How to choose a custom packaging company

Gone are the days when packaging was a non-essential part of product marketing plans. These days, businesses have come to understand the need for good product packaging. A good custom package not only portrays your company’s values but also appeals to the customers. Choosing the right custom packaging company is one of the best marketing decisions you can make for your business.

The right custom packaging company is the one that creates custom designs that resonate with your customers. They understand your business goals and vision, as well as what your customers want. In a time when there are many custom packaging companies available, knowing the things to consider when choosing one is important for a successful product launch. Read on to learn the importance of good packaging for your business. You will also learn the top five considerations you need to make before choosing a custom packaging company.  

How Does Custom Packaging Help Your Business?

According to research, 72% of Americans make buying decisions based on the packaging of a product, with about 81% of them saying that they’re most influenced by product appearance when choosing a gift package.

With this information, it’s clear that a product’s packaging is the most efficient salesman of a business, especially in the absence of a physical salesman. The impression the packaging of your product makes determines the level of sales you’ll make in places like malls, open markets, stores, and other places where there’s no agent to convince consumers to buy.

The truth is, most people go to the malls with specific things in mind to buy. But when they get there, they end up buying several other items. Sometimes we attribute this attitude to someone not having a strong enough will or not being disciplined enough. But if we can be honest, it happens to literally everyone. And one major cause of this is the excitement we get when we see attractive things.


Most marketers and small business owners who understand this secret have used it to amass wealth by packaging their products in attractive packages. And if you want to take advantage of this innate human desire to have beautiful things, you have to ensure you make beautiful custom packaging for your products. While there are several companies that can help you achieve this, it is best to know what to expect from them. Here are the top considerations to make when choosing a custom packaging company.

5 Considerations for Choosing the Best Custom Packaging Company

What to consider before choosing a packaging company

These are the top 5 considerations you should make before picking a custom packaging company:

1. Seek to Know the Packaging Company Well

The first thing to consider before choosing a custom packaging company is how well you know the company. Make a list of the top packaging companies you’d like to work with and go through their goals, vision, and portfolio. But most importantly, make sure you read reviews from their previous customers.

You need to be sure that the company you’re selecting can go all the way to produce designs that meet your customers’ expectations. While some packaging companies make designs based on the perceived needs of the public, others make tailor-made designs that resonate with specific customers. How can a custom packaging company make designs that appeal to your customers? It’s simple. They put themselves in your shoes, make efforts to understand your company’s goals and mission and make extra efforts to understand your customers.

When the custom packaging company understands your goals and mission and knows what your customers expect from you, it will be easier for it to design custom packages that portray your company’s goals and meet the needs of your customers.


2. Material Quality and Durability

Another thing to consider when choosing a custom packaging company is the quality and durability of the materials they use in manufacturing. While having visually appealing packaging might be what you feel your customers need, you have to understand the original purpose of packaging is to provide protection to the product. Therefore, the material of the packaging should be strong and durable while looking aesthetically pleasing.

The right custom packaging company will give you different materials that meet your goals and budget. The packaging you need for a liquid product will surely be different from what you’d need for a solid or semi-solid product. Furthermore, if your company portrays a minimalist image to the public, your packaging should be customized to maintain that image. You can’t have a minimalist company image and produce luxury product packaging.

The right custom packaging company should be able to make you see the differences and even help you choose the material and design that align with your company’s goals.

3. Set a Packaging Budget

Most custom packaging companies have minimum order quantities they accept. However, there are others that work with the budgets of their customers.

As a small business owner, working with a company that has a large minimum order quantity will have severe financial implications for your business. Before you select a custom packaging company, you should determine the minimum quantity you’ll need, for a start.

Apart from working with your budget, the company should be able to help you minimize costs in all packaging operations. They should be able to advise you on how to minimize material costs, design fees, and order quantity costs. A reliable custom packaging company can also help you reduce logistics and warehousing costs.

In all, determine never to exceed your set budget, no matter how juicy the offer to produce more is. There’s definitely a custom packaging company out there that’s ready to work with your budget at all times.    

4. Customer Service and Technical Support

In the process of designing and printing your custom packaging, you might get confused and need clarification. You’d have ideas you want to implement, and sometimes these ideas can come after the initial design has been made and concluded. You might also have complaints to make about the current design.

But, these issues can only be addressed if the custom packaging company you’re working with has efficient customer service and technical support. They should be able to address all your questions and needs without you making more financial commitments than you should.

5. Determine Who Handles Logistics and Warehousing

A good custom packaging company will work with you to determine the best shipping and warehousing plans. To ensure an efficient product launch or delivery, you have to ensure it doesn’t take longer than it should for your product packages to get to you.

Depending on your order capacity, the custom packaging company might need to store your products for a while before shipping them. While most custom packaging companies offer warehousing and inventory services, there are others that don’t. So, in choosing a company that will be in charge of manufacturing your product packaging, you should inquire if they offer warehousing services too.

For logistics, your location and how urgently you need the products matter. The custom packaging company can help you choose the right shipping company that meets your timeline and due dates.



The custom packaging company you choose for your packaging needs has a huge role to play in how your customers perceive your products. The company should be able to design custom packaging that speaks volumes about your products. With just a glance, one should be able to know the contents of your package, the name of the production company, and the benefits they stand to gain from taking the product. 

In launching your product, your packaging should make a good first impression on anybody that picks up your product or looks at it. As stated earlier, most customers don’t have the patience or time to access the content of your product. In fact, most of them make up their mind to buy a product within the first few seconds of seeing it, and the product packaging is usually the bait.

Hopefully, with this article, you can now scrutinize the custom packaging companies available to you and choose the one that meets your needs.

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