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7 Best AI Tools for Video Making and Editing

Videos are no longer just an option for capturing your audience’s attention, they are a necessity. You need to consistently create high-quality videos if you want to compete in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Best AI tools for video making and editing

Are you a business owner looking to grow online? Then you have to start making engaging videos to capture your audience’s attention because “videos on social media get 12 times more shared than text and images combined.” according to g2.com.

Also, more than 78% of viewers consume video content every week – g2.com

Thankfully, we now have powerful AI tools for video creation and editing that are easy to use. You no longer need expensive equipment, years of experience, and long hours of editing to make captivating videos.

We looked at the top 30 AI tools for video creation and editing, and in this article, we’ll show you the best 7.

Criteria We Considered in Choosing the Best AI Tools for Video Making and Editing

To pick the best 7, here are the things we looked at.

  • Video quality – 20%
  • Ease of use – 20%
  • Voice over – 20%
  • Pricing and free trial – 10%
  • Speed – 10%
  • Special features – 10%
  • Text-to-video capability – 10%

We used the same script, recorded the time it took for each AI to make our video, and considered how easy it was to edit it to our taste.

Top 7 AI Tools for Video Making and Editing

From our research, these are the best.

  1. Invideo
  2. Simplified
  3. Kapwing
  4. Pictory
  5. Fliki
  6. Elai
  7. Videogen

Table Comparing the Best AI Video Generation Tools

Here’s how the best AI video generation and editing tools stack up against each other.

AI tool.Video Quality/20Ease of use/20Voice over/20Pricing/10Speed/10Special features/10Text-to-video capability/10Total score/100

Why Use AI Video Creation And Editing Tools

We’ll go in-depth in a minute, but first, here are some benefits of these tools.

Easy to use

Anybody can use them. You don’t need to have video creation or editing experience to use any of these AI tools. You also don’t need to take courses or watch endless YouTube videos to learn how to do the most basic things.

AI tools can help you save time when making or editing a video

Unlike traditional video creation and editing where you have to record your video, upload it to your PC, open a software, edit, remove bloopers, ensure perfect transitions, add subtitles, and the list goes on and on, which adds up to several hours.

With these tools, you can create high-quality, engaging videos in a few minutes.

Less work

Apart from eating up your whole day, the amount of work it takes to make a simple 3-minute video can be overwhelming, and even frustrating.

AI tools take the stressful part away, so you focus on executing your ideas.

Make more videos

To grow online, you need both high quality and high quantity. But there’s only so much one person can do in a short time. This makes people either sacrifice quality for quantity or vice versa.

But with these AI tools, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You can create more high-quality videos than you ever imagined.

Now let’s look at the tools and what they offer.

1. Invideo

The top of our list is Invideo. With this AI tool, you can easily create videos for different social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Video quality

The quality of videos generated by this AI is top-notch. You can export videos in different resolutions, from 480p, to 4K HD. The sound is clear, transitions from one scene to another are smooth, and subtitles align well with the speaker’s voice.

Ease of use

Invideo scores 20/20 for simplicity. Despite its versatility, it is one of the easiest video making tools to use.

The whole process, from signing up to creating your first video is like a walk in the park.

After you log in, creating your first video is as simple as telling the AI what to do, or copying and pasting your video script (if you have one). It’s like chatting with a professional video creator.

All you have to do is

  • Select the type of video you want to create.
  • Give the AI your topic. You can include any specific details you want it to capture in your video.
  • Select the voice, background music, and subtitle style.
  • Select the target audience and tone of voice (professional, casual, inspiring, etc)
  • Click Generate.

After it’s generated, you can download it by clicking on export. 

If you would like to edit it, it’s as simple as sending a message. For example, you can tell the AI to “change the background music in the video”. You can also edit the video manually, although this is minimal.

Voice overs

The voice overs are real. They don’t sound robotic. You can even clone your voice, ensuring that videos you create sound like you (this is only available in the paid plans).

Other features of Invideo

Invideo is one of the fastest AI video makers. Usually, videos are created in 2 minutes or less. Lengthy videos could take longer though.


Among the best AI tools for video making, Invideo is one of the most generous.

They have 3 plans.

  • Free – $0/month.
  • Plus – $20/month annually ($25/month if you pay monthly)
  • Max – $48/month annually ($60/month if you pay monthly)

Free plan

You can do quite a lot with Invideo’s free plan, unlike many tools that extremely limit their free tiers.

