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30 Ways to Make Money as a Writer in Nigeria (eBook)

Make money writing in Nigeria

Make money writing in Nigeria

I want to speak to our Nigerian audience who are writers or would like to become one in future. I want to show you 30 strategic ways you can make money writing in Nigeria even if you just began your writing career yesterday.

It’s true I began my professional writing career 5 years ago, (that was when I became proud enough to call myself a writer) but one core truth I hardly share with people is the fact that what made me a 6 digit figures income writer (in naira) were discovered last year (2016) as a serving corps member.

What makes the difference between writers who have more than enough gigs to handle to the ones who hardly see jobs to do, are two things. First, the quality of clients they have and secondly, the number of ways they know writing can help them make a living.

Forget what broke and discouraged writers tell you, that writers can’t make a living writing.  Instead, listen to writers who are breaking new grounds, discovering more reliable writing opportunities and at the same time, making cool cash in the process.

Honestly speaking, there’s money in writing. You can make a full time income writing in Nigeria when you discover what works here and how to connect to the international market. More interestingly, there’s only but one idea you need to make writing jobs come to you.

Guess what it is?

Okay. I will tell you. It’s simple. ** Build Your Own Platform **

It’s my desire that you start making a living writing. Like I’d often say, if you can think and speak, you are qualify to make money writing.

Bonus: Another Idea You Need to Make More Writing Jobs Come to You (I thought about sharing this for FREE but on a second thought, I said, no – I want to reserve it for those that will purchase this product). If you’ve been making money as a writer for years, this IDEA alone is worth paying for.

Important Facts about this eBook

  • You don’t have to implement all – just find the few you are comfortable with and can make more money from.
  • 5 of them can make you a passive income earner – you work once and earn from them for life.
  • 5 can be done only once every month, so you don’t need to be stressed out just because you want to make money.
  • 5 requires that you have special skills – the skills are not too hard that you can’t learn them in a month or less.
  • One is an ordinary recommendation you’ve been doing for free without knowing that you can actually be paid to do it.

Herein contained are also useful resources you can consult to learn more about each of these ways of making money writing.

Cost: N2,000 (Two thousand naira)

Account details:

Account Name: Ebusinessroom Ventures

Account No.: 0098000761

Diamond Bank PLC


Once you make payment, text your full name, location and email address to 07036251361 (You can also send it via WhatsApp). Once I confirm your payment, I will forward the eBook, “30 Ways to Make Money as a Writer in Nigeria” to your inbox with a link to our secret Facebook group.


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