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What to Do Before Launching Your eCommerce Store

What not to do before choosing an ecommerce website

Launching an eCommerce website (store) from scratch doesn’t really make any economic sense.

Here’s why we hold that ideology.

First, launching an ecom website from scratch is quite expensive and damn time-consuming. Not many people can afford such luxury. Small business owners on a tight budget can’t possibly afford to spend such an amount of money and limited time to launch their eCommerce store.

Hiring the service of a professional website developer is unexplainably expensive for most start-up businesses, especially if you are starting a business from scratch at home while you are still managing your day job.

On the other hand, you might want to use free blog software. Though it is easy to create a blog doing this, it is difficult to use it as an eCommerce site because there really is no good way to integrate a shopping cart with a blog.

The answer is to use one of the companies that offer a single package that provides you with everything you need.

Why You Should Select an eCommerce Software Company

Their eCom Website Software is Good

This eCom software can be very powerful. You can easily create any eCommerce site of your choice with some of these online software tools.

You don’t even need something too sophisticated. All that is needed is something that offers different layouts for different types of businesses.

It’s true everyone might offer software that allows you to change colors, fonts and layouts but what you want is eCommerce software that will also allow you to create a website for specific product types.

A perfect example of such is if you sell clothing, you would want to have photos and descriptions, but you will also need to display various combinations of clothing sizes and colors, perhaps displayed in a pop-up window for ease of selection.

An Amazing Web Host Provider is Important

After you have created your first eCommerce website, you will need to have it hosted by another company like Siteground and Bluehost.

Some of the best eCommerce software companies that offer package deals for creating your website will also host your website.

This always makes things convenient because inevitably you will have some problems with your site. Often it won’t be clear if it is the site or your web host provider, but when you have one company handling both, you only need to make one inquiry.

A good company will also have a 24-hour customer service line because an eCommerce website is always open for business.

Amazing Shopping Chart

Before launching your ecommerce website do this

A shopping cart is the heart and soul of an eCommerce website. If you fail to get this correctly, your online marketing and selling effort will be a waste of energy.

The problem is that there are too many ways to get your shopping cart wrong, but there’s only one way to do it right. And that is, you will need to purchase a package deal that seamlessly integrates a shopping cart with your website.

Doing this will make it super easy for you to keep track of your inventory with easy uploading and automatic adjustments after a sale.

A good shopping cart will guarantee safety to your customers. With secure shopping cart software, your customers will be able to make payments for their orders with the absolute certainty that their credit card information is safe.


The above reasons we outlined why you should choose an eCommerce software tool over creating one from scratch is only a tincture of what you can get from this package deal for your eCommerce website.

Quite a number of these eCommerce software companies can go the extra mile of registering your domain name, so you will have less hassle creating your online business from start to finish.

Another service to look forward to getting is sales and marketing. They will determine if you will be in business for the long term or not.

The truth is, your eCommerce website will not automatically be found by itself. So, you have to create strong brand awareness. You will need to run Facebook ads, Google ads and even guest posting on authority blogs where your target audience converges.

Because it’s an eCommerce website is not fundamentally different than any other business. It pays to advertise.

How you bring traffic to your eCommerce site often begins with some of the internet marketing services offered as part of an eCommerce package deal. If you are ready to do this for ages, then pulling in heavy traffic to it and making it super-mobile-friendly should be your priority.

How Do I Make My Ecommerce Website Popular?

The No. 1 reason why Amazon is generating billions of dollars annually from its e-commerce website is that they are popular. Being a popular ecom store puts your brand at an advantage that no advertising budget can beat. Always bear this in mind when launching your eCommerce website (store).

To launch an eCommerce website and make it popular in a few months will require a couple of work from you. Online paid advertising, billboard advertising, use of organic content and omnichannel marketing strategies on social media and word-of-mouth marketing will be important to make your eCommerce store popular. 

In addition to that, you have to be consistent in implementing all the strategies we are sharing with you here. According to Data Reportal’s 2022 Report, around 60.1% of people use mobile commerce. Not only that, 30.6% of internet users globally shop via mobile every week.

As of Q3 of 2020, an average of 55.4% of consumers worldwide purchased something online using a mobile device. In the UK, the percentage of consumers who utilized mobile shopping was 46.5%.

Understand How an Ecommerce Website Can Be Hacked

We know you are happy to launch that eCommerce store, but are you aware that your website can be hacked? Yes, hackers can take over your eCommerce website. It will be in your best interest to understand how these hackers do it so you can further secure your eCommerce store and your customers.

How can an eCommerce website be hacked? A report from Sansec researcher published on 8th February 2022 shows that about 500 eCommerce websites were recently found to be compromised by hackers who installed a credit card skimmer that surreptitiously stole sensitive data when visitors attempted to make a purchase.

The most common security threats you will face as an eCommerce business owner are an electronic payments system, e-cash, data misuse, credit/debit card frauds, etc. Before launching your eCommerce website, you must learn how to protect your online users and customers.

How Can an Online Shopper Tell that an eCommerce Site is Using SSL?

To tell if an eCommerce website is secure is to first look at the uniform resource locator (URL) of the website. A secure URL should begin with “https” rather than “http.” The “s” in “https” stands for secure, which indicates that the site is using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate.

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