With the free plan, you get 10 minutes per week of AI videos. You can make videos up to 10 minutes long, export (download) 4 videos per week, and you get up to 10GB online storage.

Note that all your videos on the free plan will have the Invideo watermark, and you can’t clone your voice.

Plus plan

On the plus plan, your videos can be as long as 30 minutes. You get up to 50 minutes per month of AI generation (if you use up your quota, you can pay for more seats, or upgrade to the max plan).

Additionally, you can clone up to 2 voices, export (download) is unlimited, and you get a max online storage of 100GB.

Max plan

With this, you get 200 minutes each month, unlimited exports, 5 voice clones, 400GB online storage, and videos can be 30 minutes long.

Note that your monthly quota does not roll over. That is, if you use only 10 out of your 200 minutes for the month, the extra 190 will not be added to your quota for the next month.

Furthermore, if you need a higher monthly quota, you can get a custom enterprise plan.

Pros and Cons of Invideo

Simplicity. Invideo is aimed at people with no video editing experience. It is not bloated with features you’ll never use.

Easy to useFast
The simplicity is a disadvantage for experienced video editing professionals who would love to control every fine detail of their videos.
There are no AI Avatars. Although not everyone needs this, people who want this feature might consider it a downside.

Invideo Summary

Best tool for one-person businesses, busy small and medium-sized business owners, and people without any video making or editing experience.

Easy to use, has human-like voices, with the option of cloning your own voice (on paid plans). We highly recommend you sign up on Invideo to enjoy all the benefits.

2. Simplified

Simplified.com is a platform for online content creation. From writing, to design, video creation, and social media management.

Here, we’re looking specifically at their AI Video tool.

Video quality

Videos generated by this tool are also high-quality. Note that you can only export videos as 720p on the free trial. The voiceovers and subtitles align well.

Ease of use

Simplified lives up to their name. They keep things simple. Creating your free account takes less than a minute, and no credit card is required.

To try it, go to their website at simplified.com.

You’ll see the screen below.

Homepage of Simplified AI tool for video making and editing

Click on AI Video, and select “Get started for free.”

After you sign up, you can log in to your dashboard. 

There are 3 ways to create videos with Simplified, but what we’re interested in is generating videos with AI (the other two are picking from ready-made templates, or manually creating a video from scratch).

To generate your video, click on “Generate video with AI”, then choose either “AI script to video” if you have a script you want it to use, or “AI text to video” if you’d rather let it handle the entire process.

Next, select the tone of voice, and target audience.

Finally, click on generate and your video will be created in a few minutes.

If you’re not satisfied with the output, you have to edit your videos manually. This gives you more freedom to make better edits.

Voice overs

They have premium voiceovers that are realistic, but most of the free ones sound like AI.

There’s also the option of cloning your voice on paid plans.

Other features of Simplified

Simplified is feature-rich. It is a one-stop shop for almost all your video creation needs. Some special features include:

  • AI Video Clips – this creates short clips from your long-form videos.
  • AI Audio Clips – create short clips from your audio and podcasts.
  • AI Subtitles – automatically generate subtitles for any video or audio. They have over a dozen beautiful subtitle styles.
  • Brandbook – easily customize your videos to reflect your brand.
  • Publish directly to social media
  • Collaborate with other people on your project by adding them to your team.


There are 2 main payment plans for Simplified’s AI Video tool.

  • Pro – $12/month annually ($19/month if you pay monthly)
  • Business – $32/month annually ($49/month if you pay monthly)

Pro plan

Here’s what you get with the pro plan. 

  • 50 AI video generations/month, videos up to 30 mins and 1080p resolution
  • Premium stock videos.
  • 1 brandbook to customize your videos with your brand colours and fonts
  • AI voice cloning
  • Create videos without watermarks.
  • Translate speech and text in up to 20+ languages
  • AI Clips (create short videos) up to 200 minutes/ month.
  • Maximum upload size of 1GB.
  • 200-gigabyte cloud storage.

Business plan

With Simplified’s business plan, you get:

  • 150 AI video generations/month, videos up to 30 mins and 1080p resolution.
  • Premium stock videos.
  • 1 brandbook to customize your videos with your brand colours and fonts.
  • AI voice cloning.
  • Create videos without watermarks.
  • Translate speech and text in up to 20+ languages.
  • AI Clips (create short videos) up to 600 minutes/month.
  • Maximum upload size of 1GB.
  • 2 terabytes of cloud storage.

