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7 Daily Success Tips for Online Entrepreneurs You Need to Master

Daily success tips
Success tips

The aggregate of an entrepreneur’s daily activities over years is what determines how successful they will become.

Peeping through the archives of top achievers in different industries, one thing I have come to observe that is common among them is the fact that these entrepreneurs have daily success habits they stuck to.

Sticking to these daily habits do not only help them to achieve great results but also enables them to replicate the results over and over again.

These daily success tips I’m here to share with you are the tips every startup entrepreneur needs to run a sustainable business online. When we talk about a business being sustainable here, we are talking of a business that can be handed over to the next generation.

Steps to success
Daily Steps to Success

In a summary, let me give you a top-view of some of the things you will be seeing in this blog post.

What You Will Learn in this Blog Post

How to Trigger Your Hot Buttons

How Experts Review their Day

How to Save Time, Energy and Money and Still Achieve the Success Most People Can Only Dream of

5 Things I Do Daily that Helps Me Reach My Goals (These are common things I do consciously to win clients like no other)

Things You Must Not Forget When Planning Your Day for Success (You probably haven’t thought of the grievous impact missing these things will cost your business, life and career)

The Philosophy Behind My Success Online

Tip 1: Discover and Trigger Your Hot Buttons on Daily Basis

Every online entrepreneur has something that sets them in the mood to achieve their best. With these things in full force, it doesn’t matter who don’t believe in our vision, it keeps pushing us to achieve more. When a friend of mine, GT Igwe Chrisent held on to his hot button, he made $500 in a day with zero capital.

These things that set us up for success are what I have chosen to call “Hot buttons.”

However unfortunate, some online entrepreneurs are yet to discover their hot buttons. But what they are ignorant of is that until they discover and continuously trigger their hot buttons, they may never have the undying urge to achieve great goals.

As one managing a niche blog, I have discovered that it is easier to run out of niche-centred ideas that are profitable if there are no hot buttons available for me to re-ignite my passion. Absence of these hot buttons have made so many online entrepreneurs quit too soon just before their big break.

To trigger my hot buttons, some of the things I do daily are:

 Check my inbox to know if there’s a new deal (or discount) waiting to be grabbed.
 Check my blog position on Alexa to know how my blog is performing in terms of search engine ranking, bounce rate, daily time on site and backlinks.
 Make some more money from a blog that doesn’t have a single advert on it. How I’m rocking it is still a big blow of surprise to some of my friends.
 Check the worth of my blog on WorthofWeb.
 Submit at least one article to one of my freelance writing clients etc.

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Click to Read: 5 Simple Tasks Top Bloggers Do Daily to Grow their Blog

Tip 2: Plan Your Day Before It Begins

How do you run your day?

Do you have a daily checklist that dictates for you what to do, when to do it and how to do it in order to achieve your short and long term goals?

Do you keep to the content of your checklist or you are guilty of violating it even before you step out of your planning table?

What’s your philosophy about planning?

Think. What’s your answer?

Listen to me. No matter the field you find yourself, the place of proper and early planning can never be overemphasized. Proper planning is one of the surefire ways to preventing poor performance. When you plan your day before it begins (especially a night before the day breaks), it enables you to stay ahead of your competitors because you will already be executing your plans when they are just starting out.

Planning your day before it begins gives you the opportunity to point out what your top priorities are.

Results from our online coaching program, “90 Days Action Plan” held in the month of March 2016 show that those clients who followed my guideline on how to plan their way into success, which included planning their day before it begins have recorded enormous success more than those that did not.

Tip 3: Don’t Read Materials that Will Make You End Up Irritated

It’s easy to be get annoyed and become distracted when you begin to feast your mind with news that are not related to your industry.

Your eyes and ears are the gateways to your mind. Most times, what you see and hear have ways they can form your thought.

If you are serious about your desire for success in doing business online, you must as much as you can distant yourself away from irritating news, stories and distractions. Don’t read crafts that will make you end up irritated if you wouldn’t like to shut your brain down from logical thinking. When you are annoyed, it brings unrest and gives you a distorted thinking pattern.

To achieve uncommon success in your online business, you will need to consistently feed your mind with relevant tapes, books and articles.

Tip 4: Review Your Day Before You Go to Bed

The fastest way to becoming successful at anything is to hold yourself responsibility for whatever decision you took, whether it is positive or negative.

At the end of each day’s activity, you should be able to sit yourself down and account to yourself how you’ve been able to manage the day.

Ask yourself:

“If some of the billionaires I know managed their businesses the same way I’m managing mine, would they have become billionaires today? And if I continue running this business the same way I’m doing it today for the next 20 years, what will become of it?”

“Whatever you can’t manage, you are not qualify to have.” – Myles Munroe

Taking a review of your day helps you re-visit your goals and strategies, restructure your priorities and focus on what’s more important to you.

Tip 5: Do 5 Things Daily that Can Help You Reach Your Goal

To become successful, you don’t necessarily need to do everything. Just a few pretty decisions garnished with a high level of commitment can guarantee you the mind blowing result you have always admired.

Taking my career as a case study, I have come to discover that there are basically 5 things I do daily that enable me reach my goals. These things are what you already know but the challenge is on how you have been using them.

It does not matter if you are just starting out. If you can take them up and tweak them to fit into your career, you will still achieve your goals.

Are you anxious to know what these things are?

Okay. See them here.

Recommended success tips

 I pray
 I read
 I write
 I connect
 I solve someone’s problem

It doesn’t matter how I feel, I have committed my life to doing these 5 things daily. And guess what, the more I do them, the more I get positive result. This is my tested and proven strategy for reaching any goal. You can either copy this strategy or you develop yours. Meanwhile, you can also read Steps to Setting Financial Goals for Your Online Business in 2017.

Tip 6: Learn to Save Money, Time and Energy

“Only morons are too arrogant to save money.” – Donald Trump

On daily basis, smart entrepreneurs are always thinking of better ways to save themselves time, energy and money. So if you haven’t thought about this, I encourage you to do so. There’s no gain buying a product for $70 if you can get the same product for $20 without losing anything.

The most cost effective way to save energy, time and money is by building a system.

When online entrepreneurs fail to build an authority system upon which their brand can rely on, it makes them run into avoidable marketing mistakes.

Tip 7: Consistently Think of Better Ways to Grow Your Online Business

As an online entrepreneur, one of the primary reasons why I do all I can to wrestle words to submission on this business blog and every other blogs where I have been featured on is because I am seeking for ways to give value to my audience.

I don’t care what it will cost me as long as it will be of value to my audience. There are times I starve myself not because I don’t have food to eat but because I don’t want to lose inspiration and flow when I’m on my writing desk.

I have this philosophy that if my audience can make and save more money when they read my blog post or books, I am so also gaining. Knowing this, it propels me to give in my best. And in return, I see my blog outranking other blogs that began before it.

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