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5 Best Kept Secrets to Running a Successful E-commerce Business from Scratch

Secrets to growing a successful e-commerce business

Mark Cuban was right when he said in an interview with Patrick Bet-David that the number reason people fail is because of “Lack of brains, lack of effort.”

Why did I mention that?

Simple. Those who like making excuses still think it’s because of lack of money that they are not making progress in life.

Secrets to running a successful e-commerce business

Don’t get me wrong… Money is good. But you’ve got to do something for the money to money to come.

If you’ve been contemplating on the right business to do, then I can tell you right now that you are in luck because you are about to learn the secrets to running a successful e-commerce business from scratch using very simple ideas.

Over the years, the constant advancement of technology has brought about positive changes in all sectors of life. Even the business sector has undergone a substantial shift. Certainly you must have noticed that.

Businesses that were once limited by geographical locations can now enjoy enormous levels of success just because of the boom in the e-commerce business.

Building an online business will allow you to live a lifestyle of your choice since they run more or less on autopilot.

The potential of building a profitable e-commerce business is always there. All you will need to do is to put in time and effort that is required, and you will be on the path to success.

If you are ready to create a successful e-commerce business story from scratch, here are top secrets that can be very helpful irrespective of online business model.

Secret #1: Find the Right Online Tools for Your Business

All e-commerce businesses usually use special software to run. In fact, it is the foundation of your entire e-commerce business.

You should choose a piece of software that has the depth and capacity to handle all the potential issues that may arise.

When looking for the right e-commerce business software, factors like security concerns, usability, scalability and marketing tools should be considered.

One thing that can really slow down the growth of your online seller business is using a piece of software that is not suitable for it. A top class e-commerce piece of software should be secure, user-friendly and scalable.

Secret #2: Treat Your E-commerce Business as an Offline Enterprise

How you treat your e-commerce business is also important for its success. Do you take your e-commerce business seriously or do you just see it as a hobby or side business?

If you have the desire to see your online business grow, you will have to treat it as a serious business.

You should treat your e-commerce with the same respect that the CEOs of large enterprises treat theirs.

If you focus on the ongoing growth of your business, you can make your e-commerce business to be even more successful.

So, do not wait until your e-commerce venture becomes a big thing, start thinking about the things you would do and the decisions you would make as if the business is already existing if it is not.

Secret #3: Figure out Who Your Customers Are and Where They Are

This is a very important thing for any successful business startup. Knowing where your customers are and figuring out where they like to be is very important.

If you don’t take this seriously, you might end up using a lot of resources and time in marketing that won’t yield profits to your business.

One of the biggest startup myths you must fight so hard to overcome is, “Build it and the customers will come.” Do that and you will never make dime.

Figuring out where to spend your marketing dollars to produce the highest returns on your investments will result in your business attracting a steady stream of hungry and qualified leads.

Secret #4: Use Your Customers as Your Brand Ambassadors

A satisfied customer can add huge credibility to your business. Their word-of-mouth marketing can save thousands of dollars on advertising.

It may look like people aren’t seeing it but if your customers give glowing testimonials and reviews, it will increase the number of sales you will get from your website visitors.

Secrets to growing a successful e-commerce business

Allowing your customers to be your brand ambassadors is a powerful way you can use to grow your e-commerce business.

Prospects tend to trust the opinions of other customers than what the product owner is saying.

The fastest way to do this is to give them what to talk (positively) about your brand.

Secret #5: Make the Checkout Process Smooth

One of the biggest challenges that most retailers face is the friction at their checkout process.

Things like creating accounts in order to purchase should not be part of your e-commerce business.

Your business should also use few form fields. These are the things that usually turn off customers when they want to purchase products online.

A good number of them don’t find it funny giving out their personal details every single time they want to buy things online.

A good number of merchants who still allow this do that because they want to collect enough information with which they can re-market to the customer.

However, if that’s what you are also thinking, then this punchout catalog developed by GreenWing Technology can make the checkout process smooth.


Don’t let anyone scare you that it’s too difficult… You can do it. Implement these strategies and watch your e-commerce business blossom like never before.

Are there other secrets we missed to mention here? If there are some other things you would like to know about growing your online business from scratch? Drop them in the comment section.

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