Free trial

Simplified has a free trial that gives you 10 AI video generations, videos can be 10 minutes long, exported in 720p, and will have a watermark. Other features in the free trial include:

  • AI Clips up to 60 mins/month
  • 50-gigabyte cloud storage
  • Generate subtitles in 30+ languages
  • Speech to Text in 20+ languages.

One thing to note is that the free trial doesn’t renew after the first month. Once you exhaust your 10 AI video generation credits, you can no longer generate videos for free on Simplified.

Lastly, there’s a custom agency plan for people who need higher limits.

Pros and Cons of Simplified

All in one platformLimited free trial
Packed with many featuresNo AI Avatars
Integration with other appsThe AI clips feature may not work for some videos/audio.
Freedom to edit your videos to your taste.

Summary of Simplified

Best for people with at least a little video editing experience, who want to create more videos doing less work. Packed with many features.

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3. Kapwing

Kapwing is fully dedicated to developing video-making and editing tools. They have some unique offerings that make them stand out.

Video and voice quality

Videos are high quality and can be exported as 4K HD videos (720p on the free trial). One cool thing about their videos is the catchy subtitle styles. You can choose from over a dozen colourful subtitles that keep your viewers hooked.

The voice quality isn’t exceptional, and it’s easy to tell that it was AI-generated, but it narrates your script perfectly.

Ease of use

Kapwing is easy to use. If you’re signed in on your device, it takes less than 20 seconds to open your account. After you set it up, you’ll be offered a very short tour that shows you a few things you can do across the dashboard. We’ll advise you to skip the tour though, as it eats up one of your 3 free chances to generate a video.

Dashboard of Kapwing AI tool for videos

At the bottom of your dashboard, you’ll see the input bar saying “Type any topic to create content with Kapwing AI”. Click on it, and you’ll be offered different options, including;

  • Article to video – paste the link to your article and the AI will make a video from it.
  • Document to video – copy and paste the writings of your document to make a video.
  • Script to video – copy-paste your script to make detailed videos
  • “Create a video about” – this option gives the AI the freedom to create a video about any topic you want.

Select any option above that suits your use, copy and paste what is required, and click on generate.

Your video should be made in a few minutes. You can export and download your video if you like it, or edit it to your taste.

Editing videos with Kapwing is super easy. Although it isn’t as easy as Invideo where you just tell the AI what to change/adjust, you have many smart tools at your disposal.  You can clean the audio in one click (paid feature), cut filler words (ahs and uhms), add relevant emojis to your subtitle, and lots more.

Other features

Feature-wise, Kapwing is a strong competitor. You can only use most of them on paid plans though. Nonetheless, they include;

  • Brand kit – for customizing your videos with your colours, fonts, and styles
  • Voice cloning – to personalize your videos, so your voiceovers sound like you.
  • Repurpose content – upload longer videos or audio and Kapwing’s AI will auto-generate short clips for you.
  • Record screen, camera, and audio. Nice for collaborating.
  • Add team members to your workspace.
  • Generate images and memes with AI
  • Video background remover (only on paid plans)


They offer a free trial and two paid plans.

Free trial

The free trial is limited, and videos are watermarked during export and download, but it’s a good way to explore what they offer and see if it fits your video content creation needs.

Note that your free videos will be deleted 3 days after creation.

Pro plan

Billed $16/month annually ($24 if you pay monthly). You get videos without watermarks, exported in the highest quality (4K HD). Other offerings include;

  • Generate 50 AI Videos/Images per month
  • Create and export longer videos up to 120 minutes.
  • Unlimited exports
  • Store videos forever
  • Unlimited stock video and image assets
  • File uploads up to 6GB at once.
  • Unlimited cloud storage.
  • Voice cloning.

Business plan

Billed $50/month annually ($64 if you pay monthly). You get everything in the pro plan. The major difference is that you’re given a quota of 150 AI generations/month.

Pros and Cons of Kapwing

Easy to use.Limited free trial
Has many useful featuresNo AI Avatars
Freedom to edit your videos to your taste. Smart editing tools make the editingSometimes you may get an error message when using the script to video option.
Unlimited cloud storage

Summary of Kapwing

This is a great alternative to Simplified. Best for repurposing articles, blog posts, podcasts, and long videos into short clips for different social media platforms.

