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15 Best Business Opportunities in Utah 

Utah's lively setting, eco-friendly environment, technological advancement, and good quality of life, create a great place for businesses to succeed.

Business opportunities in Utah

Are you in search of the best business opportunities in Utah? In early 2023, WalletHub named Utah the No. 1 best state to start a business.  It also listed 4 of its cities as the top best small cities for starting a business in a row of 5. 

Studies reveal that the state’s robust resilience against challenges makes it a great place that encourages a diversified economy. According to the 2023 Economic Report to the Governor, global business changing tides, high inflation, rising interest rates, and key industry slowdowns characterized recent times. 

However, Utah’s steady growth and multiplication have not dwindled. Vital economic pointers such as low unemployment, supply chains, trade, and investment are top-notch. 

The Beehive State is seizing opportunities in tech, healthcare, e-commerce, construction and manufacturing. This is why entrepreneurs continue to flock to the state to start a business. If you are interested in investing in Utah, then this article is for you. 

We have identified the 15 best business opportunities you can start in Utah. Several factors contribute to the attraction of small and large conglomerates in the state. Let’s quickly explore these factors as we unveil the best business opportunities you can watch in Utah in 2024. 

Factors Contributing to Business Opportunities in Utah

Utah’s economy presents a myriad of opportunities and several factors continue to spur its upward growth movement. Some of the factors are:

Affordable Business Operations

Anyone can easily start a business in Utah. The low cost of doing business is a major attraction for its growth in business operations. With lower operational costs, entrepreneurs can streamline resource allocation, leading to enhanced profit margins and increased competitiveness. 

Flourishing Economic Landscape

The state’s diverse and growing economy gives room for productivity which results in a multitude of business opportunities. As more people explore various sectors, from technology and real estate to healthcare and tourism, opportunities are multiplied in these areas. This reduces over-dependence on a single industry and fosters economic development.

Some of the best venues for hosting business events are in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Encouraging Regulatory Environment

Utah’s government provides a supportive regulatory environment that enables businesses to grow and expand. With great policies comes increased development. The government has continued to make great decisions that facilitate favorable business development for both local and foreign investors. 

Skilled and Abundant Workforce

Utah’s businesses have access to an abundant workforce. The labor force is educated and resourceful at work. Having an essential work team is crucial for companies to thrive competitively. You can find professionals across different industries in Utah to leverage their expertise for increased productivity.

A Robust Tech Ecosystem 

Traditionally, the state is given to agriculture and mining. However, the facelift in the tech sector is burgeoning. There are incentives for technological growth and startups are taking advantage of the development. It’s more interesting for tech enthusiasts with a favorable tax structure and a business-friendly environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Beautiful and Natural Atmosphere 

Nature also contributes to Utah’s flourishing business scene. You will find some of the most stunning natural landscapes in Salt Lake City. Historic cities and towns, national parks and forests, with stunning mountain ranges, attract positive and great minds to come live and work. There are 3442 named mountains in Utah to see. All of these contribute to the desirability of businesses and professionals alike.

15 Best Business Opportunities in Utah

Utah’s pro-business climate offers new and experienced entrepreneurs diverse opportunities with its key industries. Below are the 15 best business opportunities you should consider in Utah: 

1. Grocery Delivery

Utah’s environment is highly responsive to time-saving solutions. Launching a convenient and efficient grocery delivery service is a viable business. It has lots of prospects as it caters to busy individuals and families. 

To enhance the business, focus on timely deliveries, employ the best customer relations, and possibly a user-friendly app. With Utah’s economy and technological operations, you can address the challenge of balancing work and family commitments for busy individuals.

2. Web Designing

In a digitally driven world, businesses seek after strong online presence. Small businesses are not relenting in having online visibility. This demand is prevalent in Utah as well. With your skills and expertise, you can offer professional engaging web designs. Emphasize creating responsive and user-friendly websites that align with clients’ brand identities and marketing goals.

3. Business Coaching

Among the best business opportunities in Utah, coaching is a smart and effective means to establish a consulting firm. Many aspiring entrepreneurs seek guidance to start and manage their businesses. 

You can capitalize on this need to offer personalized coaching sessions, workshops, and resources to help them navigate challenges and achieve their goals. As you coach others, you build yourself a business and make good earnings from it.

