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7 Cheapest Yet Profitable Products You Can Import from China


Importing products refers to the purchase of products from outside your home country to buy at a cheaper price and sell higher in your location. Many importers turn to China for such purchases and that is because of two major reasons – affordability and durability.

China is a major exporter of different products, ranging from household items and electronics. The availability of manpower and the presence of many multination companies help in cutting down the costs of production.

If you are looking to import products from China, there are specific items to go for. In this article, you will discover the 7 cheapest products China has to offer importers. We worked hard to filter out the worst e-commerce niches.

Here are the 7 cheapest yet most profitable products you can import from China:

1. Clothes

Clothes are one of the most popular and cheapest products you can import from China. One of the amazing things about this is that you can place orders for customized clothing and the same will be made available. Some importers also go the extra mile of paying a little higher to get the clothes branded in their company’s name.

Now, there are several categories of cheap clothing to import from China. The list includes:

  • Children’s clothing
  • T-shirts
  • Polos
  • Shirts

The estimated cost of buying a piece of clothing in the country is between $2 and $5 for wholesale purchases. You may also be able to negotiate with the seller if you are making a bulk purchase.

2. Disposable Face Masks

The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) may not be as severe as it was about a year ago. Yet, getting a disposable face mask comes in handy, especially when you are staying longer in public spaces.

As an importer, this proves to be a feasible business idea. Consider importing disposable face masks from China at an affordable price and reselling with a higher profit margin.

Here are some reasons why this is one of the cheapest products to import from China:

  • The cost of purchase is relatively low; anywhere between $1 and $3.
  • The demand is still high.
  • Higher profit margin.

3. Pens of All Kinds

You will find pens of all kinds sold for the cheapest price you can get out there. From Alibaba, you can find a list of different pen categories that you can import.

China also has a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of pens. This explains the reason why these products are easily sourced in the country.

The price of pens may slightly differ by type. For example, plastic pens can be purchased between $0.03 and $0.05 while metal gift pens cost between $0.15 and $1.5.


4. Ring Lights

Ring lights help in illuminating the room where you want to make a video. The product is also used for providing illumination in dark places.

With the increase in online video content creation, it is a great business idea to import ring lights from China. From YouTubers to TikTokers, the demand for the product is there. But if you don’t believe us you can use these strategies to test the market demand.

The price range for the item could be anywhere between $10 and $20. Bulk orders between 50 and 100 units may qualify for some discounts.

Cheapest and most profitable products to import from China

5. Phone Accessories

With the introduction of newer smartphones, it is profitable to sell accessories. The buyers of new smartphones are not only interested in possessing the latest devices. They are also interested in keeping the devices safe at all times.

There are several phone accessories you can start importing today for cheap from China. On the list are:

Mobile Phone Holder

A mobile phone holder, as the name signifies, is used to “hold” a smartphone. There are different variants of the holder, including the variant attached to the steering wheel while driving and another for keeping your phone safe while in the office or at home.

Screen Protector

Smartphone owners tend to break their devices’ screens even when they least expected to. With a screen protector, the impact of the fall or direct collision of your smartphone with a hard surface wouldn’t be so much.

6. Import Kitchen Accessories from China

Accessories or items needed in the kitchen can also be imported from China – and at the lowest costs. Some of the affordable kitchen accessories to import are:

  • Garlic cutter and grater
  • Apple peeler
  • Vegetable cutter
  • Meat thermometers

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7. Disposable Pet Diapers

Consider importing disposable pet diapers from China. The target audience is pet owners (preferably dog owners) who are looking for a way to simplify the method of helping their pets when they want to poop.

Final Thoughts

China does not only manufacture cheap products. The country also offers durable products that can last for many years before any defect. As an importer, take note of the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), which is the least units the seller is willing to accept before processing an order. Also, consider making bulk purchases so you can enjoy reduced costs.

In all, cheap products can be imported from China, but you have to take the time to make in-depth research to discover these items. If you are considering targeting the American audience, check out these 10 profitable dropshipping products.

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