4. Pictory

This is one of the most popular AI video generators. 

Video quality

Scoring Pictory’s video quality was quite a dilemma. Its AI tool is perfect at picking visuals for a particular line of text, so the videos created were always on point. But some of its stock media are outdated, so the videos sometimes look like a throwback to the 2010s. Considering that you can select media yourself, we settled with a score of 16/20. Videos are exported in 1080p resolution.

Additionally, you might hear audio glitches and repetitive sounds when you preview your video. They go away when you export your video, but it can be confusing if you’re not aware of that during the creation process.

Ease of use

Pictory is easy to use. They ask for card details if you sign up with email, but you can avoid the hassle by signing up with Google instead.

After you create an account, they have a brief onboarding process to show you how to use the app. You can skip it if you’re confident enough to dive straight in.

They also have multiple tutorials in-app to guide you through anything you want to do.

Voice overs

The voiceovers in this app are among the best you can ever find. They are hyper-realistic, not sounding like AI. The only drawback is that you can’t clone your voice. Therefore, you’d have to record voiceovers each time you make a video if you want to feature your own voice.

Other features

A stand-out feature of Pictory is that, during the 14-day free trial, you get access to every feature on the app. They let you apply your branding (upload your logo, customize videos with your colours), use hyperrealistic voiceovers, and export all your videos.

Also, editing videos with pictory is super easy. You can upload your video, and use their text editor to fine-tune it to your taste by just clicking, and deleting or adding text. No need to stare at awkward timelines.


Pictory has 3 payment plans.

  • Starter – $19/month annually ($29/month if you pay monthly)
  • Professional – $39/month annually ($59/month if you pay monthly)
  • Teams – $99/month annually ($149/month if you pay monthly)

If you’re done with the free trial and decide to go in on the paid plans, the professional plan gives a better value for money. The starter plan is somewhat limited.

Here’s what they each offer.

Starter plan

  • 1 User Per Account
  • 30 Videos Per Month
  • 600 Transcription mins per month
  • 2 Million+ Royalty Free Premium Videos From Storyblocks
  • 34 Text-to-Speech AI Voices Covering 7 Languages
  • 5,000 Music Tracks
  • 1 Brand Kit
  • Free “YouTube Mastery” course

Professional plan

  • 1 User Per Account
  • 60 Videos Per Month
  • 1200 Transcription mins per month
  • 51 Hyper-Realistic AI Voices (120mins)
  • 60 Text-to-Speech AI Voices Covering 29 Languages
  • Over 12 million royalty-free premium videos from Getty Images & Storyblocks
  • 10,000 Music Tracks
  • 5 Brand Kits
  • Bulk Video Downloads
  • Free “YouTube Mastery” course
  • Free “Video Marketing Made Easy” course

Teams plan

  • 3 User Per Account
  • 90 Videos Per Month
  • 1200 Transcription mins per month
  • 51 Hyper-Realistic AI Voices (240mins)
  • 60 Text-to-Speech AI Voices Covering 29 Languages
  • Over 12 million royalty-free premium videos from Getty Images & Storyblocks
  • 15,000 Music Tracks
  • 10 Brand Kits
  • Bulk Video Downloads
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • API Access
  • Free “YouTube Mastery” course
  • Free “Video Marketing Made Easy” course

Pros and Cons of Pictory

Hyper-realistic voiceoversCan’t clone your voice.
Powerful, yet easy editing with just text and clicks.No AI Avatars

Summary of Pictory

Best for teams, and creative agencies looking to scale their video production.

5. Fliki

Fliki’s motto is “Savings, Speed, and Quality — you can have it all!”

They do a great job of keeping that promise if you’re on the premium plan.

If we were to recommend the premium plan of any single AI tool on this list, it would be Fliki. Overall, it gives the best at that price.

Video quality and voiceovers

Video quality is good, with 1080p resolution on the paid plans, and 720p on the free trial.

Voiceovers are realistic, with options for ultra-realistic voices in the paid plans.

Ease of use

Fliki might be tricky if you dive in without any guide. Thankfully, they have a short tutorial that pops up after you register. We advise you to follow through with the tutorial before proceeding to make videos.

