The best business event centers in California

Are you looking for exquisite event centers to host your next business conference in California?

California is home to some of the best event centers in the United States. Los Angeles has various beautiful and elegant structures that host different sizes of both social and business gatherings.

We shouldn’t expect anything less from a state that has the highest number of billion-dollar tech companies in the world. While there are many event venues to look out for in California, it is important to consider certain factors before picking a venue for your business conference.

Why the Venue of Your Event is as Important as the Business Conference

Many smart businesses take advantage of business events to achieve their marketing objectives. This is because events are an essential tool in the marketing mix.

What is a business conference? A business conference is a ‘big’ event for SMEs and conglomerates designed to help them reach their aims and goals.

Hosting a business conference involves gathering like-minded people that are focused on treating a business subject to make certain decisions and identify trends, or opportunities. There could be other reasons for hosting a conference but the goal is to appeal to the audience and achieve the purpose of the conference. 

While hosting a conference takes a ton of effort in planning and organizing, picking the right location is very important. Having the right venue can be the ultimate factor for the success of the conference. This majorly is because the conference arrangements have a relationship with the place of venue. Therefore, the choice of a place can either make or mar the success of the program.

Event centers set the tone of the business conference in California. So while you think of hosting one, choose a conference center that meets the perceived value of the meeting.  Your choice of an event center for a business conference should be one that encourages participants to anticipate the program.

What Are the Factors for Choosing a Business Conference Center? 

Here are the factors to consider when making a choice of a business conference center in California:


The choice of an event center should be appropriate for the expected number of attendees. A properly sized venue is preferable compared to one that sends a poor turnout message. The space should be able to accommodate everyone comfortably. It should not be too large or too small but fit the number of attendees neatly.


Event centers on straight road paths get more visibility for business conferences held in California. Such a type should be recommended for a business function. Conferences should not be organized at hideout event centers which require more intuition and direction to locate. The accessibility of a conference center covers location, parking availability, internal facilities like restrooms, and easy connectivity to other city highways.


The atmosphere of an event center speaks volumes about the subject, the value, and people’s worth. Professionals in the business world often find time to recreate, share and connect. It is therefore logical to provide an atmosphere that resonates with them. Choosing a conference center shouldn’t just be about the cost. The odds are, it may be affordable yet displace the value of the business conference.


The presence of basic tech amenities like free wifi is now a norm for most business meetings. It also gives your brand that value and the audience can immediately share the conference happenings with the outside world, enhancing the conference’s newsworthiness and timeliness. 

The sound and visual infrastructure too should be top-notch when deciding the venue for a business conference. You don’t want to start apologizing to your invitees, the reason why the sound isn’t audible during the conference. Moreover, in an era of virtual and hybrid meetings, it is only necessary that a conference center should be technically up to date. 

Take note to find out about everything before settling for an event center, as such tech provisions may incur additional costs. 

Food and Drinks

Organizers must ensure this aspect of the planning is not underestimated in terms of taste, quality, and experience. Guests deserve a good treat, so discover the prowess of an event center catering services; If there is any need to outsource that part of the arrangement, please, do so.


An extremely expensive event venue does not guarantee that you will meet the necessary business conference objectives. This is where choosing a hall or space should suit the theme of the conference.

A business conference for instance could be some companies’ annual event. Hence budgeting immensely for it is not a bad idea but when it’s a bimonthly event, a reasonable amount is impressive for the venue as long as it caters to the business conference packages.

Top 5 Best Event Centers to Host a Business Conference in California 

1. South San Francisco Conference Center

South San Francisco Conference Center

South San Francisco Conference Center

This award-winning conference center is just at the the heart of San Francisco Bay area. Located at 255 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco, California. The conference center has a superb infrastructure with full catering services of excellent quality. 

This facility is a single-level multi-functional event center well-equipped to suit all types of small and large business meetings and events.

Its features include highly competitive room rental rates with 20,500 square feet. The maximum capacity is 1,125 persons. This event venue provides guest services, event planning, wireless connectivity, quality audio-visual technology to customers, and high power outlets and it is LEED certified.

The South San Francisco Conference Centre also offers complimentary shuttle services to major transport stations in the city. Several upcoming events in the medical, business and food categories have booked South San Francisco halls.

2. AMA San Francisco Conference Center

Why AMA San Francisco Conference Center is one of the best business event centers in California

AMA San Francisco Conference Center

The venue is just a short distance from Chinatown and 15 miles from the San Francisco international airport. AMA San Francisco Conference Center has a  seating capacity of about 100 persons. It is located inside the San Francisco Marriott Hotel at 55 4th St in San Francisco, California. 

It has 13 meeting rooms which vary in size from 208 to 1,144 square feet, and are all equipped with audiovisual equipment. The conference center offers food services and provides handicapped access. 

3. Pickwick Gardens Conference Center

Pickwick Gardens Conference Center

Pickwick Gardens Conference Center

The special feature of the Pickwick Garden is its gorgeous gardens sitting on 2.5 acres, beautiful for any type of event. It has a bowling and Ice Center on the property for team building

This event center is located in the heart of Los Angeles and its facilities feature six meeting rooms well equipped for any business or social event. The rooms can accommodate up to 1,000 persons and the event center offers 6 different event spaces at the same time. 

They have an on-ground executive chef that prepares delicious meals for guests. There is a high-speed internet connection throughout the meeting rooms and the garden. You also get audiovisual features and many other amenities at the venue.

4. The University of California, Irvine Conference Center

The University of California, Irvine Conference Center

The University of California, Irvine Conference Center

This conference center accommodates different types of events. When you hire a certified planner, the person can help you to make the event planning process easy.

The venue makes provision for required facilities, such as dining, a private boardroom well-furnished with complimentary WiFi, and an extensive audio-visual package. 

5. The Warfield


The Warfield Theatre is a 2,300-capacity venue that has been in operation for over 80 years. It is located at 982 Market St, San Francisco, California.

The Warfield as it’s colloquially referred to was built as a vaudeville theater and opened as the Loews Warfield on May 13, 1922. Many business events like conferences and product launches are held here.


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