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The Best Growth Hacking Tools for E-commerce Brands

Growth hacking e-commerce tools

Have you ever done any research on the growth hacking tools utilized by big brands when e-commerce is concerned? When you hear the names of well-known brands in the e-commerce sector, what comes to mind? 

Here are some details about the top e-commerce companies that we will now share with you. Some e-commerce brands have established themselves using various growth hacking tools that the majority of their rivals hardly ever use. 

But before we go into that, there are two crucial characteristics you must possess for all of your other tools to function properly.

2 Apparent Strategies Used By the Best E-commerce Brands Before Any Other Tools

Brand Equity

Branding is the impression that potential customers have of your company as a result of their interactions with you. They gain brand equity from your interactions with them. Equity is the quality of your relationships, interactions, and business dealings with your clients. Your brand equity is built on your capacity to amuse potential clients.

Big brands frequently leverage their ability to provide value and serve customers more effectively than others. For more than ten years, Walmart has been infamous for its low price rates. Although offering high-quality goods, the e-commerce behemoth consistently has a lower price than the majority of its rivals.

What sets you apart from the competition? What would you provide to your customers that the competitor cannot? Understanding your strengths and leveraging them helps you establish a recognizable brand in the marketplace. This is one of the most effective branding strategies that successful companies are using to distinguish themselves.

The key is to develop a strong system and then carve out a niche for yourself to command a sizable portion of the market.



Amazon surpassed Google as the world’s largest advertiser after increasing its ad spending to $ 11 billion, according to campaignlive.co.uk. The best e-commerce firms prioritize aggressive marketing as a key component of their business plans. It’s crucial to raise brand awareness if you want to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Nowadays, unlike in the past, marketing is a crucial component of business expansion. Big e-commerce firms place a lot of importance on having the right marketing strategies. The correct marketing plan is the key to generating significant sales.

Walmart uses different marketing channels like social media, TV, offline promotional materials and digital outdoor advertising.

7 Growth Hacking Tools Used By Big E-commerce Brands and Examples of Them

Growth hacking tools used by big ecommerce companies

1. Voila Norbert

Sales come from email marketing in large quantities. Email is frequently used by large e-commerce businesses to either generate new leads, spread the word about new products, or do follow-up. One of the best channels for list building is email. 

This is where Voila Norbert comes in. You can create pertinent email addresses and webpages for new leads with this application. Although this is a paid tool, it aids in generating quality and new leads for your business. 

Voila Norbert is an email finding software that offers lead generation tools, email verification and data-driven conversions, among other features.

2. Olark Live Chat

Developing relationships with potential customers is a terrific approach to converting and keeping them. With the aid of Olark, a live chat tool, you can communicate with your clients. It enables you to provide prompt customer service. Big companies don’t make fun of this.

Some of the B2C businesses where live chat tool like Olark play a key role are, estate agents, private healthcare, legal, e-commerce stores, automobile companies, financial services, etc. The biggest companies using Olark Live Chat are Pfizer, Berry Global Group, Inc., The Carlyle Group L.P., WorldFirst, Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc, etc. 

Other similar tools like Olark Live Chat are Tidio App, Zendesk, LiveChat, Freshchat by Freshworks, etc.

3. Google Analytics

This tool is used by almost all websites around the globe. The tool for data analysis is essential for online retailers like e-commerce that place a strong emphasis on their online presence. Although this program is free, it is not easily understood by many. However, Google has loads of tutorials on how to utilize it.

4. Prisync

This particular technology was developed for e-commerce companies. With this, you can keep tabs on the main activities your rivals are engaging in. Prisync will provide you with details on your rivals’ pricing strategies, marketing strategies that work, popular products they sell, and other pertinent data.

Big brands undoubtedly employ comparable instruments to evaluate their market judgments. Understanding what other people are doing to achieve success could be a huge benefit for you as well.

Some of the top brands using Prisyc for comparative pricing analysis are Men’s Biz Pty LTD, Autodoc GmbH, Hepsiburada.com and Glazing Vision LTD

5. Oberlo

Oberlo is a fantastic application for Shopify that makes adding products for dropshipping simple. Shopify offers a wide range of services to e-commerce companies. Oberlo is a really helpful feature on Shopify, much like Woocommerce.

6. Shipwire

Large e-commerce companies are constantly looking for ways to develop quick and affordable delivery systems. They are made feasible by this tool. Simply place your order, and Shipwire will deliver flawlessly. a solution built on the cloud that uses every available method to deliver the order.

E-commerce sites would want the function added to their platform. Finding a decent cloud-based shipping software is key and there are numerous options available in the market.

7. Monitoring

You can use this tool to learn how your customers see you or your company. It keeps track of any remarks made about your brand on various social media sites. Having this knowledge about their perception will help you think of ways to better serve your consumers.



You see, we haven’t even mentioned all the available instruments. For e-commerce enterprises, there are several resources available for growth hacking strategies. In actuality, you simply need to experiment with a range of possibilities before selecting which ones would be most beneficial for your business.

Even the top e-commerce companies made errors in their first marketing initiatives. Many failures later, success was attained. It’s possible that what works for “A” won’t work for “B.” Alibaba eventually learned what worked for its brands after multiple failed tries. Simply continue with what has already worked well and grow from there.


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