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Average Price for a Ski Trip

Average Price for a Ski Trip

Whether you are planning a weekend getaway in the winter, or are trying to escape the heat of a southern location, ski trips always make the best memories. While ski trips seem like they could be a little too expensive and break the bank, there are plenty of ski trip options that will not kill your wallet. 


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The first and probably most important topic you have to tackle when planning a ski trip is deciding where you want to stay. If you want to have a more luxurious experience, staying slopeside would provide you and your group the highest quality experience for a high price, typically around $1000 per night. The beauty of staying on the slopes is everyone can ski whenever and wherever they want, and you can all meet up at the house at the end of the day. 

However, if you are trying to save a little money, you can easily find other rental homes and hotels that are still close to the slopes, but they cost a little less. For example, the city of Banff in Canada is a beautiful ski town, so finding Banff homes for sale for a weekend getaway would be incredibly easy. Cheaper lodging options tend to range from $200 to $600, so finding a price that is in your budget is not hard.

Lift Tickets

While finding a place to stay is essential, once you get there, you will need lift tickets to hit the slopes. Lift tickets are a little harder to find an average price since many resorts have random packages and deals that pop up throughout the year. 

Depending on the resort and the time of year, you can probably find a package that gives you one free ski day if you buy three or four days, or you might find that a person might be eligible to ski for free because of their age or the size of your group. You can find tickets ranging from $20 on a sale day to $100 on a random day. The best advice for buying airlift tickets is to plan ahead when purchasing them. If you know you are going on a ski trip, look at the resort’s website frequently to see if they are offering any deals. Once you see an offer that is too good to pass, it is a sign that you should bite the bullet and buy the tickets.

Ski Rentals

If you are not a huge family of skiers, you might not have the equipment in your garage. In that case, you will have to rent skis and the other necessary equipment once you get there. Rentals typically price themselves between $20 and $50 a day; however, resorts also tend to have deals on rentals depending on the time of year.

These are the three leading money spenders for ski trips, not including food or transportation; however, it is possible to plan a memorable ski trip without emptying your bank account or selling your kidney.

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