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5 Simple Tips On How To Add Value To Your Property

How to add value to a property when moving house in England

Often, the majority ask: how can I add value to my property? If you are such a person, we’ve got an interesting article to help you.

Not all home improvements actually add value to a property. I’m sure you probably don’t know this.

You see, ascending the property ladder can be tricky, not least because you need to have a personal financial hygiene return in your sights whenever you are preparing to offload your existing home. Refashioning various aspects of your home can raise its value, but the costs could risk outweighing the gains.

If you want to add value to your home on a budget or you want to know the exact worth of your property then you must pay attention to all the cost-effective strategies I’m going to be sharing with you.

Knowing how refashioning various aspects of your property can increase its worth, you need to select home improvements carefully – and here are a few examples of simple remedies if your home’s current market value is looking rather depressed.

5 Simple Tips For Adding Value To Your Property

1. Opt for a Loft Conversion

In having your loft converted into livable space, you would need to give up some existing space for a staircase that leads up to this loft. However, provided that the conversion still expands your accommodation more than it compromises it, a loft conversion can prove a worthwhile investment.

If you feel yourself shivering as you climb up into your loft, you might need roof insulation which roofing companies in North East England and many other places are capable of providing.

2. Increase the Number of Bedrooms

Another incentive to arrange a loft conversion is that it could create space for you to add a new bedroom.

How much value does adding a bedroom add? Adding even just one extra bedroom typically increases a property’s value by 10% to 15%, as noted in a Good Housekeeping article. However, it can be possible to add too many bedrooms…

This is because each street has a ceiling value, the Homebuilding and Renovating site cautions. Therefore, the returns can dry up if you increase the bedroom tally beyond a particular amount.

3. Give Each of Your Bathrooms a Makeover

How to add value to your property in England when moving house
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If your goal is to increase the value and worth of your home, then giving your bathroom a makeover is something you can’t ignore.

As bathrooms are obviously spaces where the home’s occupants restore high levels of hygiene, those spaces need to look fresh and clean to prevent putting off your home’s potential buyers.

Ways of freshening up a bathroom’s look include painting the walls in a pleasant and neutral light shade such as an off-white. You should also replace items that are chipped or badly stained, while there should be a shower in at least one bathroom, as buyers deem this essential.

You don’t necessarily need to be a professional property investor to do this. The moment you are ready to make a proper and profitable property investment, learning how to increase the value of your property becomes easier for you. 

4. Improve the Exterior Appearance

As much as we might often like to think otherwise, first impressions count – and that certainly remains the case when a property is assessed. Furthermore, negative first impressions tend to stick, so don’t forget to repaint doors, windows and walls that are visible from the main street.

You might find that a local building company could also repoint your brickwork if, due to weathering and erosion, it has become unsightly over time. Many homeowners ignore this not knowing that it’s one of the best pieces of advice they can get about increasing a home’s value.

5. Spruce Up Your Garden

Your property’s garden can also be readily visible in all of its glory – or, as may currently be the case, lack of it – from where visitors park. Fortunately, that garden could be improved rather simply.

Particularly worthwhile steps can include erecting fences to improve the garden’s feeling of privacy. Meanwhile, while in that garden, you could allocate special spaces for seating, barbecuing, working and so forth – and redesign the overall garden accordingly, making clear visual distinctions between these separated spaces.

I quite understand that these tips might not one among the easiest ways to increase your home value but one guarantee I can give you is that they are the cheapest you can find that will give you value for your money.

Have you tried some of these tips? You can find out how much your house is worth by contacting The Property Buying Company.

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  1. Hi Emenike,

    Wonderful post. I completely agree with you that number of bedrooms matter a lot in terms of value to a property. You have shared some amazing and easy tips to increase the value of a property.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  2. To renovate or not renovate, this is the crucial question which was asked by me every time. But after reading this post I would say that this is the surely a low-cost tips to increase the property value. If we make our property clean then immediately the ultimate value of the property will increase. All your tips are a great investment for me to add value to my property. Thanks!

  3. Great ideas. There are a lot of ways you can add value to your property and some of them you can even do it by yourself.


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