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10 Best Black Friday Sales and Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Black Friday marketing strategies

Black Friday is that time of the year when shopping activities shoot up. There is a lot of money flying around for buying and selling and people are happy to spend their money on what they love. Employees see it as their own holiday to unwind and just be merry, after all, Thanksgiving is around the corner.

Businesses use this period as an opportunity to drive massive sales that may not have occurred since the beginning of the year. While consumers might be shopping and spending randomly, you cannot afford to be nonchalant with the opportunity and take whatever comes to you. Instead, this is the time to be very intentional about your marketing and make intentional efforts to put your products and services in the faces of these willing consumers.

In 2022, Salesforce reported that online retail sales in the United States, during the Black Friday sales went as high as $17.2 billion. This was about 10.2% higher than the previous year. This year’s Black Friday retail sales are likely going to be higher than that of last year.

So, what are the best marketing strategies you can deploy during this Black Friday holiday season to increase your sales?

1. Start Marketing Early

The worst thing you can do is to start marketing the week or days before Black Friday. This is because by then other businesses that started earlier may have eaten deep into the consciousness of your customers.

You want to start early with your marketing. Whether you are using social media to drive sales, ad campaigns, or email marketing, start pushing out early and strategically too.

2. Showcase Your Products

Share what your Black Friday deals are going to be. For instance, if you have an online store, make video campaigns to walk them through how to navigate the online store, pick what they are buying, and make the purchase too. If possible, show them the shipping process too.

If you have physical products, also showcase them via videos and pictures. Talk about the products and their benefits.

By showcasing your products this way, you are inherently putting them in their minds, and they will start looking forward to buying from you.

3. Create Urgency for Your Black Friday Sales

By creating sales urgency, you will be able to drive sales higher. For instance, you can have a 24-hour price slash on your products, or 50% discount on sales before midnight, or a 25% discount for the first 20 buyers.

This would make your customers make their buying decisions very quickly.

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4. Promote Ceaselessly on Social Media

Social media platforms are a good place for you to market your products. Showcase your products via pictures and videos, talk about your deals, create urgency, etc. 

Don’t post one content daily and feel like you have promoted your business enough. You need to post as many times as possible. 10, 20 times a day. Just make it fun, entertaining and educating.

5. Create an Irresistible Offer

You can have a unique value proposition for your marketing e.g., spending rewards, free shipping, coupon codes, buy one and get one free, etc. Remember to make your offers unique, urgent, and irresistible.

6. Run Massive Ad Campaigns

Run video marketing ad campaigns to show your product and the solutions it will bring to your customers. Maximize cartoon characters in your video marketing campaigns.  

Target your customers across all social media platforms so that they can no longer resist buying. The aim is to showcase your products to millions of willing consumers, drive leads to your email list that you will still be campaigning to, and ultimately make massive sales.

7. Market What Sells the Most During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As a business owner, you should know which of your products sells the most during specific seasons. You can push anything you want to sell into the market during Black Friday. However, having products that are more in demand this season is an added advantage.

8. Position Your Brand as the Best Business to Buy from this Holiday Season

One way to do this is by repurposing your content repeatedly across the different platforms you are marketing or running your ad campaigns on. You can also offer your customers good discounts across different products. 

This is a very effective marketing strategy that can drive massive sales for your business. Note, that you have to be very careful when you do this so that you do not run the risk of losing money trying to make sales. Remember, making sales and making a profit is the goal of Black Friday sales.

9. Optimize Your Website for SEO

Black Friday or the Thanksgiving holiday season is one time of the year when shoppers intentionally go online to buy things. Often, they get these things at the most affordable rate ever. You have to properly position yourself on search engines during this period. That way, when your customers come looking for you on the Internet, they can find you and buy from you. 

If you don’t know how to optimize your website for search engines, you can learn to do it. Alternatively, hire an SEO expert near you. This is important whether you have an online store, a physical business, or a service-based business. The role and importance of search engine optimization for your business cannot be overemphasized.

10. Double Down on Email Marketing

As I mentioned when I talked about starting early, you want to start sending mail to your mailing list. Start talking about the products you will be dealing with during the Black Friday discount sales. You can give more discounts to your mailing list. 

Offer subscribers of your email list a first-time advantage, or even pay a discounted price before the D-day of the Black Friday sales. Incorporating advanced email marketing segmentation strategies can also be helpful in boosting your Black Friday sales conversion.

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These marketing strategies are what businesses that have transcended different periods and economic times are using every Black Friday holiday season. We are certain they will work for you. 

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