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7 Amazon Tasks You can Outsource to Virtual Data Entry Assistants

Amazon tasks you can outsource to data entry virtual assistants

The success of your Amazon FBA lies in your ability to outsource repeatable tasks to virtual data entry assistants while you focus on researching new products and developing marketing strategies.

To speed up your success selling on Amazon, here are the top 7 tasks experts recommend that you outsource.

1. Your Amazon Virtual Assistants Can Help You Create Message Templates

You can hire a virtual assistant to help you create message templates. Using these message templates, they can easily copy and paste them into the message system that they will send to customers. You can always reuse Amazon pinpoint message templates. It’s otherwise known as Amazon SMS templates.

2. Hire an Amazon VA to Help Your Answer Questions

Your ability to respond to questions swiftly can increase your conversion rate on Amazon. The reason is that customers will see you as a trustworthy merchant. When choosing a virtual assistant for the job of answering questions on your behalf, we recommend you go for one that follows professional ethics. Having a thorough knowledge of the product is an important requirement as your VA will be answering loads of questions.

3. Commenting On Positive and Negative Reviews

When customers are impressed with your services, they will leave positive reviews about your store and products. Replying to these positive reviews can be a huge task especially if you get up to a 10% review rate (which is above the standard) across your store.

While replying to these positive reviews, your virtual assistant can as well recommend a related product by inserting the link in their comment. Doing this can go a long way to increasing your sales volume.

What happens when the customer is not satisfied with your services? In some cases, they completely ignore you and stop buying from your store. And on some rare occasions, they leave a negative review about your product. How you respond to this negative feedback can be a game changer for your business.

The average review rate on Amazon is 1 – 2% but you can earn 5% and more by encouraging your customers to leave a review. If your Amazon virtual assistant has excellent customer service skills, they will be able to compose a sincere, honest and professional comment to address the negative review.

4. Amazon Virtual Assistants Can Help Carefully Match Orders to Reviews

Matching orders to reviews can be a very tasking job, especially if you get loads of sales and reviews every week. It becomes worse if you sell multiple products and the customer isn’t explicit in their feedback message. 

To pacify angry customers who made negative comments about your products, you need to individually identify them and send a personal message to their email addresses. Doing this is not as easy as it may sound. This is why you need to outsource to a virtual assistant to help you handle this task.

And if the negative feedback is one that’s not worth the stress, your VA can remove it and state the reason for doing so.

5. Manually Shipping Out FBA Units

When you hire reliable Amazon virtual data entry assistants, they can help manually ship out FBA units. They can carry out this task through Seller Central in such a way that the units will be fully tracked.

Learning how this works is important because Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to drop off products and boxes at fulfillment centers directly. They prefer you ship them through UPS or FedEx for effective order tracking.

6. Manage the Refund of Amazon Orders

When your Amazon product gets to the customer in a bad condition, it’s your responsibility to either refund the order or replace the product. Your virtual assistant should be able to know how to handle refunds and returns in the most professional way.

Should you give a partial refund, complete refund or replace the product? Your VA can handle this task if you educate them well enough to handle it. Whichever option you choose, using the best accounting automation software can be very helpful.

7. Email Copywriting Service

Email marketing is an effective strategy when it comes to selling e-commerce products. Amazon is no exception. To make more sales on Amazon, you will need to build an email list. But like experts would say, the money is not in the list but in the content of the email you send to your subscriber.

What does that mean? Your Amazon virtual assistant needs to have adequate knowledge of email copywriting. They must know how to create attention-grabbing email subject lines. Knowing how to use a great call-to-action is also an advantage.

Final Words: Tasks Gurus Outsource to Amazon Virtual Assistants

Product listing, inventory management and bulk product upload are some of the important tasks Amazon virtual assistants can help with. Time management, communication, project management and good decision-making skills are also required to deliver excellent service as an Amazon VA.


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