4.  Software Development

Leveraging software technology enables industries to streamline tasks and prioritize their essential functions. If you’re a technology enthusiast in the state, consider providing specialized software development services to Utah businesses. Concentrate on creating inventive and user-friendly solutions that cater to the unique requirements of clients across different industries.

5. Solar Panel Installation 

Solar Panel installation is a business with high returns in Utah. Firstly, the state is blessed with an abundance of sunlight. Secondly, the government’s commitment to alternative energy solutions is backed by robust incentives. 

As an entrepreneur, venturing into the business can help to secure a steady income. You can further increase your earnings with consultation, and education on sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.

6. Medical Equipment Rentals

Certain medical equipment can be a luxury for users, hence they choose to rent when the need arises. Not even all clinics can afford or maintain them though they are indispensable for their work. 

As a medical practitioner, you can start a business leasing out such supplies and equipment. Your rental business caters to individuals recovering from surgeries or managing long-term health conditions. 

It also eases home healthcare workers to attend to the needs of their patients. However, ensure the availability of a range of equipment, reliable delivery services, and a system for maintenance.

7. Start a T-shirt Printing Business

As businesses seek different means to advertise, using T-shirt printing for brand communication is gaining prominence. Customized T-shirts tell brand stories attractively and effectively. If this is a business you will love, learn the skills, and be able to promote yourself. 

Target local brands, events, schools, and unions to customize their prints. Remember to emphasize high-quality standards to stand out in the market.

8. Start a Travel Agency

Anyone with unique traveling experience and eyes for details can take up the business of a travel agency. As a travel agent, your job ideally is to help busy individuals have a unique and memorable travel experience. 

This includes flight bookings, lodging reservations, group tours, and simplified itinerary management. You attract a lot of clientele when you offer seamless services.

 9. Home Healthcare Services

Since Covid, healthcare services have taken a facelift. Most importantly, health workers do not have to wait for patients, they go meet them. This has paved the way for telemedicine and other virtual medical services. 

If you are a professional in the field of nursing, orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, and the like, you can start a home healthcare business. Ensure that your services contribute to the overall well-being of clients in the comfort of their homes. If well managed, this is one of the most profitable small business opportunities in Utah because of its evergreen nature.

10. Start a Beauty Salon Business in Utah

The beauty industry attracts a steady income for entrepreneurs who have gained mastery in hairdo, skincare, or makeup. If you have barbing or hair-making skills, a salon business is a great decision. 

You should be stylish or create a stylish environment. In addition, learn to stay updated on the latest beauty trends. You can include grooming and other range of beauty services to attract a diverse clientele.

11. Automobile Maintenance

Automobile repairs and maintenance is worth a business to look into if you have the expertise and experience in Utah. The state’s large land mass provides the opportunity for automobile maintenance. 

Meanwhile, the car-loving population seeks trusted hands with their vehicles. If you are tested and trusted, you can build a reputable company, specializing in routine maintenance, wheel change, motor gear, and general repairs

12. Lodging and Accommodation

Lodging investment is an indispensable idea for smart business owners in Utah as it is elsewhere. It necessarily does not have to be a hotel or large guest home. 

Investing in simple and decent lodging apartments is crucial in the hospitality market. This is as simple as starting an Airbnb business with your own apartment. Take a quick look at the ultimate Airbnb host checklist

Business travelers, tourists, and students are seeking affordable and sustainable lodging alternatives. Do thorough market research, and understand the competition and commercial potential before venturing into the business. 

13. Cybersecurity Consulting

The state’s commitment to fostering a secure business environment makes cybersecurity consulting a vital service for Utah businesses. Several firms need to secure their asset against cyber threats. With your expertise, you can provide threat detection, vulnerability assessment, and data protection strategies for clients across different locations. 

14. Notary Services

Utah’s burgeoning business scene creates an increasing demand for notarial services for various transactions. From real estate to legal sectors, companies need streamlined and accessible commercial processes. Offering this indispensable service provides validation and legal standing of a wide range of documents for individuals and companies.

15. Blockchain Development

Blockchain is widely used for creating trust in various applications, such as cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and supply chain management. It eliminates the need for a central authority and provides a secure and transparent way to store and exchange information. 

As blockchain gains grip in various industries, offering development services in Utah positions businesses at the forefront of technological advancement.

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In Utah, the business opportunities are as diverse as the state itself.  If you decide to own a startup today, you have access to diverse possibilities. Utah’s lively setting, eco-friendly environment, technological advancement, and good quality of life, create a great place for businesses to succeed.

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