Awesome Facts You Never Knew About the Ecommerce Giant eBay (with Infographic)

Important facts about ecommerce giant ebay that will shock you

Most people have heard of eBay. In fact, many people have used this ecommerce platform at some point in their lives. Despite its popularity, diverse but proven means of driving traffic and huge customer base, there are still a plethora of facts and figures that will amaze you about this online retail giant, as you will see in the paragraphs and infographic below!

For those who don’t know, eBay is an online retail marketplace. Sellers can list products, and buyers can bid on them. Anyone can sell through this ecommerce platform, and as a seller, you can even give out eBay discounts to attract more attention to your products – something that not every online auction site out there lets you do. It has become hugely popular due to its simplicity, large user base, and variety of traded goods.

If you want to purchase an item through eBay, you can search for the product using the site’s categories or search function. Once you have found an item, you can then either bid on it against other users or buy it directly using the “Buy now” function. The process is extremely easy and it is possible to make a purchase in just a few clicks! You can even get the best eBay coupons from Raise.

So let’s get onto the fun facts! Starting with financial figures – did you know that eBay has a current net worth of over 36 billion USD? Or, did you know that the eBay buyers’ market has sales of $8.8 billion USD, and the sellers’ market has sales of $11 billion USD?

Furthermore, throughout its history, eBay has made some huge acquisitions. For example, in 2002, eBay acquired payment processing system PayPal for 1.5 billion USD and VoIP chat system Skype in 2005 for 2.6 billion USD. They also have a stake in Flipkart based in India. In short, the company has a large cash flow, makes sensible business decisions, and thrives from an active customer base.

Turning to what eBay actually sells, we can see some other interesting facts and information. Weird items sold through the platform include William Shatner’s kidney stone (yes you read that right!), a Dorito shaped like the Pope’s ceremonial hat, and a single flake of corn!

In terms of the most expensive items ever sold through the ecommerce platform, a Gigayacht was once sold for $168 million, and the actual town of Albert in Texas was sold for $2.5 million! Who would ever have thought that it is possible to purchase a town through the internet?

As you will read in the infographic below, eBay is a truly wonderful platform that has revolutionized the way that we do business!

Important facts about eBay

Source: 16Best.net


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  1. That net worth jumps out at me Bro 😉 Eye-popping. But again, this company found a neat and dominated the niche. Simple as that, really, tossing in the concepts of scale and persistence. Folks need to keep at it and build a time to make a seismic impact like eBay.


    1. You are on point, Ryan.

      It’s a pleasure to have you here.

      Thank you.


  2. Hello
    Such a nice post. This post covers all the information about ebay and the infographic is so amazing. Really, this infographic helps more to know about eBay. I Have used this eCommerce platform to purchase my stuffs and I can say eBay is one of the best eCommerce platforms. The service provided by ebay is too good as well as trusted.

    Thanks you so much for sharing this wonderful content.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

    1. Hello Praveen,

      Thanks for your thoughtful contribution. I really appreciate this.

      I hope to see again and again.


  3. That net worth jumps out at me Eye-popping. But again, this company found a neat and dominated the niche. Simple as that, really, tossing in the concepts of scale and persistence. Folks need to keep at it and build a time to make a seismic impact like eBay.

    1. Hi Amit,

      EBay is an amazing company. Glad to know that you’ve spent some time in their store online.


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