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3 Best Cities to Start a Business in Denmark

Best cities to start a business in Denmark

Are you looking for the best cities to start a business in Denmark? Search no more. With a GDP of $395 billion, GDP per capita, PPP of $74,005, and population of 5.90 million, Denmark was ranked the 4th best country to start a business in recent ranking. The procedure on how to open a company in Denmark is seamless.

Denmark’s average salary is $5,965 and is the highest in Europe. It also offers a low startup cost of 0.2% of GNI per capita. Denmark is a beautiful country with a high quality of life.

Denmark is home to many globally known companies like Skype and Unity Technologies. Whether you want to immigrate or are already in Denmark, these are the best cities to start a business.

1. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is not just the capital of Denmark but also an excellent place for business. From 2000 to 2021, the GDP of Copenhagen grew from 220 billion kroner ($33 billion) to 517 billion kroner ($79 billion). The city had a GDP per capita of 645,000 kroner ($98.638) in 2021.

The city was ranked number one leading city for startups in Denmark by Statista, scoring 11.57. Apart from the numbers, Copenhagen has many other qualities that make it one of the best cities for business in Denmark.

Copenhagen has a bubbling business hub that provides assistance like mentorship to entrepreneurs. The city has the highest concentration of universities in the country, with 21 universities. The city houses one of the best business schools in Europe, Copenhagen Business School. It is one of the leading global smart cities.

Copenhagen has one of the best transportation systems in the world that links Scandinavia and Baltic countries. The transportation system helps businesses to easily reach over 25 million Scandivanians and over 100 million consumer base of northern Europe.

Besides being a great place for startups, Copenhagen is unique with its canals, maritime history, and cycling culture.

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2. Aarhus

Bribery is unheard of in Denmark; this and other things make the city of Aarhus a good business destination for locals and foreigners.

In Denmark, starting a business is easy, and you can process everything in 24 to 48 hours. The city is also home to the most prominent international container port in Denmark. Big companies like Lego, Uber, IBM, Danfoss, and Arla have offices in Aarhus, making it an excellent destination for starting any business.

Aarhus is a city on the east coast, the seat of Aarhus Municipality, home to over 361,544 people, and the second-largest city in Denmark. It has a good transportation system and efficient public transport routes that make it easy and convenient to transport goods. 

It is worth noting that Aarhus has the highest survival rate for startups in Denmark.

Aside from business, Aarhus is rich in art and culture. There are high-quality museums and buildings with astonishing architectural designs and paintings.

Aarhus provides your business with a great environment and support that ensures your business becomes a success. The city is also enriched with fantastic festivals and food. Aarhus perfectly blends business and pleasure with a GDP per capita of $44342.66.

3. Odense

Situated in the northeastern center of the Island of Funen and with a population of 170,327, Odense is the principal city of the Green Island. Odense prides itself as the frontier for drones, robotics, and health technology. Odense is a city with a successful industrial automation and robotics sector. The city has the goal of becoming the World’s Leading Robotic City. 

Odense has over 133 companies, employing over 3900 people. The city is projected to attract investments in real estate and infrastructure to 1.6 million euros daily.

If you want a city good for business and kids, Odense is a good city for kids, with over 250 playgrounds and great health technologies.

Odense is a vibrant city and the oldest city in Denmark. It boasts a rich history and many festivals yearly. 

Is Denmark a Good Place to Start a Business?

Denmark has been consistently ranked among the ten best countries for business by The World Bank. World Bank ranked Denmark as the easiest place in Europe to do business. The country is also one of the top competitive economies in the world. 

Denmark provides access to the most lucrative segments of the European Union, with more than 100 million consumers due to the robust and efficient transportation system.

There are no residency requirements for foreign investors in Denmark.

Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world and has been ranked as the happiest country. The country provides opportunities for business and many events, locations, and cultural heritage for pleasure and education. 

Whether you want to start a business or raise a family, Denmark is an ideal location. A quick search will show you many profitable business ideas in Denmark that you can explore.

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When considering starting a business in Denmark, you can’t be wrong in choosing any of these cities. It boasts of a good transport system that gives your business access to over 100 million consumers across Europe. It has a high quality of life, good schools, yearly events, and playgrounds. 

Denmark is naturally endowed with rivers and incredible landscapes that make it also an excellent choice for building a family.

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