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10 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2024

How to Start a Dropshipping Business and the Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2018
How to Start a Dropshipping Business and the Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2018
Are you looking for the best dropshipping products you can sell in 2024 and make a truckload of money? Are you confused about the best dropshipping niche to dive deep into in 2024 without missing it? We are here to help you know exactly what to sell online. Or maybe you’d like to know some of the best dropshipping classes with amazing reviews that would help you get ahead in your dream of earning millions of dollars as a dropshipper? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered in this article because you will learn about the top trending dropshipping products and how to grow a really profitable business with them. According to the Journal of the Operational Research Society that conducted dropshipping statistics, the average profit of a manufacturer who is dropshipping is 18.33% higher than a manufacturer who uses traditional channels. Because of the storage limitations, a retailer has to buy in bulk, but they can normally hold only around 13% of what a supplier would want to sell, reducing the profit margins of the supplier. With dropshipping, one can remove these constraints and buy whenever they get an order. Here, both the retailer and suppliers can make profits in the long run.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a specialized version of eCommerce business that allows businesses to grow without worrying about unsold stock. How? Let’s understand it through the following diagram:
Diagram showing how the best dropshipping products sell
Diagram Showing How Dropshipping Works
As an eCommerce store owner, this is how to start a dropshipping business correctly.

Exactly How Dropshipping Business Works

Step 1: The customer places an order on your eCommerce site. Step 2: You buy the product from a supplier on a wholesale rate. Step 3: Your drop shipper collects the product from the supplier. Step 4: The drop shipper packs and sends the product directly to the customer with your name.

Why Should You Invest in Dropshipping Business Model?

  • It’s cost-effective; you need not maintain a physical inventory.
  • It doesn’t demand to spend millions on developing infrastructure.
  • No hassles of collecting, packaging, shipping, and delivery of products.
  • You will have a wide array of products on your site.
  • Scaling becomes easier by partnering with more suppliers and drop shippers.
  • You won’t have to pay for a big staff.
  • You can concentrate on improving your sales.

How to Choose the Best Selling Dropshipping Products in 2023?

If you are choosing fast-selling products on your dropshipping-based site, here are some product suggestions you would want to consider selling:
  • Unique products that no one else or only a few are selling.
  • Products whose price cannot be guessed easily.
  • Handmade and antique products.
  • Time-sensitive products.
  • Heavy products like Furniture, television, and gym equipment can save you shipping costs.
  • Of course, you need to sell some trending products as well.

Dropshipping Statistics That Will Convince You

  • According to a verifiable record, there are more than 500,000 Shopify stores in 175 countries of the world doing dropshipping. If it’s not profitable why will they alone have over half a million online stores on their platform?
  • In 2020, an estimated 2.14 billion people shopped online. Meaning, 1.8 people purchased something online in 2020. In 2022, global e-retail sales amounted to $5.7 trillion. If that doesn’t excite you let me tell you some more – projections show that global e-retail sales are going to grow to up to $7.5 trillion by 2025.
  • Right now, about 27% of online retailers have decided to adopt dropshipping.
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Highly Profitable Dropshipping Products You Can Sell in 2023

All of the following products will cohere with at least one of the points discussed above. Here are the 10 best dropshipping products that are trending in 2023, which you can consider adding to your list.

1. Custom Printed Shirts

Dropshipping models for selling printed t-shirts can save you from the hassles of buying, printing, and storing a whole stock. As custom-printed t-shirts are already in demand, it’s easy to find some good dropshipping companies for the cause. Take a cue from, Printful, a dropshipper for printed shirts that supplied more than 40 million t-shirts in 2021. This brought them to revenue of $1 billion.

2. Accessories of Familiar Online Games

With games like Fortnite and PUBG in trend these days it’s a great time to also sell their accessories. Keeping you safe from the hassle of unsold stock, dropshipping can provide surplus inventory according to the customer’s demand.  Find a dropshipper near you who can supply themed products like Bag-packs, Key-chains, Lunch-boxes, mobile skin, laptop skin, and related posters. You should check out the products listed on Amazon and Alibaba to get a cue. Sell something like that.

3. Gaming Products

Dropshipping gaming products can help you choose from a wide catalogue of trending games and later expand to the relevant product arenas like controllers, game setups, PC parts and more. It will also allow a smooth transition of the catalogue when the trend changes. To save you from so many unsold items, dropshipping is the only online business idea where you can get products as demanded by the customers. Banggood, an eCommerce store makes some real profit by selling such trending gaming products.

