca, over 341,000 Permanent Residents (PRs) were welcomed into the country in 2019. Then, in 2020, 184,500 immigrants were accepted into the country and attained Permanent Residence (PR) status.

Coupled with the fact that about 10% of the country’s workforce is dominated by immigrants, it is proof that people still want to live there.

Where to Live in Canada

Here are some of the choicest places to live in Canada as an immigrant:

1.    Burlington

Different immigrants have different needs for migrating to Canada. While some want to live in proximity to where they can get career opportunities, others prefer living close to mother nature. If the latter is your preference, Burlington is the best place for you to live in Canada.

It is reputed for its proximity to Ontario, as well as the several nature-like places. It is bordered by the Lake on its southwestern end. In addition, Burlington has over 100 parks where you can see wildlife, museums, and lots of festivities all around the year.

Asides from the proximity to nature, Burlington also boasts of several facilities, including healthcare facilities and schools.

However, living here comes with some expenses. Reputed to be one of the costliest places to live in Canada, Burlington has a thriving real estate market. Prospective homeowners should be willing to spend anywhere from $400,000 and $500,000 to acquire a property.

2.    Vancouver

If you are looking for a city to live in, get exposure to more career opportunities, and party when you like; it has to be Vancouver. It is one of the cities in British Columbia with lots of factors in its favor.

Vancouver is reputable for being one of the largest cities in the province, with an extensive road connection and high standards of living. It may cost you up to CA$1 million to snatch a family property. Also, the costs of living are on the high side.

That notwithstanding, residents get to enjoy basic amenities like public transportation, hospitals, and schools.

3.    Montreal

Frenchmen may not be living in their population in Canada, but some cities remind you of the French. Montreal is one of those cities. Ranking as one of the best cities in the world, it boasts unique architecture and old buildings.

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Consider packing here if you are looking to get a feel of what the city must have been like when Frenchmen were living in their numbers.

Asides from this exotic French touch, Montreal also boasts of iconic food, ranging from smoked meat and maple syrup.

4.    Oakville

From excellent job opportunities to proximity to major cities, Oakville has it all. It is one of the largest cities in the province – and lives up to expectations. It is only a few minutes away from downtown Toronto, thus, offering residents access to the city’s job market.

Oakville is also home to one of the best sights in the world – Niagara Falls. In just an hour, you can move from the city center to the waterfalls for an immersive experience with nature.

The city’s cultural exploration is also alive, thanks to the variety of festivals. These festivals include:

  • Festivals of Classics and Jazz Festival
  • Waterfront Festival: This is held every year.

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5.    Halifax

This is one of the most iconic cities in Canada. Its history includes being a fishing town, dominated by fishers. In modern times, Halifax has become home to immigrants looking for affordable housing. It is reputed that prospective homeowners can get a family property for as low as $400,00.

With the low population and affordable housing by the side; Halifax can be very cold. So, brace up ahead of time as the weather can change from warm to cold on short notice.

6.    Calgary

Calgary is one of the most diverse cities in Canada, thanks to the distinct neighborhoods, spanning hundreds. Also, the city has a rich cultural background, notable among which is the “Calgary Stampede.” During this festival, several cultural displays are in view.

The cultural aspect of the city is just the tip of the iceberg of what you stand to benefit from as a resident. As a part of the Alberta province, Calgary has lots of job opportunities to offer. Residents can kick off a career in major sectors, such as transportation, manufacturing, and health sectors.

7.    Edmonton

No doubt, you may be confused about whether to settle in Calgary or move your things to Edmonton. They are like the two sides of the same coin. With lots of similarities to share, both the cities of Calgary and Edmonton are ideal places to live in Canada.

However, Edmonton has some distinct opportunities, most especially the rich cultural display. The city places a premium on these festivals, the reason why there is a heavy turn up when these events start going down every year.

8.    Ottawa

The city of Ottawa is vibrant, thanks to the dominating youth population, especially students of nearby universities like Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.

If you are looking for a city to spend quality time, have an improved standard of living, and start a business, it has to be Ottawa. The city’s economy is booming from all angles, thanks to the proliferation of businesses, ranging from software developers and aerospace service providers.


The core factors that make a city the best place to live in are affordable standards of living, quality of life, security, and modernization. The cities mentioned in this article are offering more of those, hence, the reason why they made the list of the best places to live in Canada.


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