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The Benefits of Using Overhead Gantry Cranes

Benefits and advantages of using overhead gantry cranes

An overhead gantry crane is a crane that sits on a platform, allowing it to straddle a workspace. They come in different sizes ranging from small cranes hovering over workstations at factories through to huge machines that lift and carry heavy loads at ports.

Typically, a gantry crane straddles the workload it’s lifting and rides on rails when carrying loads from one point to another. There are a few different types of overhead gantry cranes available to choose from, including:

  • Mobile gantry cranes – These are small cranes that lift and carry light loads of 10 tons or less. They’re common in factories and on project sites. Some come with an in-built track while others use external beams to move loads. 
  • Wheeled gantry cranes – These are cranes that run on wheels. They lift loads from container berths to other parts of the shipyard. They’re very versatile and can run over bitumen and concrete surfaces. They can lift both individual and stacked containers to great heights. These types of cranes are common in small workstations that maximise vertical space. 
  • Full gantry cranes – These are heavy-duty cranes that lift large objects such as train engines. They hold the load below the gantry beams. These types of cranes don’t require counterweights because the structure is strong enough to withstand the torque from the load. The largest full gantry cranes can lift over 20,000 metric tons and are used in shipyards for heavy lifting, making it easier to move large quantities of goods without compromising on lead times. 

The Advantages of Overhead Gantry Cranes

Common advantages of using overhead gantry cranes include:

  • They’re useful for sites that have plenty of vertical space
  • They allow for operations on the workstation floor
  • They can run at high speeds
  • They can lift very heavy loads
  • They allow operators to have more control of loads than other types of lifts
  • They can be customised to suit the structure of a workstation
  • They can be moved to different sites 
  • They’re easy to mount and dismount, as parts are connected with removable bolts

Continue reading to learn about some of the benefits of overhead gantry cranes in greater depth.

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Enhanced Load Control

Gantry cranes can be automated using digital technologies and advanced software applications to make them more efficient. The enhancement allows for improved systems control to ensure the safety of operators and other personnel in the workstation. 

Maximum Space Usage

Overhead gantry cranes allow staff to work on the floor while the crane moves loads above them. This allows companies to make maximum use of workstations. 

Improved Worker Efficiency

Most fixed overhead cranes are automated, meaning that operators can use them with minimal error. The effect of this is that your workers can be more productive than those using manual cranes. They also minimise disruptions since they don’t get in the way of other operations. 

Lower Operational Costs

Overhead cranes can lift loads in bulk, saving you the cost of hiring more workers to operate more cranes. They’re also easy and affordable to maintain.

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