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8 Benefits of Teamwork in Customer Support

Benefits of teamwork in customer support

Handling customers on a daily basis can be a pretty stressful task for almost anyone working in the field.

However, a ticketing system such as the one offered by Kayako is definitely something that can help you deal with customer support more easily, but another thing that you should definitely look into is teamwork.

How can teamwork help improve customer support? What are the benefits of teamwork in organizational growth?

According to a research made available by a team of researchers at Queens University of Charlotte, “About 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important.”

The implication is that your business will be heading for doom if there’s no teamwork.

Guess who will suffer it most?


And when they walk away, your business will go down.

To help you stay on top gear, here are some key benefits of teamwork in customer support.

Benefits of Teamwork #1: Helps People Learn

If you have a batch of new customer service representatives, chances are that they are not going to know as much as they need to about customer service and support.

Training them will take some time and cost a lot of money, but if they join a team that has more senior members, chances are that they will be able to learn the ropes while taking part in the activity that they are being paid to do as well.

Teamwork is going to create a culture of learning within your company that is going to encourage anyone working within it to excel.

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Benefits of Teamwork #2: Creates New Ideas

Stagnation is one of the things that you should fear most in your company because of the fact that it will end up making you redundant if you don’t do something about it as quickly as you possibly can.

When people work in groups and teams, creativity becomes a lot more prominent in their overall work dynamic.

This allows them to create new business ideas that would enable them to move beyond the standard that has already been set in the industry, thereby taking both them as well as the company that they are working for to whole new levels of success.

Benefits of Teamwork #3: Makes Work Enjoyable

How customer support can be improved on through teamwork
Employees expressing happiness in the workplace

Work does not have to be dull, or boring work. The 21st century has brought a lot of radical ideas to the table, and this is one of them.

Work can actually be enjoyable if you know what you are doing and are willing to create teams of people. You see, human beings are social animals. They want to be around other humans.

Work can be done with banter in between, teams can turn into groups of friends that would socialize before and after work, and this spirit of camaraderie is going to make coming to work a prospect that the people working for you will actually start to enjoy.

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Benefits of Teamwork #4: Helps Solve Problems

Nothing can throw a wrench into the progress that a company is making within the context of customer service and support as well as other areas that companies normally have to deal with than a problem that no one seems to be able to solve.

Teamwork can definitely solve pretty much any problem that occurs, however.

This is because of the fact that a bunch of people thinking together is going to make it far more likely that a differing viewpoint will end up sparking some kind of out-of-the-box thought that will end up making it far easier for you to solve the problem that you might have been facing.

Benefits of Teamwork #5: Boosts Efficiency

People work better when they work as a team.

It will boost business productivity for a wide variety of reasons. To start off with, people are probably going to end up feeling slightly competitive towards one another, albeit in a pretty healthy and friendly manner.

This is going to spark some competition within teams that would spur all of the members of the said team to greater heights!

Benefits of Teamwork #6: Improves The Service You’re Providing

The quality of customer care is going to go way up once you start making people work in teams. This is because of the fact that people who work in teams are going to keep each other in check.

They are going to encourage one another to do the best that they possibly can. After a certain point, this is going to make your customers feel a lot more relaxed in the support that they are receiving as well.

This will go on to greatly improve the reputation that your company has in the market. You will take note of it when people start saying nice things about you. Of course, you know that word tends to get around pretty fast!

Benefits of Teamwork #7: Makes Employees Loyal

One of the benefits of teamwork is that it increases employee loyalty to a brand
Quote from Billionaire Richard Branson

All of the things that have been mentioned in this list are going to contribute towards this final, important benefit of customer support.

You can’t really value loyal employees enough. They are going to stick by your side even if you go through a bad patch because of the fact that you treated them well.

Building a team of passionate people creates a culture of community within a company, it makes the people that are working for you feel like they truly matter thus resulting in a much more positive place of work for all.

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Benefits of Teamwork #8: Enhances Personal Growth

By collaborating with your colleagues and sharing ideas in the workplace, you may discover new ways of solving a problem you never knew existed. Beyond learning from your own mistakes, you can learn from the errors of other people.

With the rising popularity of AI bots in the workplace, employees can learn a lot about what it means to collaborate with AI and SVPAs. In the near future, most meetings will be held in AI-powered meeting rooms.

All companies that made it to one of the Great Places to Work are known for one thing – they always have a friendly working environment.

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