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Addictive Marketing Reveals How to Make People Buy From You First (New Book)

Marketing books by a Nigerian - Obinna Okeke
Addictive Marketing (New Book)

All-in-One Book That Will Teach You How To Make Anyone Buy Your Product With Speed And At Your Own Price.

I’m a student of marketing.

I have sold books and magazines.

I have sold bread.

I have sold services.

I have sold landed properties.

I have sold e-commerce products.

And I’m still selling.

All of these I did and still do sitting in front of my computer because I understood how to make people buy what they already want to buy.

My job is to simply proof it to them beyond doubt that I’m the ONLY one that deserves to offer them the product.

Like I have always told you, your business can’t grow beyond the extent of your sales skills.

Today, I want to recommend a book from my friend, Okeke Obinna to you that will teach you how to become ADDICTED TO MARKETING.

Marketing books by a Nigerian - Obinna Okeke
Addictive Marketing (New Book)

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to use the “Lord’s Strategy” to position yourself as the No. 1 authority in your market (this one strategy will literally get your competition throw in the towel in total surrender) …How? Find out in the book
  • The “7-Key Questions” you MUST ask before ever thinking of selling your product (your sales success depends on this…get it wrong and watch your business get swallowed up in the deep red sea of competition)
  • The single, best hook that is GUARANTEED to flood your business with “on-heat” buyers who will roll over themselves to buy your product
  • How to create your no 1 ASSET (this alone will make you never go a day without making sales)
  • The EXACT places to look and find the best customers and “rabid buyers” in your marketplace
  • The little known psychology behind creating a perfect lead generator that attracts a torrential of itchy-to-buy customers (only the few top marketers know this)
  • A new, fresh and engaging way to communicate to your ideal prospects that will make them INSTANTLY connect with your brand (did they say it’s hard to gain the trust of your audience? Well not when you do this!)
  • How to turn a weak, low-performing marketing campaign into a crazy, cash-pulling one (men of the underworld understand this tiny little trick more than any other person in the whole world)
  • The journey you MUST take your prospects on before they can trust you enough to do business with you
  • How to churn out your own highly-persuasive virtual salesman that will work 24/7 to make sure you convert leads into buying customers (if you are not doing exactly this, sorry you’re still lost in the dark age
  • Do you know about these “6 Primal Switches”? Turn them on (even if it’s just one) and get ready to be stampeded by crazy tons of hyperactive buyers in your niche
  • The ONE secret knowledge that will help you sneak into the exact conversation going on in the minds of your audience… and how you can use that to your sales advantage
  • What you MUST do to turn one-off buyers into “repeat buyers” and brand evangelists
  • The “unpardonable” traffic crime you are committing right now that is scaring away your real customers (this single horrendous mistake is already making you LOSE money every day!)
  • Are you still playing hide-and-seek with this economic metrics? If YES… then you DON’T have a business at all
  • The unique “Product Leverage Formula” that will literally eliminate competition AND easily position your product as the ONLY genuine product that will get your buyers the exact result they have been desperately searching for
  • The terrible “Blind Man Mistake” you should NEVER make when writing any form marketing message – Facebook ad, pre-sell content, sales copy or email sequence
  • A tale of Two Cars: How to present your offer to forcefully push your competition off their friggin’ market perch no matter how desperately low priced their product.
  • The “4-Rung Ladder Technique” that will GUARANTEE you speak the exact language of your dream customers (use it and win their heart and money …FOREVER!)
  • One mistake you MUST avoid (most marketers and business owners are making this already) IF you’re really serious about raking in insane loads of product sales and profit
  • Do you want to increase your ROI by at least 550%? Then do this now…
  • How to dramatically increase the business lifetime value of any of your customers (this is like using a stone to kill 10 birds at once. Impossible? NOPE… this works every single time for very astute business owners and marketers)

➖ 7 Time-sensitive BONUSES ➖

1. 7-Figure Sales Funnel Anatomy (worth 35,000)

2. Copywriting Coaching Live: How To Write Highly-Persuasive, Cash-Pulling Copies…Even If You Are A Complete Newbie (worth 50,000)

3. Facebook Ad Resurrector: How To Turn Dying Facebook Ad Into An Instant Sales Generator (worth 7,500)

4. Copy Hack: A Proven Template To Writing A Highly-Compelling Sales Copy On Demand (worth 7,500)

5. Mind Control Secrets (N15,000)

6. Profitable Marketing Cheat Sheet (worth 7,500)

7. Profit Multiplier System: How To Make More Money And Profit Without Having To Pay A Dime Acquiring New Customers (N25,000)


Or pay N3,000 into:

Once you make your payment, send me a DM with your proof of payment and email address.

You have JUST 3 days to do this before this offer will be completely gone from here. I told you it’s time sensitive.

In addition to the bonuses Obinna is giving, I will show you “EXACTLY HOW TO PREDICT The Things That Will Make Someone Want To Do Business with You” so you can always use it to your advantage.

It’s my little way of saying, “Thank You” for buying this book based on my recommendation.

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