4. Hoodies

You can expand your niche by selling trending products like hoodies and other seasonal clothing. As winter will be arriving soon, warm clothes would be in great demand. Dropshipping these products will allow you to sell them throughout the season and save the cost of unsold stock left at the end of the season. Drop shipper like “Belovedshirts” is a great example of the same.

5. Pet Supplies

A net worth of $60 billion makes the pet supply industry a lucrative niche for dropshipping.  As people are so passionate about their pets, they spend so much on taking care of them. Dropshipping pet products will enable a smooth supply by letting you sell time-sensitive products like pet food. It frees you from the hassle of buying and preserving the wholesale stock until it expires. Businesses like, Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay, have sold a huge array of pet supply stocks through drop shipping.

6. Gym Products

With never-ending demands, fitness and gym products are always a great choice for a shipping model. Equipment like Gym machines, Kettlebells, Weights, and Medicine Balls are quite heavy, and the shipping charges are high. Entering in terms with a local drop shipper and providing low-cost or free shipping for your consumers will definitely give you an upper hand amongst your peers. Dropwow is an excellent example of a business that is doing really good as a dropshipper for Gym equipment.

7. Books and Novels

Books and novel niche, with record sales of more than 360 million books last year and 2% year-over growth, according to a Nielsen Survey in the UK, it is obviously clear that the demand is continuously increasing. This is another stance for a time-sensitive purchase, where the consumers will want the Novels as soon as it is launched. Hence, you can give them pre-booking access and through a dropshipper, it can be delivered on the same day of launch, as compared to sending them after 2-3 days through traditional modes. Amazon is a perfect example of how it makes so many dollars by pre-booking new books before the launch.

8. Jewelery

With a massive worth of over $270 billion in the United States alone, the gems and jewelry industry is always great to gain profits. By dropshipping these products, you can leverage the profit shares as per the changing demands and trends. By doing so, you can strongly eliminate the chances of ending up with old-fashioned jewels, and you can easily swap the current catalogue with a new and trendy one. Twigs and Honey is a good example of dropshipping-based jewellery store.

9. Handbags

From occasions like parties, shopping, travel, and trekking to daily uses like offices, Handbags cater to extensive applications. Dropshipping these products will allow you to fulfill the orders only when they are demanded by your customers. Moreover, switching from one trend to another becomes easy by just updating your product catalogue. In this way, you won’t have to end up with unsold or out-of-fashioned stocks while you are switching to a new trend. You can learn from the dropshippers like AliExpress who have made a name in a similar category. This is one of the most profitable dropshipping products you can sell in your online store.

10. Bluetooth Speakers

The increasing popularity of Bluetooth speakers has invited a humongous number of Brands into the market. Though it can give you unparalleled sales, there are upgraded products launched almost every week and this rapid shift in trends might leave your older stocks unsold. A dropshipper can help you deliver products that precisely meet the demands of your consumers. Banggood has made some great profits by onboarding several dropshippers for similar products worldwide.

It’s Time to Start a Dropshipping Business

Now that you have a decent idea of the type of dropshipping products to sell online and our list of the most profitable dropshipping products of 2024, it’s time to find some good dropshippers. You can get in touch with the dropshippers like AliExpress and Oberlo who have made a huge name compared to the giants like Alibaba, Etsy, and Amazon. Working on any of these top dropshipping niches in 2024 will go a long way to multiply your income and grow your online business. However, if you’d like to sort through over 3 million products in any niche of your choice to find already winning products that most eCommerce millionaires wouldn’t want you to know about, I recommend you use NicheScraper and you will have your result in less than a minute with the exact volume being sold on the product on different e-commerce stores. NicheScraper.com is a powerful niche research bot you can trust to give you full details of winning products in virtually all ecommerce niches so that you can take your dropshipping game to the million-dollar stage.


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  1. That sounds great, but the market in Nigeria is different from the ones she is talking about. Knowing fully well that you need at least days to 21 to ship from China to Nigeria and customers will not want to wait that long before the product is shipped. How do we solve that in Nigeria?

    • If you are shipping from China to Nigeria, the days to drop ship can take more than 21 days. This problem is faced by even big eCommerce players.

      There are 2 solutions here, if the delivery duration seems long.

      1. You can opt for the priority delivery service which will be charged a little extra.
      2. eCommerce stores can get in terms with local drop shippers to have sufficient amount of stocks. (Companies do this if there is frequent purchase from this country)

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    Drop shipping looks like a very good idea to earn some extra bucks. I guess clothing and bags are more convenient to drop ship as the chances of damage is very low.

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