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Applicant Tracking Software and How Valuable It Is for Businesses

Applicant tracking system software

Searching, training, and retaining staff is a significant contributor to the success of any organization, from small businesses to multinational corporations. Succeeding in this effort can be one of the most cumbersome processes for recruiting managers.

But sometimes, qualified candidates are skipped and overlooked without the right processes or support to identify them. On that note, we have to, first of all, look at what applicant tracking software is before we can move on to discussing how it is valuable to businesses.

What is an Applicant Tracking System Software?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic handling of hiring needs. An ATS can be implemented or accessed online at enterprise or small-business levels, depending on the needs of the organization.

Selecting a suitable candidate for business is extremely time-consuming and organizations require many tools for attracting potential candidates.

Many HR professionals still struggle with the traditional method (pen and paper) to manage applications and allow unintentionally prospective candidates to slip away through the cracks.

Here we present the top nine ways how an ATS software can be the most valuable hiring tool for your organization. Experience has taught HR professionals that an applicant tracking system can test any resume and deliver a great result.

9 Unique Ways Applicant Tracking System Software Can Be Of Great Value To The HR Department

1. Manage Hiring Campaigns

A good online applicant tracking software should have an intuitive ability to manage recruitment campaigns which ensures that applicants are provided with a faultless HR experience from their first interaction with your company.

This will create a positive impression for your business in this competitive job market. So before implementing it in business operations, you should check if your selected online ATS can fulfill this business requirement properly.

2. Enhancing Efficiency

If your applicant tracking system is the one that is easy to beat, then it’s a pointer that you shouldn’t be wasting money on it anymore.

Implementing applicant tracking software into business flow enhances efficiency by allowing the recruitment department to streamline internal processes and manage the hiring pipeline in one centralized order.

As all the interior processes are automated, there is no need for any manual administration. Moreover, having all application information at a single point saves valuable time.

3. Proper Filtering Capabilities

Some key advantages of an applicant tracking system are its ability to filter through applications submitted.

Once all the resumes have been submitted, the online ATS parses through all the information and only fetches out suitable candidates based on specified criteria and applied keywords. Applicant tracking system keywords differ from one organization to another.

Then, hiring managers and recruiters can save hours’ worth of work allowing them to help suitable candidates to be contacted going forward.

4. Assisting Compliance

A good ATS software solution can help organizations ensure compliance with fair recruiting laws, protecting against any unfairness.

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The online ATS solution should provide information on hiring regulations so the recruiting managers and HR professionals can keep themselves updated on any changes.

The applicant tracking system also provides qualified reasons for why candidates were not hired and maintain relevant information in secured files in order to protect organizations from lawsuits.

5. Attract Skilled Candidates

Applicant tracking software also helps organizations recognize and recruit candidates that are more qualified and can be retained longer.

The system often taps into larger candidate pools and attracts any skilled ones that would otherwise be missed with a manual process, making it faster and simple for the hiring managers to identify candidates and contact them as soon as possible.

6. Announcing Job Openings

Mostly, ATS software helps in posting job openings in the system. After the system is implemented, job details can be created and can be posted with just a click of a button.

These job postings can be automatically communicated using websites and internal message boards, depending on the functionality and requirements of the organization.

7. Scalability

A good applicant tracking software can be seamlessly integrated into your present hiring and HR processes thus, helping you to eliminate some of the vital challenges that come up during business growth.

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Any ATS considered to be the best applicant tracking system can adapt itself to the demands of a growing organization, making the hiring process pain-free at every stage.

8. Promoting Internal Talent Quickly

The best applicant tracking system software and how recruiting companies use it

The applicant tracking system is now team-driven and all talented employees are forming groups of high-efficient, diverse, and dynamic talent workforce.

The career opportunity software provides every means for nurturing talent growth, as no one wants to work for a dead-end job.

Employees at your organization seek new opportunities and setting them on the way to success is cost-effective and quicker than hiring candidates from outside.

So, by utilizing a career opportunity platform internally, the talent management department is given the opportunity to customize application forms that leverage already existing employee data and collect information that is unique to employees within the firm.

Managers will get a better insight into how a resource be best utilized so as to benefit both the employee as well as the organization.

9. Onboarding

Mostly, applicant tracking systems make it easier for organizations to transfer valuable information from the resume to a new employee record file.

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This can be done without manually entering data twice thus eliminating errors and allowing managers to spend time on more important tasks. This feature is among some of the things used in identifying the best applicant tracking system.


In this competitive job market, almost every organization is looking for the best recruiting ways and implementing the right applicant-tracking software solution will speed up the process and also allow businesses to get in touch with the most suitable candidates.

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