After that, creating videos will be as easy as ABC.

Other features

Some other features are;

  • PPT to video – convert your PowerPoint to video
  • Tweet to video – convert tweets to captivating videos
  • Product to video – make videos from product pages on your website
  • Voice cloning (requires additional payment)


Aside from the free trial, there are 2 main plans.


Goes for $21/month annually ($28 if you pay monthly). You get;

  • 180 minutes of video credits per month
  • Each video is up to 15 minutes long
  • 1000+ standard voices
  • 150 ultra-realistic voices


Goes for $66/month annually ($88 if you pay monthly). You get;

  • 600 minutes of video credits per month
  • Each video is up to 30 minutes long
  • 2000+ standard voices
  • 1000+ ultra-realistic voices
  • AI Avatar
  • Voice cloning
  • Up to 100 scenes per video.

Pros and Cons of Fliki

Many use cases
Offers AI Avatar on the premium plan.
No voice cloning or AI avatar on the standard plan
Great value for money on the premium planNeeds a little learning

Summary of Fliki

Best recommendation for anyone who wants to go all in on video creation. You can find them at fliki.ai

6. Elai

Elai helps you create videos using AI Avatars with realistic voices, facial expressions, and gestures. It’s one of the most powerful AI tools for video creation that will work well in growing your faceless YouTube channel and TikTok account.

This is a great option for professionals in the corporate learning space, course creators, and anyone who would like to appear in his/her videos but doesn’t have the time to stay in front of a camera.

You can clone your face and voice, and appear in your videos by just writing scripts for your AI Avatar to use.

Video quality and voiceovers

Quality is top-notch, 1080p on the free trial and basic plan, and 4K HD on the advanced and enterprise plans.

The voiceovers are realistic. Every avatar has his/her own voice. You can choose from about 80 Avatars, and even take it further by creating custom avatars (note that each custom avatar costs $859 annually).

Ease of use

Elai is easy to use. After you create an account and log in, the dashboard is self-explanatory. 

Use the AI storyboard to create videos either from a topic, an online article, a document, or a script.

Alternatively, you can create videos using templates.

Other features

Some other features are;

  • Brand kit (in advanced paid plans)
  • Screen recording
  • Translations to other languages.
  • Voice cloning (requires additional payment)


The free trial gives you only 1 minute of video credit. It’s more like a demo, to get a feel of what the app can do.

There are 2 main plans

  • Basic at $23/month annually ($29 if you pay monthly)
  • Advanced at $100/month annually ($125 if you pay monthly).
  • Enterprise plan – available upon request.

The basic plan is too limited. You can’t use the brand kit, videos can only be exported in 1080p, not 4K HD. There’s no access to premium voices. 

Pros and Cons of Elai

Realistic AI AvatarsExpensive.
Save hours spent in front of a camera shooting videos and recording tutorials.Limited use cases.
Max file upload size is too small (20MB on the basic plan, 300MB on advanced plans)

Summary of Elai

Best for corporate learning professionals, enterprise-level course creators, and busy professionals who would love to show their faces in videos.

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7. Videogen

Last on our list is Videogen. This app has a clean interface that shows you exactly what it’s for, making videos. There are no distracting icons or fancy features you’ll never use. It gives you a focused approach to creating videos easily and quickly.

Video quality and voiceovers

The quality is great. You can download videos in different resolutions, from 720p to 4K HD.

They have a few realistic voices on the free trial.

Ease of use

Videogen is easy to use. Plus, there is a 2-minute tutorial that absolutely clarifies the app.


There are two main plans.

Pro – $19/month annually ($29/month if you pay monthly).

Scale – $69/month annually ($99/month if you pay monthly).

They also currently offer a starter plan at $6/month annually ($9/month if you pay monthly). But this is more or less a discount, and they can take it down anytime.

Pros and Cons of Videogen

Simple to use.Limited features
Human-like voicesPricey for what they offer
FastCan’t download any video on the free trial.

Summary of Videogen

Best for creating videos in a few clicks.


Videos are no longer just an option for capturing your audience’s attention, they are a necessity. You need to consistently create high-quality videos if you want to compete in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Thankfully, there are powerful AI tools to help speed up the process of video making and editing. Pick the one that suits your needs and start creating. Which of these AI tools for video generation and editing have you used in the past?

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